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  1. We have collaboratively been working through what should go into the Lethean roadmap and how we broadcast activity.
    The Lethean official website is now updated with the most current roadmap: https://lethean.io/roadmap
    At this stage only completed and actively worked on items are disclosed.

    Our most recent roadmap updates have been focusing on:

    - Giving Lethean a new look with a fresh new website!
    - Making it simpler to stand-up a node, a lot simpler.
    - Promoting Lethean — In doing so, we attract attention and gain momentum with increased community involvement.
    - More exchange listings and maintaining these relationships.

    As you may be aware the Lethean community contributes it’s time on a voluntary basis in managing this project. This means we cannot provide accurate timelines for when roadmap items will be completed and this specific information is therefore removed.

    The great news is our team is growing with members eager to make an impact on the Lethean project. We are confident and excited about this and look forward to releasing updates on the project as they become available.

    Why not have your say about what should be the focus right now for Lethean?
    Reach us on any of our official channels. In our opinion, the more minds we put together the better things will be.


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  2. Eth 2.0 is live. As of 12am UTC on Tuesday, 1 Dec, the first stage of Ethereum’s evolution into a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain has now begun. If PoS sounds familiar, that’s probably because Loki has been full PoS since the Salty Saga hardfork back in October.

    But what is Proof of Stake, anyway? And why is it such a big deal?

    Proof of Work, work, work, work, work, work…

    All blockchains rely on something called a consensus mechanism to confirm transactions as valid and enter them into the blockchain. There are a handful of different consensus mechanisms in use, but the two most common types are Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. 

    Until now, the primary version of the Ethereum blockchain has been based on a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. PoW is most commonly known as mining. Fundamentally, “mining” crypto through PoW means competing with other miners to solve mathematical problems. The first worker to provide a valid solution attaches that solution — the literal proof of work — to a “block” of crypto transactions, marking those transactions as valid and adding them to the blockchain. That miner then receives the block reward (a certain amount of that blockchain’s crypto) for validating that block, and the process begins again.

    But PoW has a few fundamental limitations that hold back PoW-based blockchains.

    For one, PoW on most blockchains has a significant hardware barrier to entry. Back in the early days of Bitcoin, mining BTC was as easy as firing up a mining tool on your GPU and letting it run. These days, that’s still technically true — but now you’re competing with massive server farms full of ASICs (specialised processors designed purely to mine BTC), making it enormously difficult for normal users to participate in the ecosystem.

    Another issue with PoW is power consumption. As we talked about here, PoW crypto mining is a huge power sink. In 2017, Bitcoin mining alone used over 30 terawatts of power globally — that’s more electricity than the entire country of Ireland consumes in a year. Not only does this cause local issues like electrical grid brownouts and blackouts, it’s also a serious environmental problem on a wider scale. 

    Proof of Stake: Stakin’ for that bacon

    So, PoW has some problems. But what’s the alternative? You guessed it — Proof of Stake, as featured in Loki’s very own Salty Saga hardfork 2 months ago, and now the core building block of Eth 2.0.

    In a Proof of Stake blockchain, you can stake (lock up) a certain amount of crypto — the staking requirement — in order to run a node on that blockchain’s network. Once your node has been staked, it has a chance of being chosen to create blocks of transactions (and earning the corresponding block reward by doing so). PoS blockchains typically place staked nodes into an ordered queue, ensuring that nodes receive block rewards regularly (the exact time between rewards varies proportional to the number of nodes on the network).

    Proof of Stake has some serious benefits compared to PoW. PoS ensures that anyone who can afford the staking requirement (and a few dollars per month for a VPS) can run a full node on the network with a reward rate (typically) significantly higher than rewards earned from investing the same amount into mining hardware.

    At the same time, requiring node operators to own and stake an amount of crypto ensures that all node operators have skin in the game: every operator is also a holder of the blockchain’s token, incentivising them to work to increase the token’s value.

    PoS can also provide a high level of resistance to Sybil attacks and 51% attacks. Such attacks involve one person or entity gaining control of the majority of computing power on a blockchain network, enabling the attacker to create an alternate history of transaction blocks which will be accepted by all blockchain nodes because that alternative chain has more PoW behind it than the real chain. A PoW-based blockchain will always theoretically be vulnerable to a Sybil attack, because anyone with access to sufficient computing power could reverse old transactions by reorganizing the blockchain. In a PoS blockchain, however, controlling the majority of nodes on the network requires controlling at least as much of the total crypto supply as is already staked into existing nodes. If a sufficiently large amount of that crypto is already staked into existing nodes, such an attack becomes near-impossible. 

    Eth 2.0 and Proof of Stake: Looking forward

    Loki and Eth are both going all-in on PoS (though Eth 2.0 won’t be fully operational until sometime in 2022). A huge project like Eth throwing its weight behind PoS is a massive vote of confidence, and yet another confirmation that Loki made the right call with our switch to PoS back in October.

    So what does this mean for you? In a nutshell: better, more secure blockchains that are easier to participate in, and more environmentally friendly to boot. We’re excited to see more blockchain projects migrating to PoS, and we can’t wait to see where the future of PoS blockchains takes us.

    The post High stakes: Eth 2.0, PoS, and the future of blockchain tech appeared first on Loki.

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  3. oxygen-orion.png


    This is the v0.17.1.5 minor point release of the Monero GUI software. This release improves simple mode reliability.

    The latest CLI release notes can be found on the precedent blog post

    Some highlights of this minor release are:

    • Simple mode: skip syncing nodes
    • Write QML cache to portable folder
    • Linux: enable high DPI support
    • Minor bug fixes

    The complete list of changes is available on GitHub, along with the source code.

    Contributors for this Release

    This release was the direct result of 4 people who worked, largely unpaid and altruistically, to put out 22 commits containing 228 new lines of code. We'd like to thank them very much for their time and effort. In no particular order they are:

    • luigi1111
    • xiphon
    • Snipa
    • selsta


    The new binaries can be downloaded from the Downloads page or from the direct links below.

    A complete guide for the GUI wallet is included in the archives, but an online version is available.

    Download Hashes

    If you would like to verify that you have downloaded the correct file, please use the following SHA256 hashes:

    monero-gui-win-x64-v0.17.1.5.zip, a5ed83ffeec340b6695c4dcf0305decd5c419a97572e104c323b956deeac3c3d
    monero-gui-install-win-x64-v0.17.1.5.exe, 89e6bad3e8b5b1a57c647f7ddb30ebe4476c74db5730738c0cb7115fb8e44b65
    monero-gui-mac-x64-v0.17.1.5.dmg, 7c7812263ab242f954534d062984e63cbe34211d8a6fd7f08e4bacfeb52ad1ec
    monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.17.1.5.tar.bz2, 577c5b2bcef436cffb57e4addf3ae9b669733f9aae83dc74f5025c76671667ed

    A GPG-signed list of the hashes is at https://getmonero.org/downloads/hashes.txt and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code (in /utils/gpg_keys). To ensure that the files you download are those originally posted by the maintainers, you should both check that the hashes of your files match those on the signed list, and that the signature on the list is valid.

    Two guides are available to guide you through the verification process: Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) and Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced).

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  4. 1*g9ar_vOHXFZLn373Ial--g.png

    Dear community,

    today, we think that it’s necessary to take the time and take a step back to write about the latest development in the X-Cash ecosystem.

    We would like to preface this article by addressing some concerns that arose from recent discussions within the community. Some members of the community have pointed out that it seems that most of X-Cash development is focused on DPOPS at the moment, and because it’s taking longer than planned it feels like the rest of the project is at a stop.

    While this is true to some extent, we are moving forward in the background on several other projects that are not directly related to the state of the DPOPS development, albeit linked to its release. As you might know, we prefer not to make much noise about unfinished products.

    With this in mind, we would like to write today about the progress that has been made to the DPOPS, talk about the new X-Cash website and what it means for the projects, and drop some hints about a project we have been thinking about since the birth of X-Cash.

    DPOPS Beta update

    At the time we are writing the article, the 10th beta run has just concluded, and we are preparing for the 11th with a series of updates and fine-tuning. Although those tests are taking a long time, we would like to point out that they are mandatory, as once we switch to main net there is no coming back. The DPOPS needs to be thoroughly tested, and with the unwavering help of our beta-testers, we are getting much quicker at pointing out issues.

    1*N8Q-QK0hrXv5X_s6W-uD7g.pngNearly 1600 commits, 10 contributors, 30 closed issues and pull requests. The contributors help is getting more representative every day.

    Since the start of the beta, there has been many software relaibility, quality of life, and compatibility improvments. The auto-installer has been revamped and made easier to use, the delegate explorer’s design has been drastically improved, LXC containers support have been fixed, and much more.

    As Zach pointed out, we are in the lastest test runs before mainnet. Once the beta has been running for a satisfying amount of time, with a stable uptime for all beta delegates, we will start the transition to the mainnet.

    The new X-Cash Website

    The current X-Cash website hasn’t been updated for a while now, and it is mostly due to gathering most of the community activity on our Discord server. As the project is moving forward, we are well aware our current website is lacking updates and crucial elements to help newcomers and new investors into the project.

    We have decided to reconstruct the website entirely, and bring some much needed features to help newcomers into the project.

    Please be minded that every screenshot presented below is of a work in progress, and will change as we are closer to release.

    The new website will have:

    • A “Get Started” guide for newcomers of the projects. This place will provide a step by step guide to get introduced to the project, and find all necessary information for new joiners.
    • A “Developer Hub” for contributors and people who want to build on X-Cash.
    • All the necessary link, list of exchanges, documentation, and a newly hosted blog directly on the website.
    • Instructions to become a delegate, how to vote and stake your XCASH, and a view into the delegates ecosystem.
    • Accessing every ways to securely store your XCASH.
    • The contributor program will be hosted on the website. We will list all open contribution’s projects directly on the website for contributors to come and check if they can participate and earn a reward.
    1*Pg_5auuIzAf03O9K43DnBA.pngThe technical roadmap of X-Cash.

    Updating the website is important. When the DPOPS mainnet rolls in, we want new joiners to gain as much information as possible on the website, and go further by joining the discussion on Discord with the already well active community.

    The new website will be the showcase of the project, and while we believe that the current website is satisfactory, we can do much more to ease the integration of new people into the project.

    We would like to release the website before the mainnet of the DPOPS, but there is still much to write and to design. Do not hesitate to post feedback or ideas in Discord!

    Codename: Viaduc

    We don’t want to announce anything before its at least in a prototype stage, but we still want to address what is brewing in the background. I will give some bullet points of information I can safely share at this stage:

    • This project is heavely tied to the X-Bank;
    • It will help with X-Cash’s interoperability with other protocols;
    • It was designed a long time ago to help X-Cash listing on exchanges, but the current timing has pushed it up in the list.

    It is still too early to tell you more about it, but we are waiting impatiently to present you the Viaduc Project in a longer article. In the meantime, put on your tinfoil hats and speculate on what it could be. ?

    Closing words

    Since the beginning of the DPOPS beta, we have seen a lot of involvement from the community, and we couldn’t be more happy from the direction the project is taking. We have seen people trying to engage deep discussion on Discord, forwarding news on Twitter and trying to bring new people in by posting engaging comments, etc… Theses past few months, the number of contributors on the DPOPS repository has skyrocketed, and participants have brought valuable if not gamechanging updates to the software.

    We recognize these contributors as an integral part of the project, and we will enforce ourselves to incentives more projects with the contributor program. As discussed with some of you already, we will also reward projects and contributions retrospectively to keep it fair for early helpers.

    There are still a lot to come before the end of this year, so let’s build together ?

    The X-Network Team & X-Cash Foundation.


    X-Cash project update: DPOPS, new website, and future plans. was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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  5. Snider
    Latest Entry

    By Snider,


    Have a seat, pour a cup of whatever drink you celebrate with, and think about where you left those old TRTL wallet keys. Whether you like what we say next or not, you’re going to need them, soon..

    My friends, it is time for us to say goodbye.

    Today we hit block 3,000,000. We upgraded our network and our proof of work algorithm for the last time. By block 4,000,000 or in about 1 year from today, the TurtleCoin network as we know it will begin on a path of its own destruction.

    A short time after block 5 million, the chain will be dead, and completely gone, unable to produce more blocks.

    Don’t panic, we have a plan. I said this would be celebrating :)

    Sometimes you have to know when it is time to move on, and for us the time is now. Starting today we will be freezing the main core software repository. In the year that follows we will be writing code, documentation, and testing the new software we are already building for TRTL v2.

    The next iteration of the software will work best with a blank slate to allow us to improve the network based on the things we learned in our current software. The main changes are:

    • Chain relaunch near December 2021
    • Coin swap w/ reverse split
    • Fair proof of stake
    • New core software

    Let’s look into each one of those points and explain what is happening from a high level.

    Chain Relaunch

    Launching with a fresh chain on new software will enable us to be more flexible in the things we can make the new network do. If we have to operate with the constraints of backward compatibility, we will have to write a lot of code twice and basically build another version of what we have now, instead of something completely new.

    Coin Swap w/ Split

    Despite having a low emission atomically, our transactions average a large number of inputs. A lot of these smaller inputs now become smaller than the cost of handling them, so we call them “dust”. Think of how many handfuls of pennies you would need to pay for lunch.

    To cut down on this dust, we will be reducing our supply by 100,000:1.

    If you currently have 10,000,000.00 TRTL on the old chain, on the new chain you will have 100.00 TRTL. If you have 1,000,000 on the old chain, on the new chain you will have 10.00 TRTL. We will be keeping the 2 digits after the decimal point and will be keeping the TRTL ticker and wallet prefix.

    The new total supply of TRTL will go from 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000.00 TRTL) to 10 Million (10,000,000.00 TRTL).


    If you have <1,000 TRTL today, you will have 0 TRTL on the new chain.

    The swap will be organized via a website that takes your new wallet address and helps move your coins to the v2 chain. When the swap is complete and the old TRTL chain is dead, the funds will be burned, and the excess funds left unclaimed will go out in staking rewards on the new chain.

    Proof of Stake

    We don’t have a fancy name for it yet, but we have designed a system that could kind of be compared to proof of stake, but it still has a little proof of work sprinkled on top.

    TL;DR — There will be staking. There will be no more proof of work for mining.

    We have developed an algorithm in-house that involves staking and uses a fair system for selecting block producers where whales have a hard time dominating production without significant cost. To cut down on spam and wasteful transactions, we are using proof of work to derive a proof of importance for each transaction, offering a user the option to compute more rounds of work to lower the fee, or pay a higher fee to send more rapid transactions.

    The end result is a block chain that consumes less resources, is less centralized, and incentivizes good peers to stay online and provide good network throughput as we grow in volume. On the new network, there are no empty blocks, either.

    New Core

    We have already started specifying and building the new core protocols. It made sense to keep the modular approach of daemon+wallet, so starting with the daemon, we are writing it all from scratch. While this means we will no longer be a CryptoNote project, we will still have privacy the way we do now, and with the added bonus of not being a fork of anything, as that seems to bother some people.

    Part of focusing all our efforts on the new core suite is to stop slapping duct tape on the old code base. From this point forward, there will be no new features, enhancements, or active development on the current repository. We will, however, review and address any critical issues and bug fixes that are required to keep the network in stable operation. In due time, you will find the current repository archived and read only once we are ready to nail the coffin closed via a consensus mechanism that brings the current chain to its final resting place.

    We hope to be able to testnet the new network daemon soon, and I am sure we will need testers when we are ready, so if you have Discord, pop on by the TurtleCoin Discord and let us know so we can put you on a list of testers for when the time comes.

    Until then, take care, we look forward to another 3 years with you all :)

    TurtleCoin® Core Team

    Originally published at TurtleCoin.


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  6. 0*ebL_QJQdwwj8f7F5

    We are very excited to announce that Haven Protocol has been listed on BKEX!

    Trading goes live today at 20:30 (UTC+8).

    This is a critical step to expanding access to financial privacy for our users throughout Asia, and will allow access for the first time to the wider Chinese community that has shown a lot of interest in Haven. BKEX is the 4th largest exchange in China. We hope this will assist some of the Chinese investors who have shown long term interest in the project and struggled to find a suitable exchange to use.

    As the first listing of an XHV/USDT pair, this listing with BKEX marks another important step for the project, and we also hope that the USDT pairing will allow a new angle for traders by spreading our pricing across more platforms and pairs.

    We would like to encourage our regular users to join in the trading competition, Twitter rewards program, and take advantage of a small deposit bonus for XHV deposits on BKEX, further details of which are below.

    Trading Contest

    During the contest all users who who trade the XHV/USDT pair on BKEX and reach a minimum qualifying trading volume will be given ranking rewards that go towards the following prizes, awarded at the end of the contest to users with the most trading volume:


    Deposit Bonus

    For the duration of the contest, all users who deposit a minimum of 500 XHV to BKEX will receive a bonus of 10 USDT. The pool for this is 6500 USDT so it will be distributed on a first come first served basis until the pool is used up.

    Twitter Sharing Bonus

    During the contest, users who follow the BKEX official Twitter account https://twitter.com/ComBkex and retweet and comment the listing tweet, register relevant information to the form link, will receive 2 USDT. This will be available for the first 300 users who complete the above on a first come first served basis.


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  7. Screen-Shot-2020-01-23-at-2.01.58-PM.png

    Congratulating @jfkwn and the community on this very important accomplishment!

    To run a Lyra testnet node, test token issuance, or just keep an eye on the project: https://github.com/graft-project/LyraNetwork

    Lyra Testnet TG channel: https://t.me/lyranodes

    P.S. we need at least 20 live nodes to get the real testing and benchmarking under way so please join the testnet!  (Lyra Testnet TG channel is the best place to ask for help)


    The post Lyra Permissionless Testnet is LIVE! Join Testnet appeared first on Graft Blockchain.

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  8. Authored by SatoriNakamoto and JeuTheidit


    Masari getting the attention of Trump?! Must be from all the recent news — Further development and direction for the project, the introduction of Bombcast, an introduction video production release, a new betting website, and the revival of MasariPay encompass this update.


    If you missed the last Masari project update, the infamous spending issue was fixed, Stex and SouthXchange are back up and running, the GUI has been updated, camthegeek has completely re-designed the official website, and a new Hetzner server has been set up to host the web wallet and block explorer under new domains.


    Now with most of the wallet bugs squashed and web wallet running smoothly, the Android app has been updated with Google Play just around the corner. Installing and testing on the v1.2.0 beta release is welcome! When this is completed, development of the bigger project items can continue.

    Regarding the direction of the project, thaer stated:


    Simple Private Tokens (SPTs) would feature the ability to issue private digital assets in the network easily by the end user, with any computational logic using interchangeable off-chain architecture. To put it in layman’s terms, SPT is a network-native token service that allows the normal end user to create a token that they can do with as they wish — trade on an exchange, treat it as a security or share in a company, partial ownership of assets, and more. The possibilities are endless! It would be void of any on-chain smart contracts (i.e. all of that would be off-chain with multisig) to keep the network as simple, secure, scalable, and single-purpose as possible.

    SPT isn’t yet at the possible stage yet, but it seems to be feasible at this point. It’s extremely math and cryptography heavy, and we’ll likely need to pay for a cryptography audit. If it works, this will be another crypto-space first coming from the Masari project, and combined with blocktree will result in a scalable currency that can handle this type of environment over the long term.


    A new podcast series dubbed Bombcast has been started by BazookaJeff. The first episode features an interview with Thaer.

    Like and subscribe to Bazooka Jeff on YouTube to get notifications about future episode releases!

    Introduction to Masari

    The animated video project has been fully funded by the community and Johnny Gonzo, xiaomogwai, and Keez have released the production!

    Definitely a more conservative and family friendly vibe from our Emperor of Memes, xiaomogwai.

    In addition to the introduction video, the Masari introduction Medium article has been updated as well. It is meant to be a write up for new users to learn quickly what Masari is all about and how to start getting involved. Go check it out and let us know how to improve it!

    Masari Betting Game

    Changing gears a little bit, thanks to OhGodAMochi101 you can now play the numbers on masari.win! This is a game that is based on the results of the Masari blockchain itself, so it’s easily provable using third party resources.

    Bet any amount between 1 and 30 MSR (limit can be raised if there is interest) and choose up to 15 characters to guess what the last digit of the next block’s hash will be. The probability of winning and the payout amount are determined by how many characters you choose. Selecting all 15 characters will give you a 93.75% chance to win 1.01 times your bet, while choosing only 1 character will give you a 6.25% chance to win 15.2 times your bet.


    Thanks to Dubz and flyguyry_2.0, MasariPay has come back from the dead! Come join the fun in Discord and try your luck with the weekly raffle!

    General reminder from the last encounter — Do not use the tip bot for storing large amounts. Only keep what you are willing to lose and use for fun. That said, wallet backups are now completed on a regular basis if the server ever goes down.

    Community Meetings

    Community meetings occur on Saturdays of even numbered weeks at 15:00 UTC in the #meeting-table discord channel. Come join us to talk future development, funding, marketing, how you can help, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

    Previous meeting recaps:

    The next scheduled meeting is on August 24th.


    Seeking community approval:

    No proposals currently require funding.

    Recently completed:


    Discord: 2702 members (+42 from update #10)

    Official Twitter: 1843 followers (+20)

    Engagement Twitter: 43 followers (+22)

    Reddit: 1,177 subs (-5)

    Telegram: 696 members (-27)

    Forks: 58 (core) | 89 (webwallet)

    That’s all for this edition of the community update, see you next time and keep on rockin’ in the FOSS world.


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  9. Greetings SaroKnight’s!

    In this update we will discuss the following:

    • Upcoming fork
    • CoinMarketCap listing
    • SaroWrite
    • 2019 Goals

    The upcoming fork will feature the following:

    • Activated bulletproofs(Lower fee transactions and smaller blockchain)
    • Staking from the GUI wallet
    • Add latest updates and bug fixes from Monero and Loki
    • IPV6 support for the Saronite daemon
    • Minor changes in the difficulty algorithm

    CoinMarketCap listing

    Saronite has applied to be listed on CoinMarketCap. We have gotten a response from CoinMarketCap and they have requested a value only output for the circulating supply. This has been done here> https://saronite.io/api/circulating/ We have provided CoinMarketCap with what they need and they will now process listing Saronite on CoinMarketCap


    SaroWrite blogging network is due in Quarter 1 2019. We are currently working and testing a few things, we will release the platform in stages and go live during Quarter 1 2019. We hope to be one of the biggest blogging platform in the cryptocurrency world. We will go through a lot of advertising to promote SaroWrite. In the next update we will discuss the technical details.

    2019 Goals for Saronite

    2019 will be an exciting year for the Saronite team and community. We are going to work on the following

    • Complete and launch SaroWrite
    • Implement a custom proof of work that will give 15% to ASIC’s and 85% to GPU/CPU miners
    • Implement online payment methods and the existence of SaroPay.
    • List on a larger exchanges
    • Marketing for Saronite
    • Get listed on masternodes.online
    • Service Node Apps with community based development

    Thank you to the Saronite community and everyone assisting the project! We hope to have you with us for 2019 and the years to come!

    Happy new year from the Saronite team!

    The post The last Update of 2018 appeared first on Saronite.

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  10. Time for another major update! We have great news about the extension and some cool new BitTube tweaks. We’ve decided that from now on, we will publish our official updates earlier in the week instead of on Fridays.

    Follow us on Delta App

    To start things off, you can now follow all of our medium updates on Delta, a crypto portfolio tracker app. Get it on Android and iOS here.

    Live Support Desk

    Secondly, we’ve been focusing on improving our helpdesk workflow. For everyone’s convenience, we have added live support on BitTubeApp.com. Browse the knowledge base or get in touch with us directly by clicking the Live Support button at the bottom right of the page. Now you can leave us a message or chat with one of our support staff in real-time!


    With that out of the way, now for the big news:

    The BitTube AirTime extension beta is now public!

    Get it here. Don’t forget to leave a review!


    We would like to give big thanks to the beta testers that dug deep to share their feedback. This has helped us speed up the process of fixing bugs and making it available to the public. So without further ado, you can go and install the extension yourself and give it a try.

    Don’t forget to share the extension using your referral link under the Options menu, so both you and those who sign up will receive 5 TUBEs as a reward. As of version, referral links should now be working correctly.


    If you’re new to the extension, welcome! Let us give you a quick rundown of why this is such great news. The extension monetizes your internet usage everywhere using the AirTime monetization system. It enables you to actively monetize and donate to websites, retailers, publishers and social accounts. The extension integrates a donation button on all popular platforms. See also What is the BitTube browser extension?


    Extension features include:

    • Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
    • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
    • Link your social accounts and domain.
    • Integrated wallet to send and receive funds.
    • Buy TUBE coins with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
    • Integrated ad-blocker (uBlock Origin)
    • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
    • Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.

    AirTime is not active yet

    To avoid any confusion, please note that AirTime in the extension is not yet activated. In order to secure the system against bots and malicious usage, an AI is currently training itself to map normal user behavior. Once the system has sufficient data, we are ready to activate AirTime.

    But what is AirTime anyway, you say? Good question! In short, with AirTime monetization, the time you spend on web pages is directly monetized without ads. Visitors are not distracted by ads and publishers can focus on designing the best possible user experience without any interruptions that direct you away from their website or social page. Your time and attention are a limited resource. AirTime allows you to spend your undivided attention and monetizes both sides of the equation. It’s a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win solution. To learn everything about AirTime, start here.

    Getting started with the extension

    We’ve been working hard on our knowledge base for both the extension and the video platform, in order to get every new user up to speed. Learn how to create and verify your account and subsequently link your social accounts after you’ve installed the extension. The KB is a work in progress, if you’d like to point out improvements we’re open to your suggestions.

    Note: if you currently have the BitTube Redirector extension installed, it is recommended to disable it to avoid conflicts.


    Monetize your website with AirTime now!

    If you run a successful website, we have great news. Now you can benefit from AirTime and generate income without needing intrusive ads (that most of your visitors would block anyway!). Take advantage of clean web design and be an early adopter of the future of Internet monetization.


    Our AirTime system rewards the most valuable asset of your visitors, namely their time and attention they spend on your pages. After linking your domain to your BitTube extension account, you will be claiming the rewards from all traffic (past and present) by your visitors running the extension.

    What’s more, a permissioned, native AirTime module is in development that will allow your website to generate AirTime from the majority of your visitors who do not have the extension installed, enabling you to get rid of ads for good.

    To link your domain to your BitTube account, follow three easy steps here.

    Finally, remember that the extension is still very much in beta. All of your bug reports, feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

    Android wallet app

    Additionally, we are excited to announce that our Android wallet app is ready and we’ve submitted the first version to the Google Play store.

    Get it here. Again, don’t forget to leave a review!


    The wallet app is based on Monerujo. Its focus is usability and security. Main features are creating unlimited wallet addresses to organize all of your transactions. The QR code functionality makes sending and receiving funds fast and secure due to the integrated payment ID in the transaction. This helps retailers offer easy purchasing without customers needing to add additional information.

    BitTube video platform improvements

    BitTube is a community based video platform. We are happy to receive all of your feedback, especially creative ideas in our Discord suggestions channel. For those of you with tens or hundreds of videos in the upload queue, you can now add massive tags. Just write your tags down separated by commas, copy them to the tags field below the description and hit Enter.


    Timestamps in comments and descriptions are now a thing. Clicking on “4:20”, for example, will jump the video to that time. Creators can feature a playlist or break down the topics covered.

    Further improvements include fixing the thumbnail aspect ratio on upload and other uploading backend optimizations.

    Lastly, with the help from the community, our moderation team has been acting diligently on NSFW and bot reports (see Discord moderator-log).

    Looking forward

    After the extension is officially out of beta, we will be able to refocus much more on the video platform. The short list includes specific AirTime improvements that will advocate organic usage, promoting original content (OC), various creator tools, UI improvements and much more.

    Thank you for reading this far. Have a great week!

    Your BitTube Team.

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