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Time for another major update! We have great news about the extension and some cool new BitTube tweaks. We’ve decided that from now on, we will publish our official updates earlier in the week instead of on Fridays.

Follow us on Delta App

To start things off, you can now follow all of our medium updates on Delta, a crypto portfolio tracker app. Get it on Android and iOS here.

Live Support Desk

Secondly, we’ve been focusing on improving our helpdesk workflow. For everyone’s convenience, we have added live support on BitTubeApp.com. Browse the knowledge base or get in touch with us directly by clicking the Live Support button at the bottom right of the page. Now you can leave us a message or chat with one of our support staff in real-time!


With that out of the way, now for the big news:

The BitTube AirTime extension beta is now public!

Get it here. Don’t forget to leave a review!


We would like to give big thanks to the beta testers that dug deep to share their feedback. This has helped us speed up the process of fixing bugs and making it available to the public. So without further ado, you can go and install the extension yourself and give it a try.

Don’t forget to share the extension using your referral link under the Options menu, so both you and those who sign up will receive 5 TUBEs as a reward. As of version, referral links should now be working correctly.


If you’re new to the extension, welcome! Let us give you a quick rundown of why this is such great news. The extension monetizes your internet usage everywhere using the AirTime monetization system. It enables you to actively monetize and donate to websites, retailers, publishers and social accounts. The extension integrates a donation button on all popular platforms. See also What is the BitTube browser extension?


Extension features include:

  • Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
  • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
  • Link your social accounts and domain.
  • Integrated wallet to send and receive funds.
  • Buy TUBE coins with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
  • Integrated ad-blocker (uBlock Origin)
  • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.

AirTime is not active yet

To avoid any confusion, please note that AirTime in the extension is not yet activated. In order to secure the system against bots and malicious usage, an AI is currently training itself to map normal user behavior. Once the system has sufficient data, we are ready to activate AirTime.

But what is AirTime anyway, you say? Good question! In short, with AirTime monetization, the time you spend on web pages is directly monetized without ads. Visitors are not distracted by ads and publishers can focus on designing the best possible user experience without any interruptions that direct you away from their website or social page. Your time and attention are a limited resource. AirTime allows you to spend your undivided attention and monetizes both sides of the equation. It’s a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win solution. To learn everything about AirTime, start here.

Getting started with the extension

We’ve been working hard on our knowledge base for both the extension and the video platform, in order to get every new user up to speed. Learn how to create and verify your account and subsequently link your social accounts after you’ve installed the extension. The KB is a work in progress, if you’d like to point out improvements we’re open to your suggestions.

Note: if you currently have the BitTube Redirector extension installed, it is recommended to disable it to avoid conflicts.


Monetize your website with AirTime now!

If you run a successful website, we have great news. Now you can benefit from AirTime and generate income without needing intrusive ads (that most of your visitors would block anyway!). Take advantage of clean web design and be an early adopter of the future of Internet monetization.


Our AirTime system rewards the most valuable asset of your visitors, namely their time and attention they spend on your pages. After linking your domain to your BitTube extension account, you will be claiming the rewards from all traffic (past and present) by your visitors running the extension.

What’s more, a permissioned, native AirTime module is in development that will allow your website to generate AirTime from the majority of your visitors who do not have the extension installed, enabling you to get rid of ads for good.

To link your domain to your BitTube account, follow three easy steps here.

Finally, remember that the extension is still very much in beta. All of your bug reports, feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Android wallet app

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our Android wallet app is ready and we’ve submitted the first version to the Google Play store.

Get it here. Again, don’t forget to leave a review!


The wallet app is based on Monerujo. Its focus is usability and security. Main features are creating unlimited wallet addresses to organize all of your transactions. The QR code functionality makes sending and receiving funds fast and secure due to the integrated payment ID in the transaction. This helps retailers offer easy purchasing without customers needing to add additional information.

BitTube video platform improvements

BitTube is a community based video platform. We are happy to receive all of your feedback, especially creative ideas in our Discord suggestions channel. For those of you with tens or hundreds of videos in the upload queue, you can now add massive tags. Just write your tags down separated by commas, copy them to the tags field below the description and hit Enter.


Timestamps in comments and descriptions are now a thing. Clicking on “4:20”, for example, will jump the video to that time. Creators can feature a playlist or break down the topics covered.

Further improvements include fixing the thumbnail aspect ratio on upload and other uploading backend optimizations.

Lastly, with the help from the community, our moderation team has been acting diligently on NSFW and bot reports (see Discord moderator-log).

Looking forward

After the extension is officially out of beta, we will be able to refocus much more on the video platform. The short list includes specific AirTime improvements that will advocate organic usage, promoting original content (OC), various creator tools, UI improvements and much more.

Thank you for reading this far. Have a great week!

Your BitTube Team.

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The days of ads as an unavoidable evil are over.
It’s too good but it’s actually true!

This week’s update includes platform updates, how we’ve survived several DDoS attacks, a new website and the browser extension beta.

Video platform improvements suggested by the community.
You asked for it, we listened. The volume slider now will instantly affect the sound on slide, while before the volume was adjusted on mouse release.

On Monday 12th the following updates will go live on the platform:

Watching a playlist will show at the top the current index of the video playing and the total number of videos in that playlist.

For live streamers we made streaming keys access faster with a show/hide broadcast key button.

The profile appearance will improved. No more stretched wallpaper on your profile page. We recommend minimum image size of 1780x280px, anyway you can use the editor buttons to center, zoom and fit the background.

Every social media platform is unique and your audiences differ greatly. Early next week we will add the option to link directly to your social profiles such as Twitch, Soundcloud, VK and our blockchain friends at Musicoin.

Lastly, as always we have made backend fixes and optimizations.

We survived some major DDoS attacks

Last week we’ve experienced multiple sustained DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, causing the platform to be inaccessible. We’ve since taken many steps to expand and mitigate against future incidents.

These were not small attacks, and we are actually in some ways grateful for this opportunity to stress-test our services well before reaching mainstream adoption. So whoever they were, thank you for making us stronger!

The home of all BitTube apps and software products now online at BitTubeApp.com

The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is passion. This passion allows us to think outside the box and deliver these products.
— Saber Maram, Founder & CEO, BitTube

Many great ideas sounded odd in the beginning, from Airbnb’s ‘give your home to strangers’ to Uber’s ‘ride in somebody’s car’. We are no different.

BitTube AirTime is rewarding you simply because you surf the Internet, allowing you to generate revenue for publishers without ads or paywalls. With AirTime, we aim to become the biggest perpetual airdrop machine on the Internet, creating a mass-adopted payment ecosystem. Featuring easy to use tools for transactions, donations and monetizing publishers’ content.

Check out our freshly minted website at BitTubeApp.com. To learn more about how AirTime works, visit our Knowledge Base (work in progress).

BitTube AirTime browser extension in beta

Your time and attention are a limited resource. They have inherent economic value regardless of ads. Ads insert contradictory design elements to websites. Where traditionally the revenue relies on distracting you away from the publishers themselves, instead, AirTime allows you to spend your undivided attention — and monetizes both sides. It is a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win situation.

That’s why we developed the browser extension. Integrated at the root of the browsing experience, like books, the browser is a window to the world (and it shouldn’t be polluted by ads).

Apply for the AirTime extension beta here.

One of the most exciting features is that it works silently on the background. There are multiple tasks performed by the extension from removing ads to inserting donate buttons on the major social platforms. The best one is that, while using the extensions, it automatically generates a wallet address on first visit for any website or social profile. In that way we respect all publishers, personalities and even retailers. Claiming the funds generated by the visitors is an integrated functionality in the extension. We are also working on a module that publishers could integrate on their domain, such that guest visitors (most of whom of course won’t have the extension installed) are also allowed to generate some AirTime. More information on this will follow in the next few weeks.

That’s all for now. Give us your feedback and join the discussion. Have a great weekend!

Your BitTube team

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We are working hard day by day on the new AirTime model to have it scalable for millions of users. This is what is consuming a lot of our time; it is hard work to build something in Internet scale.

Saber Maram


The update this week is a summary of our recent activities around BitTube, as we continue to work hard according to our roadmap. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by such a passionate community full of ideas and having our backs providing valuable feedback.

Mobile wallet app

Our Android wallet app is almost ready. The plan is to be available for the weekly update on 16th of November. Simplicity and redundancy is our key goal. A true payment buddy connected to your online wallet for your AirTime payments and purchases. Manage multiple addresses and top up your debit card when it’s released (apply to the debit card here).


The BitTube Anthem (rap song)

A month ago we were searching for a Rap artist to produce some entertaining music. Now it is available on BitTube as our anthem. But that’s not where we will stop. We’d like to invite the community to do remixes for the song. They can reach us via one of our social media accounts and we will provide them with the audio files to do the remix.

Learn to trade with safety

Simulated exchange Niffler.co has included TUBE-USD as a trading pair following a planned Top trader competition that starts today. It offers all conventional exchanges functionalities without risking real money. The platform gives you 100k USD to play with to get confident at trading with the riskiest assets out there.

Airtime extension Test Beta

If you want to help us and be an early bird beta tester for the upcoming BitTube Airtime extension, you can join us here and apply! This will help us get everything ready for the official release in approximately 4–5 weeks.

Note: Only a limited number of testers will be chosen.

Content guidelines and blacklisting of bots

Our actions against bots and other fraudulent users are starting to pay off. Airtime’s reward has increased by more than 300% for viewers and 250% for creators since our squad of moderators have been actively fighting the bots and “leeches”. This way, our original TubeCreators and legitimate viewers are getting a fair share of Airtime for their time spent on the platform. Secondly, as stated in last week’s update, we are also working on improving AirTime such that real viewers compete much more easily with bots and leeches. By limiting the daily consumable AirTime in a clever way, we should see much more improvements for earnings in the short term.


Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Your BitTube team

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Simulated Cryptocurrency Exchange To List TUBE Token As A Trading Pair

Ottawa, Canada – 31st October 2018 – Simulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, Niffler.co has announced the listing of the BitTube (TUBE) token as a trading pair with immediate effect.

The support for TUBE takes the number of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform to a total of 10, and has been added to the list of other already supported cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and more.

The world’s newest and rapidly growing simulated cryptocurrency exchange was launched earlier this week with a single goal; to educate and teach beginners to trade through hands on, practical guidance while rewarding experienced traders for sharing the knowledge; offering all traders $100k in play currency and an opportunity to show Proof Of Experience™ and earn money by helping to teach others.

Niffler.co is the perfect launchpad for aspiring cryptocurrency traders looking to develop their skills and experience before investing their own capital while also allowing experienced traders the ability to further hone their skills and potentially through “Proof of Experience” earn real money by sharing their knowledge and experience.

BitTube is a fast-growing network designed to empower video creators and live streamers, entertaining far-reaching audiences through a seamless user experience — ad-free and always monetized.



Niffler.co’s BitTube Top Trader Competition launches on November 2nd at 3PM EST and runs for a duration of two weeks, with the top trader for being awarded $250 in the cryptocurrency of their choice and additional prizes like a Nano Ledger S, $100 in TUBE, swag, etc being awarded to the Top 10 traders overall.

The platform is currently inviting other projects and their tokens to get listed on the exchange to add to the diversity of current trading pairs and encourages interested parties to make contact with the Niffler.co team directly to discuss the opportunity further.

Aidas Keburys, Founder of Niffler.co, has commented on the listing of TUBE, stating, “[Niffler.co couldn’t be more excited to be working with the amazingly talented team and fast growing project BitTube and we are equally as thrilled to be listing TUBE as a trading pair on our simulated exchange, something our users and community have been asking us to do since day one]”

For additional information or for interview requests, please contact:
Aidas Keburys, Co-founder aidas@niffler.co

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This week we had our focus on the back end, some front end, and have been working hard to improve the quality on the platform.

Following last week’s update, we have continued fighting the overwhelming amount of bots and spam on the platform. These growing pains are a ‘good problem’ to have, but the severity of it was creating an unfair environment to real honest creators and viewers.

Additionally, together with the community we have set several content guidelines in ongoing efforts to improve the quality on the platform. Besides the existing rules around copyright and NSFW material, the new guidelines encompass spam, low-quality content, kickback schemes and using the platform as a coin faucet. You can read more about this on our subreddit and in #moderator-log on our Discord channel. The next steps will include improvements to the AirTime model that will promote organic usage over bot-like behavior. Namely, these improvements will include certain limits to a viewer’s daily AirTime, so both honest viewers and creators compete more fairly for the daily block rewards.

The dev team made improvements to the ‘Upload Media’ menu and overall performance including better responsiveness of the playlist editing view. Now, uploads should not get stuck at 100%. In case one does get stuck, the user will receive a report message regarding the error.

The BitTube browser extension will get a dedicated site. Here you will find all necessary information to start using the AirTime model into your browsing and website. For the website owners who want to implement the AirTime model, we are setting up a documentation section to help them implement this revolutionary way of generating revenue from their website traffic.

In the meantime, the community has been helping us a great deal by providing translations for the extension. Thank you! If you would like to help out, contact us on Discord.

We keep answering community tickets and take care of the redundancy of the platform. We estimate that the extension will be done in 4 to 5 weeks.

Stay tuned!
Your BitTube team

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We have been growing organically since the beginning. User growth is closely related with support, and we have a great community that is helping us answer common questions. As a new technology, we face misconceptions especially associated with the crypto space. For those reasons, we must have a focus on support and helping people understand how amazing BitTube is.

New support desk and Knowledge Base

We have collected common questions and topics that are available to search. Next time when you have an issue with your BitTube account, we hope you can find the answer there. If not, we are here to help. Just press the “?” icon and send us a ticket. Our support staff will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Moreover, we can see what article you have visited before getting in touch. This will help us improve the knowledge base. Check it out at https://kb.bit.tube

Integrated wallet addresses

TUBE coin is quite unique. It is a privacy coin which means nobody provided with the transaction ID/hash can see the sender or receiver wallet address. At the same time, however, you can prove your transaction to anyone who needs verification from you, such as exchanges or shop owners using our WooCommerce payment gateway.

In order to prove your transaction, before, a payment ID was used while sending the amount. Not anymore. An integrated wallet address will be generated at the moment of sending a transaction. For the user, this will protect every purchase as the transaction comes automatically with an ID. No more mess ups and unverified deposits to exchanges or online purchases. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to use TUBE, since we believe it is the only true path to mass adoption.


Added two new languages

With the help of the community now Italian and Romanian have been added to the platform.

Security measures against bots

We blacklisted hundreds of viewer bots created during the period we, unfortunately, did not have captcha implemented and removed the views generated by those accounts. We have restored the captcha system, enabled countermeasures against view spoofing, and all suspected bot sessions are now invalidated (rejected) by blacklisting millions of IPs from cloud service providers.

Airtime is now some 2 months old and especially from the second month suspicious bot behavior started to become an increasing problem. Following our measures, we will monitor the explorer closely to see if our fixes will give the desired effect.


The dev team fixed UI bugs reported by the community and improved overall performance.

Stay tuned!
Your BitTube team

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This week we are have been working under the hood. As much we would like to reveal as much is coming on the way.

Heavy testing of the browser extension

Currently we are over the magnifying glass inspecting the alpha version of the browser extension. All is going well and we look forward to start the beta version testing on experimental websites.


Android wallet app

Soon Android users will enjoy the convenience of managing their TUBEs on a mobile device. Sending and receiving funds would be an easy peasy task.


WooCommerce BitTube payment gateway

WooCommerce BitTube payment gateway is a WordPress plugin that allows to accept TUBE at WooCommerce-powered online stores.

Benefit for the store manager:

  • Accept payment in TUBE for physical and digital downloadable products.
  • Receive payment directly into your personal BitTube wallet.
  • Add BitTube payments option to your existing online store with alternative main currency.
  • Flexible exchange rate calculations fully managed via administrative settings.
  • Zero fees and no commissions for BitTube payments processing from any third party.
  • Automatic conversion to TUBE via realtime exchange rate feed and calculations.
  • Ability to set exchange rate calculation multiplier to compensate for any possible losses due to bank conversions and funds transfer fees.

Customers can pay with any BitTube wallet in a matter of seconds.

We wonder what would be the first product bought with TUBE.

Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bittube-woocommerce-gateway/


BitTube Top Trader competition

Following our announcement for the Niffler.co competition now it can be found in the dedicated section in your Niffler.co account. Trade with play-money win real prizes! Sign up now.



  • Livechat improved and fixed bugs
  • Notification service more stable
  • Embed youtube videos from BitTube

Have a great weekend and stay tuned!
Your BitTube team

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“They say “time is money”. But I want to say “time makes money”. This means time is greater than money.”― Israelmore Ayivor

BitTube is shifting focus to include Airtime on every website on the internet.

Our breakthrough with the Airtime model has got people yearning for TUBEs. We could not be happier to take it further and create a unique model that could help websites & apps get monetized in a revolutionary way. The new approach will be beneficial to website owners, its users and visitors. It will be seamlessly integrated within the UI whilst providing a much better user experience without ads.


Anyone will be able to use our patent-pending Airtime model via a simple browser extension, including an ad blocker and a wallet. Users will be rewarded with TUBEs visiting any website similar to watching videos on the bit.tube platform. The system will automatically create a wallet for the domain. In order for the website owner to claim the earnings, a verification file has to be installed under the domain root folder similar to a Google authentication file. The extension will additionally feature Airtime statistics, one-time and monthly donations and more.


Smart extension rewards and donation functionalities

The system recognizes a social network from a simple blog site and rewards the website or the channel owner depending on the case. Below are some examples from YouTube, Twitch and a regular website:

For YouTube


On Twitch


On a regular website


What about the video platform?

The focus shift to include Airtime everywhere, rather than just one place, had been our long-term plan since the very beginning. We’ve realized, however, that there is no reason not to do it now. It is a strategic move that will only benefit bit.tube while we don’t put all of our eggs in one basket.

What ultimately gives the video platform value is the Airtime monetization system: it rewards people’s attention while removing ads. The video platform in itself has hundreds of challenges to overcome before it can successfully become mass adopted. From difficult technical challenges to brand awareness and legal issues surrounding copyright, although exciting, many of these problems have the potential to slow down the success of Airtime as a stand-alone feature. By shifting our focus in this way, the BitTube brand effectively becomes synonymous with Airtime, while the video platform becomes our ‘killer app’.

The value of a currency comes from its users.

The ‘Airtime Everywhere’ approach expands the pool of potential customers to every corner of the internet and will greatly accelerate brand awareness of BitTube in the long term. In addition to how coin.bit.tube lists features that will drive demand for TUBE on the video platform, there is an inherent demand for TUBE in this new approach.

Essentially, TUBE becomes Internet store credit and by extension, a global Internet currency. At every shop that accept TUBEs as payment, there is a clear incentive to do so, since the users always have coins in their wallet from Airtime acting as a discount. There will be no need to have a full TUBE balance, as the difference can be added using the fiat payment gateway provided by our new partner Wirecard (more on this below). This will consequently provide buying pressure on the market, similar to directly buying coins yourself on Bittrex or on bit.tube via this upcoming gateway.


Moreover, the real value of a currency is derived from the amount of users it has. According to a recent article, there are 2.9 to 5.8 million active Bitcoin users according to a Cambridge University study. This is nothing in real-world terms. Of course, many cryptocurrencies have grandiose claims of becoming a dominant global currency. However, few besides Bitcoin have the arguments to back it up and allof them, including Bitcoin, face the same obstacles: mass adoption requires real use cases, no barrier to entry, simple user experience and last but not least: distribution. All of these problems are solved by our Airtime system and as more coins land in more hands, it will get more users over time.

Bye bye, ads.

Online users are hard to spoil nowadays and engagement rates, especially on traditional websites, are getting lower every year. People are overwhelmed by information trying to get their attention, where the important resource is time. Their time. Our goal is to solve the negative spiral most websites are caught up in, where they want to retain users by delivering valuable content, while at the same time relying on high CTR (Click-Through-Rates) for enough ad revenue that actually drives their users away. We believe that ads have become so invasive that they act as parasites on what has actual value, which is in fact the publisher’s content and the visitor’s undivided time and attention. This is what Airtime solves.

“Remember, when advertising is involved, you the user are the product.”- Jan Koum

Websites that adopt the new BitTube vision no longer need to rely on advertisements to support their online presence. This will lead to increased visitor’s integrity and there will be no need to collect data by massive amounts of tracking scripts. An ad-free experience protects the website from visitors leaving the site distracted by a targeted ad. There are tons of reasons you don’t want to display ads in the first place, and we are not going to discuss them here. Bye bye ads!

We are negotiating a solution for a major company interested in the Airtime model. After our proof-of-concept on the video platform we aim to lead the ‘Web 3.0’ providing online users a global currency for engagement. The new model will come integrated with the upcoming Debit Card.

What could be better than linking your website traffic directly to your BitTube Debit Card?

We are proud to announce that the service provider Wirecard is supporting us to integrate FIAT in our system. It will allow anyone to buy TUBE directly with local currency and cash out using the BitTube debit card. Below you can read how Wirecard describe themselves.

With 16 years of experience on the market, Wirecard AG offers more than 25,000 customers state-of-the-art technology, transparent real-time reporting services and support in developing their international payment strategies: offline, online or mobile. The Wirecard Group has been supporting companies in accepting electronic payments from all sales channels. A global multi-channel platform bundles international payment acceptances and methods, flanked by fraud prevention solutions.

When it comes to issuing their own payment instruments in the form of cards or mobile payment solutions, Wirecard provides companies with an end-to-end infrastructure, including the requisite issuing licenses for card and account products.

As a software and IT specialist, Wirecard is also constantly expanding its portfolio with innovative payment technologies.

Some Key fact about our card provider:

  • Wirecard AG ranks among the world’s leaders when it comes to processing online payment transactions, checking them for risks and performing international processing.
  • 34,000 customers from various industries
  • 4,500 employees
  • Over 100 transaction currencies
  • Connection to more than 200 international payment networks (banks, payment solutions, card networks)
  • Website: https://www.wirecard.com/
  • Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirecard

Payment gateway for WooCommerce.

Currently, with more than 4 million installations of WooCommerce is driving most of the online shops. We are in the process of submitting payment gateway add-on for WooCommerce to be available for download at the WordPress plugins repository. Shop owners can download it for free and start accepting TUBE as payment. Once installed, it is integrated inside the WooCommerce dashboard and can be used together with other payment options. Transactions can be made via the online wallet inside the BitTube profile, with the GUI wallet and the easiest is with the Android wallet app due to the QR code functionality. The order confirmation takes several seconds to arrive. The customer can keep shopping, and he/she will be informed via email about the purchase. The website owner will receive the amount within 120 seconds after the purchase has been made. If the network is congested, it could take up to 10 minutes. Security has been taken into account: if the site were hacked, the BitTube wallet used to receive payments stays safe, as it is a view only wallet. If a customer chooses to pay with TUBEs the plugin allows a discount to be applied.


Platform improvements and fixes.

We continue developing and adding new features to the platform. We are working on a new help desk solution and a large knowledge base to help our users solve their questions.


  • Playlist optimizations
  • String HTML of social sharing
  • Sound volume
  • Wallet and airtime optimizations & bugs bugs bugs
  • Muting and unmuting the sound will remember last volume used.

Stay Tuned!
Your BitTube Team

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The weather was lovely here at our Canary Islands office like our update for this week.


We added new features to the notifications so you can stay tuned with what’s happening with the profiles you follow. You can now clear all of them as well with a dedicated button “clear all”.

Embedded player

We have added the BitTube logo to our embedded player that will generate leads to your original video when viewers click on it. This is our first step in developing a whole new set for website owners that want to use our platform. Currently, embedded players are not included in the Airtime payouts for creators neither for the viewers. This will offer versatile features to accommodate custom needs for live streamers and bloggers.

On Mobile

On mobile, the option to add a video in one of your playlists or create a new playlist comes from the bottom of the screen. This will help you share the link of the video via the share button that is included in the new menu.


We are continually improving overall performance and fixing minor issues on the Airtime and media upload. The dev team solved more than 200 tickets this week submitted via the bug report.

Stay Tuned!

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We don’t believe in the community we rely on it.


Hungarian translation

BitTube platform is community driven. From bug reports to feature suggestions we listen to you. This week our lovely supporters from Hungary translated the platform so their compatriots can enjoy it in their native language. If you are so passionateabout BitTube like them you can help us by visiting our translate section at GitHub.

Delete unwanted comments

Another big topic was discussed on our discord channelrelated to the comments section underneath the videos. Because of spammers and appreciation for theright to be left alone we decided to enable comments deletion by the video owner. In the future we will explore‘reportas spam’ functionality, channel moderators and ways to view and restore deleted comments.

Activity notifications

The bell icon on the top right-hand bar will get you notified when and who liked your content. From this week you will be notified when a channel that you are subscriber to uploads a new video.

New player style

Following last week’s update we have reshaped our player. Now you can see the results on the front end. The Like, Share and Add to playlist buttons have been moved to to top right corner and the loader has a new hypnotizing icon.


As always our talented team has beenfixing bugs and have been working on backend optimizations.
  • fixes for the online wallet transactions
  • fixes for volume bar on player

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Weekly update 14th September


Weekly update 14th September

Another week, another update!

Last week we launched a new player, built from scratch with basic functionality. Today we’ve deployed the fancy stuff that everyone expects. We have polished some features and added new ones. From this week the websites using BitTube’s embedded videos will get the new player as well.

– Better playback and usability on mobile devices
– New embedded player
– Fixed views count
– Fixed issues on Autoplay and playlists
– Notification for error during transcode
– Fix issues like “upload stuck at 100%”
– YouTube Connector bug fixes

Some of the added features are: timeline seeking with a thumbnail preview, cinema mode option and a speed rate switch. We had requests from the community to add these. Improvements were made on the video quality selector and from now on you can see when you have liked a video as the thumbs up symbol will be marked in grey. The player will remember the speaker volume while you change tabs and videos. Mobile users can enjoy improved playback .


Fixes to the IPFS code are ongoing to reduce CPU utilization and memory usage. The new player, which doesn’t use video.js anymore, already fixes an old problem that caused inactive Chrome tabs to freeze. Additionally, we fixed a problem where the next item in a playlist would not play correctly.

Now that the player is taken care of, we look forward to shaping more BitTube awesomeness. Stay tuned!

Your BitTube Team.

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Wallet update to support the latest fork.

The latest version has improved performance, and we have fixed issues with transactions to Bittrex exchange, so users can now successfully send TUBEs to Bittrex from the web wallet.

With the Windows version, you can start mining TUBEs within the wallet.
Download wallet

Multiple channel support.

The multiple channel feature in this release is limited to one channel per profile in the primary domain and sub-platforms. Multiple channels per domain will come in a future release.

We believe there are plenty of reasons to have more than one BitTube channel. People nowadays are becoming more and more versatile talking about different topics and attracting various audiences. You may want to separate your personal account or one for each website you manage. Multiple channels are essential to keep your subscribers engaged and deliver the content they want with a single account. In this way, you can keep track and get notifications without the need to switch users. Additionally, coming up in the future releases you will be able to create premium channels and get multiple revenue streams.

Video previews.

Video previews let viewers see a recap of your video before watching. This will allow users to find easily the content they want to watch, improving overall UX. When a viewer hovers over a video’s thumbnail, they will see a 3-second preview. Previews are available on the Home page, dashboard search results, Trending page, Subscriptions tab, and Related tab. Video previews aren’t available on mobile devices. Previews on already existing content are enabled for videos uploaded not more than 30 days ago. All future videos will have a preview.

UX and UI improvements.

iOS/Android App Store compliance.
Apple and Google app stores are serious about their developer program policies, and we are serious about staying compliant at all times. We have enabled application non-safe admin feature to immediately shield questionable videos from showing on the mobile application. This should prevent our app from being forcibly unpublished in the future.

  • Re-styling of notifications and infinite scrollbar in notifications.
  • Added wallet database driven maintenance .
  • Auto channel creation on login to sub-domain xxx or regular (if xxx user) with default image and avatar and full separation boundaries between domains.
  • Backend performance improvements.

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BitTube GUI Wallet.

The new BitTube wallet combines two software packages; the BitTube miner and the BitTube GUI wallet.

Links to download:

BitTube Wallet

BitTube Miner

The new BitTube wallet seamlessly integrates the BitTube miner breaking all borders for those of you who want to get into mining and the cryptocurrency world.

The leap from the old BitTube miner to the new version is like going from MS-DOS to Windows. Using your computer’s power you can earn TUBEs and generate additional income or use it to purchase premium content or access creators tools to increase airtime.


The wallet is currently available in English, German and Spanish. With the help of the community worldwide, the number of languages will increase. Currently, we have 29 different language versions at our disposal, but not all of them are fully translated yet.



Let’s get started!


The new version of the GUI wallet interacts with the BitTube blockchain and the mining pools. You can create as many wallet addresses as you wish and mine at the same time.

Additionally, when signing up to bit.tube, an online wallet (‘My Wallet’) is automatically created for you. By choosing to import the private key over from your online wallet, you can easily manage all your BitTube funds using the GUI wallet.

Next, we will briefly cover the following features:

  • Sending and receiving TUBEs
  • Using the address book
  • Creating a view-only wallet
  • Managing your keys and seed phrase
  • Shortcuts
  • Advanced settings
  • Proving and checking transactions
  • Mining

Send and receive TUBEs:

Sending and receiving is straightforward: Copy and paste the address to whom you want to send TUBEs.



  • When sending to an exchange, include the PaymentID. This is mandatory, or your coins will be lost.
  • The default fee (transaction cost) is appropriate for normal network activity. During times of high blockchain usage, it is recommended to increase the fee slightly, or the confirmation time of the transaction might take longer.

Create a list of contacts with the Address Book:

Add familiar wallet addresses (public keys) to your Address Book. This allows you to send TUBEs rapidly to family, friends, exchange addresses or your main wallet.

For improved ease-of-use, the address book includes options such as:

  • Copy address to clipboard
  • Send to this address
  • Remove from the list

View-only wallet:

Whenever you want to show transactions and balances to another person, you can easily create a ‘view-only wallet’ file. In this way, you can be sure you do not expose your private keys while keeping track of the actual movements in your balance. For better security, keep your view-only file and private key on different locations.

To create a view-only wallet go to Advanced →Settings →‘Create view only wallet’.

Name your wallet and set a password (optional). After the view-only wallet has been created, you can open it by closing the current wallet, clicking the “Open wallet from file” option. and selecting the view-only wallet in the file location specified. By default, this location is User\Documents\BitTube\wallets\yourwalletname-view-only.

Seed & Keys:

This is the most confidential information about your wallet. Here you can find and copy your mnemonic seed and export all your keys.

Important notes:

  • Always backup your private keys and/or seed phrases securely and in multiple locations (both digital and offline).
  • Do not ever share this information with anyone, or you will risk someone stealing your funds.


Holding the CTRL key will show all the shortcuts for quick access to the menu categories.

Advanced Settings:

Scan the Receive QR Code with any QR scanner to get your QR code .png-file. Additionally, you can set the requested amount and the QR code will adjust automatically. This feature will be a basis for further developments of the payment system built into the App.

Prove Transactions and Check Transactions:

Generate a proof of your incoming/outgoing payment by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address and an optional message.

Verify that funds were paid to an address by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address, the message used for signing and the signature.

For the case with Spend Proof, you do not need to specify the recipient address.


The new BitTube wallet features in the windows version a built-in miner and it takes only a few clicks to get started. Linux and Mac versions will come soon.


The recommended settings will be suitable for most users, but you can choose to dedicate all or just a part of your computer’s CPU and GPU resources.

The miner will automatically detect your CPU core count. Use the drop-down menu to select how many you want to dedicate to mining. To add additional hashing power, include your GPU by ticking the corresponding boxes. Mining exclusively with your CPU or GPU is possible. External GPUs are supported as well.

Important notes:

  • The upcoming CN Saber Proof-of-Work algorithm will significantly favor GPU over CPU hashing power.
  • Loading the available cores and GPUs can take some time.
  • Once mining has started, it can be stopped ONLY by clicking on the ‘Stop mining’ button. Closing the wallet does not stop the process running in the background.
  • Mining with Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPUs is supported until the fork on the 2nd of July.

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BitTube — Almost all ages admitted.

We have done one more important step this week. Since BitTube launch in February our community have discussed a “hot” topic about the adult content being easily accessible on the platform.

As we have published in our update from 11th of May, we are in the process of delivering BitTube sub-platforms for the purpose of addressing specific content.

xxx.Bit.Tube is now online

BitTube is now safe for the younger audience. All adult content has moved to the sub-platform xxx.Bit.Tube

After accepting the terms and conditions to access adult content all sexually explicit videos should be uploaded via the sub-platform.


New Upload Sub-category Filters:

At the moment of Media Upload, under the category “Adult” we have included four additional sub-categories. They are filtering all videos with age restriction 18+

  • Blood Content
  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW)
  • Violent Content
  • Others

Notifications in the settings menu.


Users will get notified when their upload has been completed and when another user has:

  • Liked their video.
  • Subscribed to their channel

New BitTube wallet

The new BitTube wallet features in the windows version a built-in miner and it takes only a few clicks to get started. Mining capability in Linux and Mac versions will come soon.

Read the full article about the new wallet on Medium.

Links to download:

BitTube Wallet

BitTube Miner

Note for the Mac users:

You need to allow BitTube wallet application to be opened. To do so, go to: System preferences → Security and Privacy → General → Allow apps downloaded from.


Upcoming Fork on 2nd of July.

This fork is designed to set the path for the Airtime model. The new reward destitution model that will take place later on next month.


  • All miners should update before the fork.

One more official TV channel went live.


represents an exciting new era in entertainment for Iranian youth. They offer a unique blend of Persian, Arabic, and Western music to enjoy on our platform.

The dev team solved 60 tickets reported through the bug report by the community.

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Adjusted P2P code for live streams.

What is “RTC Savings”?

If you navigate and click on the PoV count in the lower right corner of the video player some important data will show up about:

  • The Wallet of the user uploaded or streamed the video.
  • Airtime PoV (Proof of Verification) in seconds by the current viewer
  • Status: Working or Waiting for the network
  • RTC Savings: represented in %
  • RTC Peers: number of peers distributing the video

Definition — What does Real-Time Communications (RTC) mean?

Real-time communications (RTC) is a term used to refer to any live telecommunications that occur without transmission delays.

RTC data and messages are not stored between transmission and reception. RTC is generally a peer-to-peer, rather than broadcasting or multicasting, transmission.

Source: Techopedia

So what RTC savings mean?

It represents what part of a video is distributed among the users. For example, 0% means all the data is coming through the BitTube server, 100% means that all the data comes from other user’s computers. This week our dev team managed to increase RTC savings from 20% to 80% making RTC nearly instant with minimal latency. It improves quality of service (QoS) and aids synchronization of multiple streams.


BitTube is now able to handle more than 100k users concurrently and about some million users daily.


Featuring TV stations.

BitTube team is constantly getting in touch with TV stations offering free channel setup. Currently, we have contracted with eight TV stations. We will keep our community informed when a new official channel is live.

Go and check the newcomers and let your friends know if you like the TV channels.

Gala TV

The Gala TV schedule features mainly music videos of famous Iranian Artists, and music related programs. They also produce in-house general entertainment and lifestyle shows. GALA is dominated by all genre of music in unrestricted languages such as Persian, English, Arabic, Kurdish, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Indian and many more. All the music videos are selected on the basis of current international charts, music tastes of audience and the most popular music trends in the world.

Schweiz5 TV

It’s a Swiss television featuring entertainment, esoteric and talk shows. On their channel you can watch programs with culture, sports, animals, cooking, everyday tips and life themes.


It’s a non-commercial, ads-free community television station and community media center in Salzburg (Austria). The third non-commercial broadcaster with a 24-hour full program in Austria. Trough participation of the producers in the ownership structure of FS1, they can be considered as the first democratic television in Austria. The station claim “Dein Fernsehen” (meaning: Your TV) is an expression of this idea as well.

The release in July of the sub-platform tv.Bit.Tube will give you the option to filter only TV station channels.

BitTube fork testnet is now open.

On 21st of June, our testnet prior to the CN heavy-custom hard fork has opened for testing and reporting issues. You can use any valid mainnet wallet id in testnet also. The fork is currently scheduled at blockchain height 110.000.










Small front-end changes.

Connection improvements, back-end stability increased performance for all users and better results on “Home”, “New” and “Trending” sections in the profile menu.

The dev team solved 100 tickets reported through the bug report by the community.

Delay iOS App

We have a delay on listing BitTube iOS app due to IPv6 compatibility. All apps submitted to the App Store must support IPv6-only networking.

The dev team has setup a testing network working on deploying the app as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, Bit Happy.

Your BitTube Team.

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Step By Step, Bit by Bit, Stone By Stone (Yeah)… if you are a fan of Whitney Houston, you know what I mean, but in our case, it means we are preparing for the cornerstone changes of the BitTube reward distribution system.

First steps on rewards allocation.

The first exertion will be splitting 1,5 % of the block reward for development and marketing each. This will give the dev team a playground to polish and test the new dispersion where further on v5 the full airtime based rewards will take place.

Together with the rebrand in April, BitTube went through a considerable backbone scaling preparation which still keeps the dev team busy. Now they have unfolded transaction optimizations to reduce the block size. In addition, the system will enforce RCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) where only the sender and receiver can see the actual transaction amount, which also helps reduce the block size further on.

New CN Heavy Custom Algorithm.

At the end of the month on block height 110 000 new CN heavy based PoW algorithm will take place. It has custom tweaks to thwart FPGAs, ASICs, and botnets. All mining software will be updated. The dev team is working on automatic update, but at the moment it should be done manually.

Dynamic transaction fees.

From now on fees will depend on the block size where miners get more total fees, and users get cheaper transaction fees as the network grows.

iOS App

Get the BitTube features in your hand with the first Alpha version for iPhone. Upload and share your creative masterpiece and get always monetized.

With BitTube for iOS you can:

• Watch videos.
• Discover new videos and creators you’ll love.
• Upload videos right from your iPhone or iPad.
• Manage your video settings and profile.
• Search and explore trending content and categories.
• Explore newcomers.
• Comment and donate to video publishers.

Download the app for free and become part of the community without Ads and always monetized!


Profile picture and background editor.


To make your profile look good we have added an editor for the profile and background where you can scale and drag the image to fit the best possible way in the frame.

Sort user publications.

When visiting someone’s profile you can sort his publications by:

  • Most recent
  • Most oldest
  • By popularity

Bug fixing.

This week was dedicated mostly for making overall backend improvements and stabilizing the live streaming. There have been minor changes to the BitTube style like: making it flat and moved the login into the profile menu.

The dev team solved 160 number of tickets reported by the community.

We wish you a nice weekend,
Your BitTube Team.

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As all the world is going crazy about privacy and safe internet environment this update brings you a new feature. Now you can fully protect your videos from being downloaded and distributed without your permission. Leaked content means lost revenue, protect your hard work with BitTube.


At the time of uploading the users will have the option to protect the video. The platform will encrypt the content before it is stored on the IPFS network. Protected videos can be only accessed via BitTube. No other IPFS explorer can view the video.

The new feature comes out as a series of BitTube’s plan to deliver premium products that will help the circulation of the TUBE coin. Additionally, it is on the process of developing a feature that will allow granting access for the protected videos to specific users. This will serve as a base for the launching of a more sophisticated videos on-demand network.


The protection will cost 5 TUBEs as a one-time payment for each video up to 5GB. Knowing that your precious content will be protected for lifetime secured by hundreds of computers not relying on a single point of failure or a server hack brings peace of mind, and the more people become aware, the better.

With BitTube you can. Don’t worry Bit Happy.


Android App. Alpha version.

Explore your favorite videos with the official BitTube app.

Get the BitTube features in your hand with the first Alpha version. Enjoy videos without Ads while getting rewarded for watching. Follow and support your favorite BitTuber by donation or subscribe to a premium channel. Upload and share your creative masterpiece and get always monetized.

With BitTube for Android you can:

• Watch videos and live streams.
• Discover new videos and creators you’ll love.
• Upload videos right from your phone or tablet.
• Easily manage your video settings and profile.
• Search and explore trending content and categories.
• Explore newcomers.
• Comment and donate to video publishers.

It might take up to 24 hours for the App to be visible in app store.
The BitTube App is called BitTube (alpha). All other apps with the name BitTube like Access BitTube are not from us!

iOS App is coming next week.

In three to four weeks we add live-streaming out of the app.


This week the dev team added:

  • Simplified password, required characters were reduced.
  • Protected videos can be embedded
  • Subscribers list. See who is subscribed to your profile.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Closed more than 80 tickets.
  • Reducing delay on livestreams on P2P network.
  • In the web wallet now the status of synchronization is visible.

We wish you a nice weekend,
Your BitTube Team.

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What a night two listings on mayor exchanges in one night. Korean based exchange Upbit listed BitTube (TUBE) also. With Upbit BitTube is now present on the first exchange in the asian market.

Upbit ( https://upbit.com/ ) is a new Korean C2C exchange and is launched by the biggest messaging app developer in Korea, Kakao. Kakao teamed up with Bittrex to offer a myriad of cryptocurrencies.

The first available trading pair is BTC/TUBE. To trade on Upbit you need to register an account on Kakao. Upbit is offering Ios and Android apps.

When transfering BitTube to your Upbit account make sure you are using Wallet ID and Payment ID.


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On June 5th 2018 Bittrex announced that the BitTube (TUBE) wallet is open and ready for trading. We are happy to share this information with our community. The first available trading pair is BTC/TUBE .

The Bittrex exchange is a U.S.-based blockchain platform providing real-time trading and industry-leading security. Main issues on Bittrex are security first, robust trading and corporate responsibility.

Bittrex is committed to comply with U.S. Regulations and for this all crypto currencies listed on Bittrex need to go through a validating process to make sure to be in line with the SEC rules.

To trade on Bittrex ( https://www.bittrex.com/ ) it is neccessary to register an account on https://www.bittrex.com/account/Register .

When transfering BitTube to your Bittrex account make sure you are using Wallet ID and Payment ID.


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It is Friday, a busy week done for the team and a new update for the community.

The first Premium product launched

Sell and buy views in USD or TUBE. BitTube publishers do have the possibility to offer their videos for rent or sell. Three rental periods are available – 24h, 48h, and 78h. Viewers can watch this content when logged in within this period. Additionally, users have the flexibility to purchase lifetime access to the video.


The price for the content can be set in TUBE or USD.



First steps towards BitTube Airtime model

Mining while watching a video is now part of history with the upcoming update . Real web mining will not be in place anymore, we already implemented the airtime mode and it will start to track the airtime on testnet until the real fork. This way we can monitor the data and make sure that everything is fine before the fork happens.

This will lower the noise of the fan to a minimum and take off the “mining authorization”.




With these steps we are getting into the airtime model, building it each week until it’s completely functional somewhere around mid July 2018.

More new features

Showing your subscriptions in the menu:
In the left menu now all your subscriptions are shown. This allows easier navigation through your favorite content.

Search now also on profile level:
A new search filter is available in the profile section. When selected only results for this profile will be shown.

Playlist in the search can now be added to your profile:
Last week we announced the playlists in the search result. From today you can add existing playlists easily with just one click to your profile.

Coming soon: Apps for Android and iOS

See the preview of the upcoming new Apps. The first version of the android app will be launched next weeks, the IOS app will follow one week later.



Coming in July 2018: New BitTube wallet

More functions, easier to understand, the new BitTube wallet coming in July together with the announced fork.



This week the dev team solved 85 Tickets given from community through the bug report system.

New version 1.1.7 of the BitTube miner available: https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-miner/releases

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Time again for the regular Friday update. The team solved around 80 tickets which came from the community through the bug report. Additionally we finished some new features and improvements.

Cinema mode for videos and live stream

Enjoy the full width of your screen and change between standard view and cinema mode.



TUBE miner (Beta) now available

Download the mining software from the page and click for mining. No settings to do, no complicated installations. The miner is for everybody to use. That is the beta version which will be improved week by week.

Multiwallet function (Beta) added

From now on you can use and manage more than one online wallet in your profile. The multiwallet lets you operate with different accounts and manage your channels individually.

Improved listing view

We cleaned the listing view and improved the playlist add. All pictures are now remaining in aspect ratio, and some shadows are gone. On mouseover, you get the add to playlist, and you see the number of stars.


On mobile, the views are clean and fresh now and prepared to look nice and easy to use for the upcoming native apps next month.

More languages

Additionally to the great languages Chinese or Russian we got now Spanish and German from the community and added it to the system. You are welcome to add more languages.

Playlists on search results

We now show the playlist related to your search terms. So you can choose the profiles, the playlists and the matching results directly from the search results.


Add to playlist improved

Add the playlist from your “my uploads” section in your profile.

Edit the primary video text on the profile

Your primary video text can now be edited directly in the profile view. Out of your upload list, you can change your primary window with just one mouse click.

Working on the next updates

Premium products are coming with the beginning of June. The encryption of content is in place. Currently, the dev team is working on the payment and reward system for it. Viewers will be able to buy gift cards in USD to add funds to their accounts.

Wallet rebranded from IPBC to BitTube

Download the latest wallet from GitHub: https://github.com/ipbc-dev/bittube-wallet/releases

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  • HashVault Stats

    • Global Hashrate
      5.56 TH
    • Avg Hashrate
      1.68 GH
    • Total Miners
    • Miners Paid
    • Total Payments
    • Total Hashes
      9.23 EX
    • Blocks Found
  • Create New...