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We have collaboratively been working through what should go into the Lethean roadmap and how we broadcast activity.
The Lethean official website is now updated with the most current roadmap: https://lethean.io/roadmap
At this stage only completed and actively worked on items are disclosed.

Our most recent roadmap updates have been focusing on:

- Giving Lethean a new look with a fresh new website!
- Making it simpler to stand-up a node, a lot simpler.
- Promoting Lethean — In doing so, we attract attention and gain momentum with increased community involvement.
- More exchange listings and maintaining these relationships.

As you may be aware the Lethean community contributes it’s time on a voluntary basis in managing this project. This means we cannot provide accurate timelines for when roadmap items will be completed and this specific information is therefore removed.

The great news is our team is growing with members eager to make an impact on the Lethean project. We are confident and excited about this and look forward to releasing updates on the project as they become available.

Why not have your say about what should be the focus right now for Lethean?
Reach us on any of our official channels. In our opinion, the more minds we put together the better things will be.


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Dear Lethean Followers!

As always, privileged to provide you the next update following our most recent team meeting including other developments:

* Lethean Telegram promotion — 300LTHN giveaway continues!!
Why not jump on the channel and ask our team for some free coin!
We believe increased adoption starts with trust in a products capabilities and promises. That’s why we’re giving away free coin to test drive our service, our product will speak for itself. In turn we can make our product even better.

* Lethean community activity increased by over 15% in the last couple of weeks.

* Growing team contributors. A very warm welcome to our new team members!

* Chromebook / ChromeOS compatibility testing with the new Lethean Exiplorer mobile app. All confirmed OK and ready for use!

*We will be issuing a short community survey very soon to gauge what our users see as important in a VPN/proxy solution and how Lethean stacks up. With believe with data such as this, we can accurately target the key areas that are seen as gaps to bring community relevance to the project.

*Cryptonight v8 alogrithm change discussions have occurred to target the ever present shift in mining activity. We believe this is important to manage risk, including involvement from the greater community of miners.

* Thanks to community feedback we’re sprucing up our exit-node build guides. We’re working on this and please do reach out if having any troubles attempting to build today.

* Excitement is also brewing over the review of cloud hosted exit-node options for the community.
The idea is, if we can make it simple enough to create a node, you’d likely want to stand one up! We want a near zero-touch deployment of the Lethean exit-node and we’re excited to share that we are looking at this option and believe it will greatly grow our node adoption and usage rate.

* To make some of the above and other project goals possible in the short-term, we’re presently looking at funding options to accelerate our vision for the Lethean project. You’ll want to be part of the action when it all starts cracking on at full pace!

There are some items I’ve left out on purpose here, specifically how Lethean plans to expand it’s impact. You’ll just have to wait for the next update. :)

Unlock the Internet.
Free the world from censorship.

The Lethean Movement.


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Dear Lethean Community,

It is with much anticipation and excitement I reach out to you. Over the past few quiet months the Lethean project has been evolving and re-forming a new, eager, motivated, and capable bunch of members. It has been at least 6 months since any real life has echoed from the Lethean project via any form of communication at a mass scale.

I’d like to proudly acknowledge that the Lethean project is moving forward. As we re-group and re-establish capabilities, we’d like to let the public know firstly, the Lethean VPN/Proxy capabilities are up and running right now and ready for your use!

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to touch base with our growing Lethean user base on any of our official channels.

Since the project is now increasingly being managed by Lethean community members, many roadmap items and general project management processes are being reassessed and are expected to be updated based on a new community working structure. We plan on providing updates in this area as soon as team discussions provide more clarity on the paths forward.

What better time to provide some updates!!

* Lethean Mobile App for Andriod — Released for Alpha testing, you can find it on our official site. Named “Lethean Exiplorer” (no typo here). It will provide:

- Lethean exit node listing
- Lethean full list of VPN/proxy details
- Simple view of exit node pricing and payment details.
- Wallet & VPN integration (work in progress)
- Global exit node map integration
- OpenVPN profile auto-generated for easy mobile usage.
- Very slick and user friendly interface
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about the Lethean mobile application.

* Bololex Exchange Listing — Occurred in the last 2 weeks. Check it out!

* Lethean Website — We’ve had broken links in many places over the quiet period. Fortunately, we’re on top of it and updating content regularly. We still have more work to do, but this has been a great start! We love this project and that’s why we’re working so hard. We plan to bring a new look in future from feedback gathered already, look out for this also!!

* Lastly I’m pleased to confirm the community has been pairing with veterans from the Lethean project beginnings to create a powerful transition. We feel quite blessed and proud to have the team we have.

Interested in getting involved?

Get in touch on our official channels and let’s make an impact together. It’s a project that’s becoming more and more important to general society needs!

Stay safe!

The Lethean Movement


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Lethean Moving Forward


The leadership team has had a few conversations about how we, as a team, move forward from where we currently stand today. Our decision, which was difficult to make, has been to depart from Lethean. While we are extremely heavy-hearted about this decision, we also know that it is best for the project. Even with the team as we currently know it is departing, our goal is to ensure that Lethean, the project that we have worked so very hard on these past few years, continues even in our absence. With that in mind, we have decided to make the project community-owned and operated.

As a team, we want to make the transition from being run by us, to run by the community, is as smooth as possible. During the transition, rather than immediately turning over all of our social platforms, we will maintain them until we are certain that the community members taking over are just as committed to the project as we are. Once we are certain, we will fully release these to the community. We hope that the same community members who have been so willing to assist us over these past few years will be just as willing to pick up where we are leaving off.

As a final note, we want to say thank you all for all of the community support that we have received over these few years. We know that our community has the talent and drive to continue to make Lethean a success. If you would like to begin the process of overtaking some or all of the components that are necessary for the continued success of the project, please DM Casey on Discord.


The Lethean Team


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Lethean February update

We would like to begin this update with a thank you to all of our followers that have allowed us to take some time to spend with our friends and family over the holidays. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Development updates

As of the time writing this, nothing substantial has been accomplished over the past few months with regard to the continued development. In our previous survey, we gathered information on others that may be willing to assist us in the development of the project, and we will be reaching out to them in the coming month to gather additional details about their strengths. With potential new members assisting us with the development of the project, we may be able to offer new features and continued improvements.

Survey Results

Last month we released a survey to gather data from our followers. Below are the highlights from the survey.


Of the 45 respondents to our survey, 22% or 10 people stated they use the services every day. By contrast, out of 45 respondents, only 10 had never used the VPN.


The questions about focus for 2020 show that the large majority of respondents would like us to focus on mobile development, and we will take that feedback seriously. The other large percentage asked us to focus on user interface.

Other marketing and communication news

With a moderate resurgence in overall exposure to crypto in the past month or so, I have asked the marketing team to work on finding potential smaller VPN or VPS servers that may be interested in either accepting Lethean as a payment or opening nodes on our network. This would generate more exposure and would allow for further usability. If any developments on this front occur, we will be sure to let our followers know.


As always, you can contact Lethean via any of the social networks below.

Email: Contact@lethean.io




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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In the past week, Lethean was contacted via Telegram by a gentleman named Chris Keren. Chris Keren requested a phone call with the founder(s) or leadership to discuss investing in Lethean. Great!

Mr. Keren wanted to hear about Lethean — what is its mission, how does it work, and where is the project going. We filled him in on all of this information and sent him our investment pitch deck. We also informed him that any ‘investment’ in Lethean would need to be funnelled properly through our non-profit company via standard bank wire (this detail is important).

We learned a little bit about Mr. Keren as well — he is a self made successful person who found his wealth by selling Bitcoin during the $20k peak and also has a family inheritance from his deceased father. He has investment experience with his partners in another successful crypto project in the past, but could not speak of this project due to a binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Mr. Keren liked what he heard, assured us he would speak with his partners and get back to us soon…

The next day, Mr. Keren reached out with great news: he and his partners wished to invest $400,000 USD into Lethean. Wow! We warned him that level of investment exceeded even the current market cap of Lethean, but he was not dissuaded. He believed in Lethean and wanted to inject capital so it could be greatly successful! There was one condition: Lethean would need to meet him in person in Switzerland for a face-to-face to have coffee, meet his lawyer and perform the asset transfer. Hmm… No problem, we can arrange that as we have team members in Europe that travel frequently.

Lethean began consulting team members on their thoughts toward this investment and arranging rough plans for how to manage and spend such an investment. It was concluded we had no use for such a large investment and could not back the liquidity with coins (considering the market cap). Mr. Keren was informed of this, and he was oddly dissuaded — he wanted to invest ALL 400k of his money! He understood our position and reviewed the overview of planned uses for the funds.

The next day, Mr. Keren reached out and indicated the proposal for fund expenditure looked good, but he would need help getting the funds into the bank to transfer to us. He could arrange for our investment figure via bank wire, but we needed to first sell him Bitcoin in exchange for his cash, because his lawyer takes payments in Bitcoin. His lawyer would then be facilitating the bank transfer of fiat from the lawyer’s account into our company’s bank account.

If you aren’t scratching your head yet, you should be!

And another fly in the ointment: Mr. Keren needed to call an audible on the meeting location. No longer could we meet in Switzerland as he had proposed a couple days earlier but now it needed to be Milan, Italy, due to Milan being his lawyer’s principle operating location!

We told Mr. Keren that we thought this was a very strange situation and did not understand why he could not just wire the funds himself.

Mr. Keren pointed out that the government would become aware of his sizeable profits “from selling Bitcoin” and then he would be liable for taxes. So, he wanted to give us cash in exchage for Bitcoin so he could avoid paying taxes on his “gains”. That’s right, he was prepared to exchange $400k in cash for $400k in Bitcoin, as long as we met in person…

We informed him that we would not take part in any tax evasion or money laundering schemes, to which he was bewildered, and denied attempts at these crimes.

But now, a cliff hanger. All the sudden, Mr. Keren went radio silent!

The list of excuses and bizarre explanations go on, so I’ll stop here and sum it up. If you haven’t put it all together yet, this is either a money laundering scam, or would have been a straight heist. We are writing this post to share this information about “Chris Keren”, assuming that is not a nom de guerre for his clandestine solicitation activities. You can find Mr. Keren from Ticino, Switzerland, a “Private Angel Investor” with a degree from the University of Oxford, on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-keren-1a1150187/ .

Mr. Keren has two lone endorsements by the same two people for his “skills” in blockchain, start-ups and biz strategy on LinkedIn: Arthur Volz (https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthur-volz-774382164/) and Alan Wood (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-wood-932190170/), who are probably associates or nom de guerres for this scam. The other two individuals interestingly also claim homage to Ticino, Switzerland.

You can also find him on WhatsApp at +41 76 700 13 34.

Crypto has no shortage of scams, and this one was interesting. A combination of social engineering and wire fraud were used to attempt to either steal funds or launder illicit capital.


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Lethean December Update

Welcome, all to December. With the year coming to a close and the holidays right around the corner, we expect a moderate slow in development and a lighter workload overall for this upcoming month. That being said, we want to give you all some insight into what has occurred in the past month, and what our plans are for December.

Payment Gateway

While we anticipated the payment gateway project finalization by this update, we are still working with CoinGate on our business account setup. Over the past two months, we have been working closely with CoinGate to finalize our application. The reason for the delay has been restrictions that exist in account setup that we have had to find workarounds for. Each submission takes approximately two weeks for CoinGate to review. In the last two attempts we have made, CoinGate has asked us to make changes to the application, which have caused us to have setbacks. We are still working with CoinGate, and once finalized, we will notify you all.

In addition to finalizing the business application with CoinGate, we have also made a few changes to the way our payment gateway will look. You can see the changes in the photo below.


Most notably, we have added a drop-down menu that allows users to select the amount of time that they wish to purchase, and our designer has better aligned the design with our current website designs.

Ease of use

Our development team is still in the process of finalizing the easy VPN. While that process is still in the works, we have noticed an uptick in the number of users commenting on our YouTube channel with questions or concerns with the ease of use of our products. As we move forward, we aim to polish our current products and make them as simple as possible to use. We have asked some of the users that have commented to provide us with details of how we can improve or have a meeting with us, so we can better understand what we can do to make using our products easy. If you have any feedback that you would like to share, feel free to reach out to us via email, Discord, or Telegram. We would love to hear your feedback.

Cost reduction methods

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects of our business that we have been working on over the past month, we have also been reviewing our monthly costs and finding areas of improvement, which will allow us to continue to work for a longer period of time, and with significant cost reductions.

Monero changes

Like always, we are keeping a close eye on the changes to Monero’s algorithm, and we are reviewing the implementation on our end. Once we have more details about our plans, we will notify our community. When code base changes occur, we notify our community in the form of a standalone update.


Lethean December Update was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Lethean October Update

Payment Gateway

We mentioned in our last update that we were working on a payment gateway that would allow users to purchase Lethean directly from our website. We are still in the process of finalizing this implementation. We had a minor setback with the gateway that we were using to make this option available for our users, but as of the time writing this, we are well on our way to finalize everything. Once finished, the website will allow users to make purchases for days, weeks, and months of VPN use with Lethean. You can see an updated draft of the website look below


Recent video appearance

We recently were featured in a video made by Khabir, a YouTube creator that made a video about Lethean in the Arebic language. He did a very good job covering our project, what makes us unique, and did a very in-depth video about our project. You can see the video by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWmyXPieBVY&t=22s. This video went live on October 30th, so it has only been up for a few days, so if possible, go visit his channel and show him the strength of the Lethean community.

Lethean Reach

The Lethean Reach program is still live and a change has been made to the way the program works.

So what is changing?

This change is specifically for referrals. In our previous model, if you were not referred by someone, you would not be eligible for the referral bonus. As of now, if you visit the referral website and join our services without someone referring you, the referral reward will be randomly provided to a random ambassador. So, if you are not already an ambassador, we welcome you to join us. You may be selected if someone joins the program and is not using a referral link.

You can join the Lethean Reach campaign as an ambassador by visiting https://reach.lethean.io/

Proof of Review

Last year we were selected to be reviewed by Proof of Review. Over the past month we have been working with them to get the review finalized have have them post it. As of today, the review is live and available for all to view. You can see our review by visiting https://proofofreview.com/reviews/lethean/.


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Development updates

Easy VPN development notes

During September, our development team has worked on the Easy VPN. We had a few minor setbacks that have caused the development of the Easy VPN. During the process of integrating the Easy VPN into the wallet. Our development team has informed us that we should, if all goes well, have the Easy VPN ready for internal testing within the next few weeks. Once we have finalized internal testing, we will release the Easy VPN for use.

Payment Gateway

In other development-related news, our development team, in conjunction with a community member, Dennis, have established a way to provide new and existing users with a Lethean payment gateway located directly on our website. The payment gateway will allow new and existing users to use Bitcoin to purchase Lethean packages from our website, without visiting an exchange. The functionality of the widget has been tested, and it is working as intended. We are in the process of matching the style of the widget to the style of our website, and once complete, we will be integrating the service on our website. You can view an early screenshot of the service below.


We are hopeful that the service will not take too long to complete, and our target date for implementation is the middle of October.

We are very excited about this development, and the potential new users that it may bring. We are most excited that our community member, Dennis, was willing and interested to step forward and aid with this development. We welcome all community involvement, as it expedites the development process, so if you are interested in working with us to make our project better, let us know.

Marketing and communication

Lethean Reach campaign

Over the past month, 150 users visited the Lethean Reach website, with a significant portion of those users coming from the last monthly update, on September 1. We also received a large influx on September 19, when an email blast was sent to our subscriber list. As it stands today, we have a substantial amount of 500 Lethean referrals available. If you have not used the Lethean Reach website, or if you have and you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help. If you would like to join the Lethean Reach program, you can do so by visiting https://reach.lethean.io/.

Monthly updates will be automatically sent to our Subscriber list.

Since we have lowered out releases to a more manageable once per month, we feel more comfortable sending out monthly updates to our Subscriber list. This will ensure that each of the members we currently have is up to date with our most recent activity, and can quickly and effectively view our monthly updates.

We Are Fundraising!

While the team has been financing the project out of pocket since its inception, we have been seeking to transition away from personal, out-of-pocket financing, and towards a more-sustainable method of covering expenses. We have chosen to focus our efforts on securing funds in two main ways. Namely via third-party investment in exchange for LTHN, as well as applying for grants for non-profit organizations. Progress in either of these methods would provide the Team with an expanded budget for marketing, development, and operating costs associated with server and website upkeep. We ask that members of the Lethean Community that have familiarity with or ideas regarding non-profit fundraising and that are looking to contribute to the project email Austin@lethean.io or DM @atalis#4413 on the Lethean Discord to discuss.


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Celebrating Two Years


Good day to you all! As we begin the month of September, we would like to take some time to look back on the accomplishments that we have had over the past two years. If you are not aware, our bitcoin talk announcement went live on August 15, 2017. At that time, we had the name IntenseCoin. We have had many changes over the past two years, our name included, so we would like to take some time to look at the changes that we have had, while also giving you the details of what we have done during August.

Looking back at our past accomplishments:

  • On August 15, 2017, we made our launch announcement under the name IntenseCoin. Our goal since our inception has been to create an anonymous, decentralized, blockchain-backed, VPN service. Initially, our project was based on ByteCoin, an anonymous cryptocurrency, and the predecessor to Monero.
  • February 2018 — Rebase from ByteCoin to Monero. The rebase was a large undertaking for our Development team.
  • July 2018 — Launched our browser VPN for Google Chrome, effectively creating a browser-based decentralized VPN service backed by blockchain. We soon followed with a Firefox plugin.
  • August 2018 — Intensecoin officially rebranded to Lethean.
  • December 2018 — we released a paper wallet for Lethean
  • April 2019 — Lethean partnered with AsiaBlockchainReview
  • April 2019 — We release our most recent website, which can be found here: Lethean.io
  • August 2019 — Release of Lethean Reach ambassador program

Development details

Over the past month, our development team has been working on finalizing the new EZ map GUI integrated into our wallet. The development team ran into a few roadblocks with the code bases not working well together, and subsequently has pushed back the release of this new GUI wallet. During the meeting that was held last week, it is clear that we are now on the right track to getting the map integrated into the wallet, and the EZ map GUI is well on the way to being finalized. As soon as we know that the new wallet is ready for use, we will let our userbase know in a standalone article and through our social platforms.

Lethean Reach campaign changes


After launching the Lethean Reach campaign, we were excited to hear your feedback. After the first few weeks of the campaign running, and the feedback received from our community, it was clear that the reward structure for Ambassadors did adequately incentivize referrals. With that in mind, we have changed the reward structure to better incentivize Ambassadors to refer users to our services.

The rewards earned for each referral has been increased ten times, for a total of 500 Lethean per referral. However, the higher referral bonus will only be available for a short time. Ambassadors will only earn 500 Lethean for referrals until the total number of referrals reaches 500.


If you would like to receive the higher referral amount, you must submit your referrals as soon as possible. After we reach 500 referrals, the next 200 referrals will earn Ambassadors 300 Lethean per referral.

After we have reached 700 total referrals, Ambassadors will receive 100 Lethean for each person referred.

If you are interested in receiving the higher referral amount, we strongly encourage you to start submitting your referrals. You can set up your Ambassador account by visiting reach.lethean.io.


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Good day to you all!

Today, we are happy to announce we are opening our global ambassador program, Lethean Reach. Current and new members will have the ability to refer their friends or anyone interested in dVPN services. Ambassadors will have the ability to send their friends a referral link. Every person that receives a link from an ambassador will receive 15 Lethean per month, which is enough to use our dVPN services for an hour or more depending on the exit node chosen. That is not all. Ambassadors referring users to our services via Lethean Reach will also receive a reward. Below is the reward structure for ambassadors.

Lethean Reach is designed to extend for a minimum of three months. During the first month, which starts today, August 16, 2019, and ends September 30, 2019, ambassadors will receive 50 Lethean per user referred. On October 1, 2019, the reward for referrals will decrease by half. This means that new and old referrals will earn the ambassador 25 Lethean. Finally, on November 1, the reward will decrease again. On that date, new and old referrals will earn the ambassador 10 Lethean.

To get the most out of this experience, you will want to begin referring your friends as soon as possible. Referrals will receive the Lethean rewards shortly after they have completed their referral sign up. Ambassadors will not receive their rewards until the end of September. To participate, please visit https://reach.lethean.io/.

Our goal with this campaign is to obtain a larger user base and increase our overall network use. We also believe that this program will incentivize the use of our product and provide us with better insights into areas of opportunity and growth to better our product. This program will be pivotal in forecasting the needs of our network and enabling us to better our product for future use.

With that in mind, in conjunction with this campaign, we will be sending out surveys to those that have involved themselves in the Lethean Reach program. We will be reviewing these surveys, which will be designed to collect data on our current product and find areas of improvement. We are very excited to hear what new incoming users have to say.

We seek people who are advocates, fans who represent and talk about our brand to a local audience, likely in their native language, with passion. If you are passionate about Lethean and like what this project is about, then we are sure you can provide powerful, crowdsourced marketing that can amplify brand awareness and boost the overall project within your region.

To join Lethean Reach, please follow the link below.



Introducing Lethean Reach was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Lethean — August Update & Progress Report




Our development team is still in the process of creating our new GUI wallet. They have been taking their time finalizing the wallet and putting an emphasis on ease of use for the end-user. We are committed to creating a wallet that is simple, easy to use, and visually appealing. We do not have a definitive time-frame for the new GUI release. However, once it becomes available, we will notify the community of the release in a stand-alone article.


Over the last month, our marketing team has been working diligently on finalizing the ambassador program. In addition to covering the upcoming ambassador program, we will be highlighting user-based articles, an event attended by our Russian community manager, and answering the “Ask the Team” questions.

Birake exchange

On July 31 a member of our Discord community, CheeseBaby, notified us that the exchange Birake has added Lethean to their vote based listing system. CheeseBaby let us know that if we do not win a weekly vote, the votes from that week are kept and count towards the following week. CheeseBaby also notified us that if we receive 20K — 25K votes, he will add an additional 20K-30K votes. You can find the voting link by visiting https://trade.birake.com/coin-listing


Ambassador Program

Preparations on the technical, operations and structure side are nearly finished. We will be officially launching the Ambassador campaign within the next two weeks. The Team is excited to see how our ambassador program will increase brand awareness for Lethean. Additionally, we are excited to open up the ambassador program to people in all locations. The goal of the ambassador program is a combination of a strategic referral system to boost brand awareness within multiple regions with a huge VPN demand and need and to create an incentive to spread the word about our developing product.

We are looking for you!

We seek people who are advocates, fans who represent and talk about Lethean to a local audience, likely in their native language.

If you are passionate about Lethean and like what this project is about, then we are sure you can be a very powerful asset, providing crowdsourced ideas and engagement that can amplify brand awareness and boost the overall project within your region.

We especially need potential ambassadors from Russia, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, India but of course other countries are welcome too :-) Stay tuned for a detailed announcement soon!

Lethean at Gathering of system administrators


Our Russian community manager, known as Andy in our Discord server, recently participated in the Gathering of System Administrators in Russia. Andy was able to secure us a banner on the main stage. In addition to the banner, Andy was able to distribute pamphlets with information about Lethean during the gathering. You can see a sample pamphlet here.


If you would like more information about the conference, you can visit their website located here: https://itslet.su/


We are very thankful for Andy setting up our attendance at this conference, and we are happy that we were able to reach the broad range of people that attended.


In early July Jacob wrote and published an article about Lethean on Publish0x. The article written by Jacob provides the reader with a spectacular summary of our project, and it’s utility. If you have been a community member of Lethean since the beginning, or if you are a new community member with us, we strongly encourage you to read this article. You can find a link to the article below.


Notable twitter mentions

In mid July, we had a social influencer discussing our project on Twitter. @cryptomocho made a few mentions of our project, one of which you can see below.


We are excited to again be receiving attention from social influencers, and we are hopeful that this is just one small step in increasing our brand awareness. With the increase in awareness brought by the @cryptomocho, we also saw an increase in visits to our website, which on the day of the tweet had an increase in referral traffic of approximately 200% and an approximate increase of 700% for social media referrals over the previous day.

Feedback Surveys

Within the next month, we will be distributing feedback surveys for both tenured and new community members. The goal of these surveys will be to review our current product and see where we can improve. We intend to send these surveys out after launching our ambassador and referral program.

Ask the Team Discord questions

Q: “Hey guys, new to the discord here, just wondering if y’all have any plans on integrating the Exit Node into the GUI wallet or something in the future.”

A: The answer to this question is a little more nuanced than just a yes or no. We would like to make exit node creation as simple as possible. However, we cannot definitively say that it will be located directly in the wallet. We love the idea of being able to do that. However, at this time, we cannot say that it will occur.

Q: “is there any news from honeypod, they will ship their device in Jul, right?”

A: We reached out to HoneyPod via email this past month, and we have yet to hear a response from them. If we receive a response, we will let you know.


Lethean — August Update & Progress Report was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Over the past month our Development team has been working on creating a more sleek interface for our VPN client. The new interface showcases the locations of each node on a map, with the ability to easily and effectively locate and connect to an exit node. We are in the process of integrating these features into the wallet as we speak, and we will make sure to release a stand-alone article notifying the community once this has been completed. You can see how this new interface will look below.


We are still working on the Mobile VPN. However, we are taking our time to ensure that the funds set aside for this development are being used in the best way possible. We want to ensure that our current product, the desktop VPN, is as easy to use as possible. From there, we can finalize the set up of the mobile wallet and VPN. As we continue to move forward and see continued growth and use, we will continue our efforts on the Mobile VPN.


Our marketing team has been working on new methods to ensure that we continue to increase our brand awareness, as increased awareness will garner new users and more liquidity. With that in mind, we are finalizing a new incentivization plan to aid in our brand exposure and generating new users.


Within the coming month, we will be opening a referral/ambassador program. The referral and ambassador program will be focusing on countries that need VPNs the most. Members that choose to be ambassadors or use our referral program will earn rewards for the people that they refer. In addition to the ambassador and referrer earning a reward for referring Lethean, the person being referred will also earn a reward. This should incentivise the use of our product and create awareness and growth respectively. We are in the final stages of creating this initiative, and we are looking for people who would be interested in participating. If you are interested in being part of the ambassador program and or the referral program, please contact us by email at contact at lethean dot io (contact@lethean.io). Please use the subject line “Ambassador program” and include your location in the body of the email. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact a team member on Discord or Telegram to show your interest. We are specifically looking for ambassadors and referrers from the Asia-Pacific region, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam.

You may recall that we had a similar program previously that did not come to fruition. We believe that the direction of our previously implemented ambassador program was hindered due to the lack of a functional product. Now that we have a product available to use, we are excited to release a reimagined version of the ambassador program, in addition to a referral program.

As our plan develops we will also be creating a new Gleam campaign which will be focussing on promoting the referral/ambassador program as well as the Lethean VPN usage in general.

Ask the team questions:

We wanted to take the time to respond to some of the questions that have been asked by our community members in our Discord. These questions we felt were the most important for our community to hear about from us.

  • What about honeypod and when they ship their hardware to us?

We have not yet received information about when our team will receive hardware from Honeypod. We are still in the process of finalizing that information. As we know more, and hear from them, we will keep our community informed.

  • What about mobile wallet/vpn?

As mentioned in the development section, the Mobile wallet and Mobile VPN is being reviewed. We realize that the community is very interested in having this available to use and so are we. However, at this particular time, we do not see enough demand for our existing product for us to invest the resources and time into completing the development. That is not to say that we will not proceed with it at a later time. Our current goal for development is to create a simple easy to use experience on desktop, so we can translate that success to our Mobile wallet and VPN. A stable and easy to use desktop product allows us to capture a stronger userbase and therefor create additional demand. We are aware that providing users with software that is convenient and straightforward to use and has a sleek interface is very important, and is a required step to achieve before we reach mass adoption!

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Lethean community! Welcome to the midpoint of the year and the last month of the second quarter. We have some very exciting things to share with you, and we hope that you are just as excited as we are about them.

Update Changes

As of this update, we will no longer provide our community with a bi-monthly update. Instead, we will be releasing one monthly update on the first of each month moving forward. We believe it is important to keep our community as updated as possible with our progress. However, bi-monthly updates have not been as beneficial as one large monthly update would be for our community. Changing from bi-monthly updates to a single monthly update will enable us to provide a more broad understanding of what we are working on, rather than short snippets of what we have done on a bi-weekly basis. This will enable us to provide our community with more comprehensive details about our progress. We hope that you can understand why we are making this change, and we look forward to providing you with the best monthly updates possible moving forward.

In addition, we have opened a new channel on our Discord server, #ask-the-team, in order to promote transparency and open discourse between community members and the Lethean Team. Please use this space for questions and follow up conversation regarding marketing, operations, development, and so forth.

With that being said, we are excited to introduce you to what we have been working on for the past two weeks.


Development Corner

The development team has hired a contract worker to complete the new VPN for our desktop users. We anticipate the new desktop VPN will be available to use in approximately six to eight weeks. We have not yet found an ideal candidate to complete the work for the mobile VPN. However, we are still diligently working on finding the right person to complete the task. This will change the delivery timeframe for the mobile VPN. However, we believe we will still meet our deadline for mobile VPN implementation within the 3rd quarter of 2019.

The easier to use applications will be visually stunning. However, for us to move closer to our goal of mass adoption, it is necessary to make our products much easier for the average consumer to use. With that in mind, we will be making some changes to how this new VPN works. We are in the process of finalizing these details, as they overlap heavily with our marketing team. Once we have finalized these details, what they will look like for the average user, and what that means for our core audience, we will let you know. You should anticipate more details about these changes in our next update. What we will say for now is that these changes will make using the VPN much easier for the average consumer.

While we are in the process of completing this easy to use VPN, we are in the process of finalizing the VPN services for our MacOS and Linux users. We anticipate the completion of the macOS and Linux wallets in the next three weeks. We will inform the community when these wallets are available to use, and we look forward to hearing the feedback of our MacOS and Linux users.


The upcoming changes to the desktop VPN will afford our marketing team a much better opportunity to market our VPN services to a much larger audience. The ease of use that it will offer to new inexperienced users will create a wonderful gateway for mass adoption.

With the changes to the desktop VPN, you will also see changes to our website. These changes are to better align ourselves with the overall goal of being a VPN company backed by blockchain, rather than a blockchain that happens to have a VPN service attached. We are very pleased with the way that our brand and business are moving and we are excited to hear community feedback as these changes are implemented.

Our most recent Gleam contest has ended. During the contest, we had over one hundred people join and those that participated completed more than 550 tasks! Within the last seven days, we have received more than 1,000 impressions and a significant increase in website traffic. A new campaign will be starting very soon! Stay tuned!


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Development Updates


Lethean Sentiment & Goals

We hope that you are all having a great start to the month of May. The last few weeks have been challenging for the community as well as for the Core Team. However, each challenge presents us with the opportunity to come out stronger than before, and we have done just that. We would like to highlight that each member of our team is committed to see Lethean succeed and become adopted by the masses. We are all working diligently towards the same goal of making the project a success. Lethean is a company with a mission to empower internet privacy, so the passion for a more private internet is what drives us!

We are very excited to say that In the next weeks Lethean will be undergoing some bigger operational and image changes. Our upcoming new roadmap will also reflect these changes. We look forward to sharing more information with you in our next update. Stay tuned!

With all of that being said, we would like to update the community on the progress that has been made over the past few weeks.

Cross-Platform VPN Development

Over the last few weeks, the development team has been working on setting the stage for contracted workers to create a more friendly GUI for all operating systems, as well as a mobile VPN. We were aware that our project had a higher entry barrier for new users or users that had become accustomed to the larger VPN services of our competitors. Our goal has been and continues to be, large scale adoption. With that in mind, we needed to shift our focus and create a better experience for the end user. With these changes, we will be asking our community and new users to provide us with feedback along the way so we can create the best product possible.

We are in the beginning stages of hiring outside developers to assist us with the creation of the new desktop GUI and the mobile VPN. In the above image, you can see an early concept of the mobile VPN client. Once we have selected the ideal candidates, we anticipate the completion of a testable product in four to six weeks. This will ensure that we are in line with our goal of having a mobile VPN in the third quarter of 2019. As work begins on the mobile VPN and the new desktop GUI, we will update our community with the progress.

As a final note, the mobile VPN and the updated GUI will not be the only changes that will be made in the future. Our June first update will provide you with a comprehensive list of changes that will be coming soon. We would have shared them with you during this update. However, we wanted additional time to ensure that these changes will be implemented in the way that we are currently envisioning them.


Gleam update


The Gleam marketing campaign has been very successful so far. Within the last six days, our gleam contest page has received more than 750 impressions, and 500+ tasks were completed so far. We have already noticed a number of different growth results on our various social channels like Telegram and Reddit. If you are not part of our Telegram group, come join us in our Channel located here.

If you haven’t participated in the current contest, please feel free to do so. The contest will be ending in a few days, so you still have a chance to join in by visiting https://gleam.io/APwCo/lethean-20000-lthn-giveaway.

We will continue to use Gleam for contests and giveaways. As we progress, we will have more exciting ways to gather entries into our contests. Stay tuned!

Employment opportunities

We are looking for a new content creator to join our team. If you are interested in joining our team as our content creator, please visit https://lethean.io/jobs fill out the form and submit an application.

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Lethean Community,

We wanted to take the time to reach out to you today in light of the feedback that we received from our previous update. In the last update, we provided details of an upcoming collaboration with Information Matrix. The community was quick to point out their concerns with this collaboration. The team heard your concerns, and after performing additional research, we determined that the reach of Information Matrix was not as large as we were led to believe. With that in mind, we have made the decision to not move forward with this collaboration. The community should be aware that we announced this collaboration before making any payments to Information Matrix.

As a team, we all feel that we owe the community an apology. We are aware that some community members believe we did not do our best to review this opportunity before publicly announcing it. We agree that we could have, and should have, done a better job of reviewing the company and the reach that they claimed before making this announcement. We have learned and grown a significant amount from this experience. As we move forward, we will make every effort possible to not allow a situation like this to occur again.

Overall, we would like to say thank you to those community members that were understandably skeptical of this collaboration. We are very thankful for those of you that provided constructive criticism which allowed us to better understand your concerns.

As a closing note, we would like to leave the community with something positive that has come from this situation. We will be using the funds that we allocated for this collaboration to further develop our product. More specifically, we will be using these funds to hire outside developers to expedite the release of a new GUI and mobile VPN. Since we are aware of a quickly growing mobile user base, allocating these funds towards the development of the mobile VPN will serve to increase the Lethean VPN user adoption and experience. We believe that using the funds to expedite our development, in addition to the upcoming changes to our road map, will allow us to increase our user base.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you once again for being such a supportive community.


The Lethean Team


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Good day to all of you! Spring is here, and we are ready for the new life that it brings with it. We have some very exciting things to share with everyone in this update! Read on.

Lethean Brand Engagement

Our marketing team has been diligently working on new ways to increase our visibility and gather a larger audience. A major instrument for business growth and brand awareness that we will be using is Gleam. This online tool allows us to leverage social media engagement and combine it with fun and interactive competitions. People can join these competitions by performing tasks related to social media and community activity. The idea behind utilizing Gleam is to boost brand awareness via all our social platforms as well as to continue engagement from our community. All while rewarding users that go above and beyond for Lethean. Moving forward into quarter three, we will expand the focus towards business cases, product feedback, and driving competitive advantages.

We will keep our community informed through our social channels when we are ready to begin campaigns through Gleam, and we look forward to hearing your feedback about these campaigns.

Lethean & Public Television


Lethean will be working with an educational television series highlighting our project & mission through an inspiring story.
Recently, we were approached by Information Matrix, an award-winning public American TV show. They were interested in our product and wanted to hear us pitch our brand, mission, and goals. The contact was to gauge overall interest by the network on doing a segment about Lethean with the title “Absolute Privacy Powered by Blockchain Technology” and educating millions of viewers about our project. We were not the only company that was being presented to the network for this event, and after further consideration by the executives, the network decided to move forward with our story. Our segment will be available for airing across US public television stations, including CNN, Fox News, and CNBC. We will be airing multiple times and reaching potentially 60,000,000 households, which results in great awareness and a substantial increase in visibility.

So what is information Matrix? Information Matrix is an award-winning program that highlights stories for innovative concepts through short and long-form documentary presentations and is hosted by Laurence Fishburne. The show is aired on between public broadcast television shows and is not interrupted by any commercials.

We are very excited that we were selected and the massive attention that this show will bring to Lethean.

Reddit AMA

On April 26 the Lethean team held an AMA on Reddit. The team is always happy to answer any questions that the community may have. We believe that it is important to give our community an outlet to ask us questions and receive answers from us. We intend on holding events like this again in the future. We will update the community on any upcoming AMAs or a community Q&A calls through our monthly updates and social media platforms. You can also view a list of our scheduled community events by visiting https://lethean.io/events. If you would like to ask a question, you are welcome to continue to use the AMA on our Subreddit located here. Alternatively, you are always welcome to ask us any questions on our Telegram or Discord. If you would like to read a synopsis of the AMA, you can do so by visiting here.


Shifting Focus

Since we will be receiving such a large increase in brand awareness in light of the Information Matrix segment, we will be working on shifting our focus to things that are most important for the level of exposure that we will be receiving. The past week, we have been heavily focusing on our roadmap and restructuring our goals to ensure that we are ready for the level of exposure that we will be receiving. We have not quite finalized anything at this time. Once we have finished restructuring our roadmap, we will post it to our website for our community to view. We will provide you with additional details in our next monthly update.

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Strategic Brand Awareness was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Lethean AMA Summary — Reddit — 26 April 2019


Here is the summary of our AMA session on Reddit a few days ago. We’ve received some really good questions. A few minor adjustments in spelling & grammar were made. Content has not changed. Here is the Q&A session on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lethean/comments/bghy42/lethean_ama_26_april_100_pm_utcgmt_ask_questions/

We’ve answered questions related to adoption, technical development, marketing, exchanges and more! Enjoy the read!

System requirements for running an exit node?

Hardware requirements to operate an exit node are quite low comparatively. We have had users open and operate exit nodes on a raspberry pi. Software is the current bottleneck requirement as exit nodes are only supported on Linux at the present time, although a docker image does exist for the adventurous folks looking to pioneer other platforms. You can use your own computer or make use of a VPS. To operate an exit node, the absolute least you will need is 1 Gb RAM, 1 CPU core, and a 30 Gb HDD for a non-local for a local blockchain or 60 Gb HDD for a local blockchain. Right now we only support Linux Exit Nodes installation, but we deliver a Windows Docker version very soon.

How will Lethean team can ensure that exit node owners can distance themselves from any activity the users are undertaking, while using their exit node? Examples: IP baning, different country Laws, Law enforcement issues, etc?

As a team, we recommend that you review your local laws and regulations to ensure that you are complying. We also recommend reviewing the exit node information from Tor, as they do a good job explaining the implications of operating as an exit node. Keep in mind that you are also capable of stopping people from connecting to specific content through the exit node as well. Ronny, one of our exit node owners, has done a very good job of showcasing this. We are not lawyers and we do not have the legal expertise and this comment should not be taken as legal advice.

How will mining compare to leasing exit node service?

We cannot say for certain how mining will compare to operating as an exit node owner at this time. We are working on putting together a document that will show any interested parties a potential ROI for operating an exit node. This question depends on the number of miners in the network, the amount of traffic with our VPN services, and the amount of push you choose to make on your own exit node as an exit node operator.

My question is whether you can guarantee that the final VPN payments will be done only in LTHN (LTHN for VPN; Fiat for LTHN for VPN; BTC for LTHN for VPN) or are you already considering the option of VPN payments in other crypto coins?

We completely agree that for the price action to increase over time the demand will need to rise. This demand should come from users adopting our VPN services. At this time, we do not plan on implementing any other payment mechanisms. We have some users that have discussed implementing swaps for LTHN, which will increase accessibility and any time that we have discussed accepting another payment method, it is generally gone back to using that payment method to gather Lethean, then use the exit node. Finding the easiest way for users to get Lethean is still on our to-do list. We will let you know of any further developments we make on this front. Technically speaking there is no way to use the VPN services without paying using LTHN in the end, as an LTHN transaction with an LTHN specific payment ID is used to authorize the connection. So the major use case we have for our currency is the utility of payments on the blockchain for VPN services. We are one of just a very few Blockchain projects with a real use rather than just being a transfer of value.

what are the advisers roles? do they have active participation or they just help when the Lethean team needs them?

Advisers are contacted at least once monthly. Previously, we were holding a monthly call with our advisers to discuss any major events, upcoming events, and ask any questions that we may have over the course of the month. We also contacted them periodically if we had any questions, and got advice and opinions when needed. As of today, we have opted to speak with them monthly through email rather than holding a call with them all. The call became cumbersome with some advisers being spread all over the world and having other obligations.

What do you think of doing a masternode style for exit nodes?

We have discussed making exit nodes more like master nodes. As of this time, we are going to maintain a PoW model. The closest thing to PoS that has been discussed and has a moderate chance of implementation is ‘supernodes’; designed to compensate users that provide a number of services for Lethean. These services would include running a full blockchain node and daemon with public RPC (eg. Allowing other users to utilize it as a remote node), running a Zabbix monitoring agent, and offering VPN services. The contribution to the network created by supernodes is significant. Full design and specifications for this notion are yet to be considered as we are focusing on other priorities initially.

Are there any planned on reducing the supply?

We have had discussions about reducing the supply of LTHN a few times. At this time, we are not looking to reduce the supply. However, that is not completely off the table. If you have any ideas, please feel free to let us know. We would love to hear your ideas.

The dreaded question exchange question:)

Exchanges are the most challenging obstacle that I personally have faced. Exchanges are continuing to request very large fees that at this time are simply too much for us to consider at this time. Beyond exorbitant upfront initial listing fees, the vast majority of exchanges also require substantial periodic payments for market making services. Exchange listing, especially on non-top tier exchanges, does not guarantee any increase in our price or volume. That does not mean that we are not continuing to look. It simply means that we are still working on getting the best exchange that fits our needs as a business and the needs of our community as well. We are aware that there are some certain exchanges out there that do not require a listing fee for us to get listed there. Rest assured, we are actively making sure to not skip them!

Are we on track for the full vpn wallet? how about mobile?

Full VPN wallet for Windows has been released (version 4.0 — download from our website). We are still working on Linux and MacOS. We are also working on making creating and operating an exit node much more easy.

Are there any more plans on advertising this project to more people?

We have a few advertising plans that we are working on. The main focus of our advertisement will be centered around social media and tasks to increase awareness as well to give the community and everyone interested a chance to engage daily is these tasks in combination with a competition kind of style. These tasks should generate new interest in the project and increase awareness while being effective at creating conversions. We are currently finalizing this long-term campaign which we are ready to present & promote in early May. At the end of the day, marketing to increase awareness is great. However, our goal is to increase conversions. We will not be just marketing to market. We will be marketing to garner the most attention and create the most conversions and long term engagement possible.

What are the current plans for getting more exposure on bigger exchanges (getting listed, things which need to be done, help that could be needed?)

Thanks for this question. Of course, we are always eager to list on bigger exchanges. We are aware that there are certain exchanges that do not require a listing fee to list Lethean, and rest assured, we are actively making sure to not skip them! Things, where the community could help, is to support Lethean on social media, especially via Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Bitcointalk. Additionally, we encourage spreading our updates and unique features across Crypto-land, especially to privacy-related communities (where appropriate!). It’s important for exchanges to see an active community. Showing consistent action by the Team and Community gives us more advantages to be selected at the end.

What are the plans for making setup of exit nodes easier and when will it be ready?

We are working on Linux packages (Debian based systems to start) and much better documentation. We also plan a Docker image that should make the running of a VPN end node very easy. Currently, the Debian packages are in the final stages of testing.

I think it’s important to provide end users with a possibility to buy LTHN for fiat or with a credit card, any plans on that?

This is related to exchanges question as well. However, we also plan a partnership with a London based crypto broker company where individual people can offer to sell/buy crypto assets (including LTHN) for fiat

Just one question because I am too curious (thank you Valiant!): when will we have more information about this “major TV network”? :)

We will have an update for you in our next monthly update. Stay tuned!

What do you think about providing an vm image for exit nodes. Also an iso live image with preinstalled browser and vpn?

The VM image for exit nodes is something that we will be exploring in the next 4–6 weeks. We want to make sure that the code is completely stable and that the deployment and packaging is practical for the end user before we release something like this to the community.
It is possible to deliver Vmware, Hyper-V, and some other virtualization pre-installed images to a fast and easy deploy of an exit node.

The browser and VPN: This is an interesting idea. For the client side, I don’t see the ISO getting enough attention and demand for us to expend the resources on it at this time. In terms of the proxy, we could do something to detect the browser type and automatically, this will fit the new UX development features. Since we have discussed larger deployment options, we could have an installer run automatically, which would download the wallet and VPN together without downloading different pieces, we will make fully automated packages for all operating systems. This would be ideally be done through places like the Windows store, Apple store, and other major applications marketplaces.

Will you communicate more on this fact: a user can mine LTHN on his machine and the use the VPN “for free” (except energy price but even one core of a recent I7 can mine enough LTHN to daily use the VPN)? To attract people who use “free” VPN (we know these free VPN are very bad… data sold or very poor performance…) and even people who pay their VPN.

Any user can effectively use their computer to mine Lethean and use the mined Lethean for exit node services. This would make it “free” in the sense that you are only using electricity to pay for your VPN services. You can see exactly how much Lethean you would receive from one day of mining by visiting https://whattomine.com/coins/296-lthn-cryptonightr.

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Lethean AMA Summary — Reddit — 26 April 2019 was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Good day to you Lethean community! We are using this update to showcase the growth of our Browser VPN, give insight into the Q&A call this past week, and welcome new additions to our team.

Q&A Call Recap

On April 12 we had an open Q&A call with our community. Although not many members of the community asked questions during the call, we had a large number of questions that we were asked ahead of time. The team answered all of these questions and recorded the call, so those of you that were not capable of making it will be able to listen in. You can find a link to the Q&A call here. If you are not capable of listening to the call, we will be releasing a transcript of the call in the very near future.

Important Q&A answers

During this Q&A, a large number of questions were centered around our operating costs and the runway that we have left for the project. Our monthly operating costs are between $1,000 and $1,250 depending on cloud expenses. This means that with our current operating costs, we have a runway of 22 months. These monthly operating expenses are paid for by team members. The team member who pays for the costs is then reimbursed in LTHN at a market rate. As a team, we do not sell Lethean on the open market to pay for our operational costs. Keep in mind that this runway is also based on the current value of Lethean. As our value increases over time, this will extend the runway. Please also know that the team is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to ask any questions, you are welcome to do so by using any of our social links below or sending an email to one of the following: casey@lethean.io, alex@lethean.io, or talis@lethean.io.

We know how important it is for our community to be able to ask questions like the ones posed in our Q&A, and we look forward to doing more events like this in the future. Our hope is to have a larger number of people available when we have our next Q&A. The next time we schedule an event like this, we will open a poll for the community to vote for the best time to speak with us, so more people will be available to ask questions. We hope to welcome more people at our upcoming AMA in the Lethean subreddit on the 26th of April!

Upcoming Reddit AMA

As announced in our last update, we will be holding an AMA on April 26th at 1:00 PM UTC on our subreddit. We will open an AMA thread as we get closer to the AMA date where users can ask questions ahead of time, and we will answer them during the AMA on the 26th. We will also be available for questions the day of, so if you would like to hold your question until the day the AMA occurs, you are welcome to do so. We will keep everyone posted as we get closer to the AMA so that the community can ask questions ahead of time or prepare questions for the day of the AMA.

Use of the Browser Extension and VPN

If you had the opportunity to listen to our Q&A, you may have heard that we are interested in tracking the use of our full client VPN with SDP use moving forward. This information will show the amount of use the full client VPN is receiving. It is important to note that tracking usage of through the SDP does not reveal any client data, and will only showcase the fact that the SDP is being used to connect end users with an exit node. Lethean cannot, and will not collect any data from users.

As we set up ways to review the growth of the people using our full client VPN, we would like to share with you the number of people that are using our browser VPN. The graph below shows the continued growth of the Google ChromeBrowser VPN. The screenshot below shows the number of users in the last 90 days.


In addition to the growth we are seeing in Google Chrome, we can also see the steady increase in growth with our Firefox extension.


The last time these metrics were shared was approximately one month ago, and we can see the sustained growth of usage of both the Google Chrome Browser VPN and the Firefox Browser VPN over time.

Website Update

On April 12 we released the new version of our website. We could not be more pleased with the results. So far we have received very positive and encouraging feedback. We welcome any feedback that our community may have about the new site. If you have any questions or comments about the website, feel free to reach out to us. Below you can see an image of our homepage.


One aspect to mention is that we have listened to the community and added LinkedIn/Github to each Team Member & Advisor on our team page. With the new website being live, we are running a promotion to celebrate the new design on our Twitter, which can be found here. We encourage everyone to participate in this event and to explore our new website.

Community Driven Marketing Campaign

We would like to highlight our community member, Pixels, who has been running a number of community driven marketing campaigns. Pixels raised approximately $500 from willing community members. With half of this funding, Pixels ran an advertisement that garnered 500K impressions. The other half of the community raised funding was used in a Twitter marketing campaign. The team would like to take the time to celebrate the initiative that Pixels showed with running these campaigns.


Team Additions

We are very excited to announce the addition of our new Chief Strategy Officer, Austin Talis.

Austin is a strategic consultant with heavy interest in personal privacy and applications of blockchain technology. An avid follower of the growth and updates Lethean has undergone since its inception as IntenseCoin, he has observed the development of what used to be a far-off goal in the minds of the community into a powerful force of privacy. Now, Austin has aimed his efforts towards that very same community and hopes to organize community and team member efforts to ingrain Lethean in the minds of consumers as the decentralized platform for privacy it exists as today. “Adoption is key for Lethean to make a lasting name for itself in the broader VPN marketplace,” Austin notes, and he welcomes community members to contact him via email (talis@lethean.io) or Discord (atalis#4413) should they want to contribute ideas or would like to participate in this endeavor.


We are very excited to work with Austin and see how his expertise in strategy will help drive growth for Lethean.

We are hiring!


Our development team is looking for qualified people to apply for a core developer position and a release quality manager position. You can submit an application for either of these positions by visiting our Jobs page.

Developer Corner

The last few days development wise have been dedicated to bug fixes for the Windows VPN. We are also beginning to work on the MacOS and Linux full client VPN systems. We have also been working on the service discovery platform (SDP) to enhance functionality for providers and provide the marketing team with data about the total number of proxy/VPN sessions established, which was mentioned above in Use of the Browser VPN. We expect to roll out an SDP update this week. This update will not require action by users.

Reminder & Discord rules

As we mentioned in a previous section (Important Discord Q&A answers) of this update and in the Q&A, we are not selling the premine to cover any expenses that are paid in FIAT or crypto by team members. With regard to limiting free speech in our Discord or other community platforms: We never want our community to feel that they do not have a voice or that they cannot voice their concerns to the team. We are very involved in our community and we see the value in the feedback that we receive. However, we have rules that we require the users of our social platforms to abide by. Including being respectful to us, the members of team. As a team we work very hard to make this project and keep it running. We treat each and every community member with the utmost respect, and we expect the same courtesy from our community members. That is to say, that they treat the members of the team and other community members with respect.


As always, you can contact Lethean via any of the social networks below.

Email: Contact@lethean.io




Telegram (community)

Telegram (announcements)







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Daer Lathen Cmmonutiy,

*Please review above*

Dear Lethean Community,

Apologies for that previously written introduction. Our previous editor came down with a terminal case of the yips, and he had to be let go. Our new editor is far superior to the old one, and is totally not a robot in disguise looking to take over the world at the first opportunity he gets. With that in mind, let’s dig into some of this delicious news and see what flavors are in store today.


We are well aware that many of our community members are asking the age-old question “Kucoin when”. We would like to inform our loyal community that Kucoin is in fact available now, but only for precisely 15 seconds starting from when you read this. We hope that you are a master in the art of typing at lightspeed, because 15 seconds is all you get. We are not sure why you are still reading this text, as each second you spend doing so is one less second basking in Kucoin’s heavenly glory. No, seriously, go ahead and visit the site now. We’ll be here when you return.

And with that, “Kucoin when” is finally a question that we can answer. Kucoin when? About 15 seconds ago. And it will stay that way until Kucoin decides to list us for a longer duration of time.

Mobile Wallet

We have heard the community’s pleas for a mobile wallet, and we are excited to announce that we are releasing the Lethean Mobile Wallet 1.0 as of today, April 1. This mobile wallet is perfect for using Lethean on the go, and is probably the most mobile crypto wallet we’ve ever seen in the entire industry. It’s so mobile that if you put a crying baby underneath it and began to dispense some coins, the baby would be mesmerized and quickly fall asleep. Pictured below is the Lethean Mobile Wallet in action.


We hope our users enjoy this new wallet and all the mobility it brings to our mobile users.

I̛̦͚͈͋ͭͦͬͬͨ̓̓͡͡ ̵̡̛̣̺͓̜̱̙̩̘̘̥͓͉ͮ̄͐̈́̑̾ͣ̊̽t̵̺̼̠͖̩̰͚̤̓̏͋͌̔̑̔͂͆ͭ̃̽̀̚͟͜͞ͅn͐̓̐ͭͪ̽̿ͮͥ̒͊ͫ͑ͪ͢҉͎̰̬͙̭̖̟͓̼̥͕͙͍̞̲̯i̷̶͈̼̙͍͙̝̙̼͐̒͒ͣ͆ͪͩ̍̔ͤ̔̿̇̀͞h̛̤̭͓͉̮͔͚͓̏̑̊͛ͥ̎͆̎ͪͩ̀̚͘͜͢k̨͚̣̯̹̗̫̮͍̰͆͒͋͑ͤͬ̏̀͛ͣ̎̆ͣ̆ͨ̅̓ͬͧ͞ ̵̭̖̩͙̝̜̠̙̗̦̣̠̹̩ͨ̈́́̅͌͂̾ͣ̓̀ͨ́́́t̶̨̖̘͙̱͕̗̩̬ͫ̐ͦͤͫ̉ͦͯ̓̔̄͒̈̋̉͘ͅh̨ͦͪ͊ͤͧͭ̂̆ͪ́̚҉̢͏̝͈̩̲͙͍̥̪̘̞̗i̎ͧͩ͐͋͘͜͏҉͕̲̣̻̙̯̳̪̟̩̬̬̞̀ș̭̦̲͇̰͎͍̜̺̠̯̥̼͍͇͉̱̿̓̑ͬ̒́ ̨̥̠̱̱̙̳̖̦͍ͨ̇̐̿̇̿̂̅ͧ̽ͮ̒̉̐̓ͯͪ̋͐͘͠m̺͇̤͔͕͙̬̘͈̬͇͖͆̔͒̅̀́͟͟͝b̧̝̳͎̪̦͍͎̫̗̤̙̱̳͍̺͍̞̤̾́̅͋̃͊͆͊͊ͤͮ̄͌̉͒̈̚͘͘͘i̡ͯ͐̎ͦͪ̊ͮ̇͛̇̒̾͗̐̄҉̨͓̱͔̝̮̠̹͚͈̫̲̼͎̤ͅl̔̏̈́ͯ͊̈́̌ͤ҉̶̝̭̱͇͟͞ȯ̗̳͉̮̞̜͚̹͔̲̦̭̗̫͓̳̜̉̉͘͞͠ę̱̤̩̲̯̳͔̘̠̲̜̯̖̽͛͌̏̃̃̔ͪ͛͘͞͠ͅ ̛̲̺̳ͭ́͆̅͗ͨͦͤ͊̾͋̇͂͛̔̉̒̌͘wͭ̈́̓ͫ̏͞͏͉̳̖̣͍̳̲̙̪̜̲͚͍̻͈͕̼̬͠l͛͗ͥ̋̓͆ͧ̾ͦ̿ͧͪͤ̕҉҉̮̹͍͉͇͈̻̥̩̝̰̲ͅl̴ͭͦ̌͋̑̍̊̇̊̇̿͊ͫ̐̃̌̚͝͏̢̛̠̤̟̤̥̯͍̯̱̤̠̤͚̠̥̲̭͚e̷̛̫͙̝̲͕̫̟͑͛̊̽̃̒͋̃́ͭ̐̔̄̿̈͒̚͝ͅą̶̢͓͕̳̬͉̪̼̜̲̜̱͚̮̄̆ͪͬ̀ṱ̴̖̲̲̙̹̹͇̞̀̌̐ͤ̽̎ͤͨ̈́̀͜ ͙̘̲͓̖̤̬̼̆͐ͧ͆ͩͫͬ̂͜͡ͅį̜̲͍̙͍͎̞̫̺͙̮̦̙͙͂͊̃ͯ̏͒ͧ̐͟ͅͅe̸̴͈̗̬̹͋ͩ̂̏ͦ̆̾͋̌͆ͨ̊̍͗̌̚͘͜ḑ̴̛̲͍̝̘͓̠͐̊ͩ́̇̽͋̄ͬ́́a̶̸̷̫͍͈͔̹͍̤̯̞̝̹̪̬ͭ̒̓͒ͣ̎̓͐ͥ̐̓̆͊͠͠ ̵̳̗͕̳̪͔̬͇̲̮̫͍̭͓͇ͧͯͮͤ͒͒̇ͪ̈ͮ̾i̴̵̢̯̞̟̥̻̪̲̮͍̫̿ͤͮ̑ͫ̾ͣ͋́ͮ̀ͭ̋́͟ͅs̓̽̇͗̒ͧͯ̉̂҉̷̟̣͙͓͇̼̯̞̭̫̀͟͞ ̷̡̔̎̓͂̏̊ͧ̓͊ͬ̑̏̅͠҉͖̞̞̯̬͚͔̜͖͓̲͕͖̞̬ä̡͖͈̠̹̼̣̲̫͇̲͖̤̬̦͉͈̩̙́́̃̏̊̎̀͢ͅi̤͔̳̤̪̟͖̣̥̘͉͙̻͓̘͖̞͈͂̍̏̈͋̋͒̔̈́ͨ͆͛ͤ̍́͘͢ả̡̟̳̘̖͈̼͙̣̻̪̗͎̼̩̝̩̊ͭ͋̏̍̍̎̋͂ͯ̏͒͊̃͒ͧ̐́n̾̈́͒ͩ̀ͤ̏̏͊ͥͣ̿ͤ̃͆̔̄̚͏̷̷̡̝̭̥͙̠͔̟̭̫̲̲̮̞̳̺̮̤͇͙ṁͩ̐͛̿ͣ̃́ͤ̽́͏̨̥̫̺̬̜̮̝̭̬͜ͅz̶̢̤̩̮̟̿̉́ͪͯ͑͗̓̆ͮͥͩ̊̔̑̄̚̚g̦̼̪̲ͥ̑̐̽̀͂̓ͤͥ͆̅́͡.̴̹̖͉̟̺̦̗̟̖͉̤ͪ͛̐ͩͤ͗ͥͬ̿̊̀̕͢͝ ̸̴͇͎̟͚͖̰̰͔̻͉̆̔̊̀ͣ̋͋͗ͭ͟Ḩ̸̠͖̤̗̼̯̠͍̙͙͎̂ͣ͊̌ͭ̿͊͡ͅv͗ͪ̽͏̮̲̖̖͕̲͕̻̭̗̭̞̣̘̺̬̺́͜e̷̷̢͈̻̫̞̥͓̭͂̿̔ͨ̐̍̆̌ͭͫͧͮ̔͒ͣ̍̑͡w̵̜̞̬͎̝̗̮̾͆ͥ̈̾̂ͦͨ̾̀͠e͎̬̥̥ͦ͐͛͌̆̊ͣ̌̈̃̾ͬ͋̾̀̚͠o̷̲̪͓̺̬̘̘͎͈̜̹̖̹̽ͬ̍̂̽̃͌̉ͯ̇̍͢r̵̢̫̟̺̠͖̩̮͉̥̜̫̗̦̩͍̥ͮ̍͊̈́̊̃̉͜͡,̶̼̠̱̩̟̭̩̘͕͔̟̦͚̜̙͕̻͈̗ͪ̋̅̈́̄͗̓͂ͤ͋̚͜͜ ̄ͤ̐̉̈̈ͬ̐̇͆̌̾͆ͮ̆ͩ͗̚̕͞҉͈̖͙̬̙̪͓̲͍̣͞͝d̷̹͖̲͖̮͚͋̇͑ͧ͠ͅơ̵̮̥̙̫̳̭͕̲̫͖̘͔̼͔̭̦̺̔̈ͥ̿̇̿̉̐̒ͮ̐̒̑̒̊ͫ́ ̵̧̞͇̼͙̫̜̫̙̱͓̖͖̔͑̄͛ͯ̆ͥ́̎͐͒̊̃͗̆̽͂̀͟͡ͅy̸̢̡̯͉̳͇̰̝̮̫͚̬̬̒ͬ̓̊ͯͯ̆͗̀̊̊̌ͩ̔̏͐͊̀̚͝ͅo̵̩̦̖͍͕̹̮̯ͦ͗̽̊̇ͭͨͥ̋ͯͦͪ̑ͫ̽̆́̚ͅu̴̷̶̴̝̖͈̦̖̥̰̣̖͈͖ͭͬͬ̿̔͆͌͆͋͆͋ ̨̛̛͇̣̳̘̰̫̭͚̑͊ͥ͂̉ͬͩ͂͒̉̕͠t̛̯͉̺̭̳͔͓̟̙̪̟̪̯͙͔̭͌̀̇ͫͣ̊̃ͭ̿̊̏ͬ̆̋͆̀͝͡͝i̴͈͇̣͖̝̳̺̣̖̠̥̘͚͑͋̔̍͐̐ͣ̄̈̊̌͑̉͒̾ͬͤ̚͘͟ǹ̛̽ͩͭ̅͏̘̥͎͙̹̫͕̭͎̲͉͇̟̹h̵̩̳̻͇̠̜̭ͯ̅̓̑̏ͥͦ̾ͥ̔̇̏̉ͥͣ̀͟͝k̸̨̙̬̜̙͉̮͔̝̺͈̠͎̟̲͇͕͍̤̏ͣ͐̌ͨ̽ͨ ̨̧̢́͂ͯ̆ͮ̏͑̈́̿̾ͫ͗́ͪ̐̅͏̘̱̗̭̬̘̭̬̼̤̙͞t̶̴̡͉̤̱̰ͩͪͬ̒a̬̖̪̘̥̱̪ͮ̐͌ͮ͂ͦ̀̎͌ͪ̃̀͒̔ͬ̃͂̚͝ḩ̲͔̳͍̫̻̆ͦ͑ͤ͐ͦ͑ͧ̊̐̌͌͌̈̆̕t̸͚͇̰̫̗̲̥̖̣͎̲̭̙͎̣̼̏̃̓ͮ͐ͭͨ̑̉̑̈͜ ̶̳͙͖͖̺̜̦̥̜̠͍̟͎ͪ̍ͤ̃̀ͥ̅ͣͪͩ̋̔͒ͯ̋̇͊͢͜͝aͫ̅ͨ̈́̓ͨ̅͆͆ͧ̐̃ͪ͟҉҉͉̦̫͔̬̪͚̖̫̗ỹͩ͑͗͂̉̂͐ͩ̀̍ͩͧ҉̸̡̡̬͖̝͈̳͔̹̘͎̞̻͇̩̥͜n̶̳̠̮̻̫̮̬͉͎͕̹̍ͦ̎ͧ͋ͧ̇͑͛́̚͘͟n̸͕̩̻͚͕͇̙̹̰̹̟̪̓ͨ̿̀ͥͨ͐̍͗ͮ͜͞o̷̷̷͍̖̮̮̺̿ͩ̈́͋͆̾ͤͬ̎̔͛̀̚e̡̢̦̹̯̭̖̯̩̝̼̞͉̪̰ͦ͗ͮ͐̈̐̎͑͂ͣ͑̓̀͟ ̧ͣ͛̒̐̊̀̇̔̎͊ͦͪ̃͊̈́͏̸̬̥̩͔̥͚͖̯͉̝͕̱͔͉͇̩̯̳̫w̢̟̠͔͙͕̟̪̐̑ͪ́̀o̶̶̭̳̺̝͈̞ͫ̋͆ͯͨ͛̐̿ͪ̎͐ͨ͢͞͞lͦ͐ͭ̽̇̄ͯ̎ͨ҉̝̜̣͙̟̰̮͔͍̜̺͙͕̀ͅu̷̵͗ͣ̊ͩͫ̈̂̏ͩ̍͂̈́ͣ̐̐̋̂͏̻̬̤̩̝̰͔͎̞̪̖ď̵̖͕̼̣̼͔͆̇̑͑͊̆͐̀̚͜ ̵̨̢͈͎̞̖̲́͑ͤͪ̈́͋͌̆̅͜ȩ̷͚͖̙͓̜͚̲̖̰̖͍͕̪ͤ͗ͮͥ̾̚e̸̞͕̙̖̼̞͕͕͈̤̜̝̰͔̬͋͂ͣͥͬͧ̃ͩͤͥ̏̆̚͟v͕͓̻̪̣͚̞̣̲̜͉̥̣̍ͧ̆͗̈̐̓͡͡n̷̷̦̮͈̝͙̦̱̺͇̭̝̳͕̝͉̮ͤ̍̿ͫͨ͛͆ͦ͑̿̐ͮ͌̌͆̑̓̀͟ ̴̘̹͇͈͓̩͕̯̩̳̭̫͚̝͚̭̭ͬ̀ͤ͗͛̀ͪ̍ͭ̏̐̄̕͘͡ẅ̶̳̤̩̬̫̩͓̻͓̘̮̪̖̥͙̜́ͤ͋ͮ̾ͤ̾̎ͨͫ̌̚͜͝n̶̏̔̌ͭ͊ͪ̽ͤͪ̓͑̿̋̓̾͘͘͏̮̪̻̲̗͈̗̝̤͓̱̮͕͍ą̛̤̤͉͙͚̫͍̫̮̅̐̃͗͑͑͒͌͋ͥ̆̎̋̐ͬͫ̎͂̚t̶̘̣͙͓͕̮̳͈̝͉̙͔̮̲̜̙͓̝̄̔ͤͭ̿ͫ̋ͬ̓̆̇̎̔ͥ͗̃́͜ͅ ̶̧̢̬̺̳̤̥͙̰̮̥̜̰̮͓̬̣̖̾̈́ͩ̂̏ͯ̋̓̎͋͂̏͑̈́͜ͅą̠̞̖̞͓̯̱͚̖̰͙̣̞͇̟̉ͪ͌̓͆̾̅͒̽ͦͯͭ̈́̕͟͠ ̬͎̜̠̰̇̈ͣ̐̔͌̉͜͜m̯̯̣͚̼̑ͥͣ̏̾̎̾̈́̍ͬ̐ͮ͐͛ͬ͠o̡̰̳͎̘̬͗̈̆ͤ̀͠i̐̈̊̏̏͒͏̬͙̠̙͕͕͎͖̬͚̞̭̰̫͠ļ͋ͣͣ͆̄̊͜͡͝͏̣̖͖͕̥̱̠̤b̸̴̞͕̺̭͔͔͚̹͇̟͕̩͇ͤ̾̆̈́̇̀ͨ̿ͨͫ̑̒͟͞e͑͐͗͌͊҉̵̶̧̩͍̩̫͖͍̟͍̞̙͖̹̩̞͖͚͕͘ͅͅ ̢̳͚͈͉͈̲̠̗͍̩̘̭̖͚̳͔̯͕̆̌̒̀͝͡w̶̷̸̱̦̩͍͖̑̔̑͌̕e̛̩͙̬̭͂̇͐͆ͣͧ̔͂͢͢͝͝l̨̨̙̦̰͕̹͙͉̼̳̇̔̓ͦ͗̚̕͟͜ͅa̵̩͓̘̮̍̉́ͣ̿ͯ̾ͦ̊͜l͉̪̘̩̼̹̖̠̔ͮ͗ͤͦ̀͗͂̆͆ͯ̿̎͜͞͡͞ͅṭ̵̢̤͍̥̺̰̯̖̬̰̪̖̤͇̮̳̲̠̺̑͐̋ͧͦ͘͜ ̵̤͍͚̙̩͔͇͉̝͓̪̘̹̫͙͎ͪͪ̆ͫ̈̽̏̈͒̐ͥ͐͊͗͟͝ö͚̗̱̘̦͇͙̜͇͉̞̲̮̟̝̺̺̹ͤ̓̐̉̎́́͘͠ň̸̘̲̼̝̱̗͎̠̩̟͊̊͆̿̏ͦͯͫͧͥ̑̑̄̽͢ ̸̭͎̙̲̦͔̣̱̞̬̟̳͒͋ͥͦ̊͒ͤ͂ͮ̅ͯ̽ͥ͒ͤ̂̏ͣ͆͡t̵̢̛͚̣̗͍͈̥͙̯̦̥͙̞̘̘̪ͪ̍̐ͬ̑̈́̉ͤ̍͢ĭ̟̠̳͍̹͇̹͔ͮ͌̀ͨͬ̋ͤͪ̾ͧ̒̓̆ͮͥͧͦ̚͞e̪̯͚͚͔̺͗̽ͩ̄̂̆ͦ̔̏͊̂ͦ̎̇̏̋̃̀͟ḧ́̓ͪ͑̒̉̓̉̉͏́͘҉͇̹̪̯͈̱͚̝̻̟̯̰̩̖r̛̛͚̭̘͈̥͕̤̺͎̣̰̯͙͎͕̠̪̠̼̉̾̿͗ͫͧͣ̒ͨ͠ ̵̠̼̞̯̙̓̅̽͛̎͐̂̒̾ͨͦͫ̇ͤ̆͝c̸̺̹̫̪͎̻̥̩̼̙̟̗ͮ̔̿͛̉͗̔ͩ͌ͬͪ͒̚͡͞͡͠ͅl̆ͩ̀̇ͣ͋͒̓͑ͦͨͬͣͭ̚҉̴̥̤͓̰̮̺̯́ḙ͓̝̤̹͉̞͙̺̐̀̀͂̊̒ͫ͗ͤͨ͊͋́̒͑͠͡ͅl̸̞̹̗̜̬̫̘͒̆̊ͧͣ̆̚͜ ̨̰͈̫̇̔̊̾̏̎͆͆͗̃ͮͩ͆ͧ̚̕͡͡p̢̛̫̙̮͍̲̲̣͙̙̯̫͙̗̻̟̹̻ͥͨ̿̓̆ͅͅh̽͆̈́ͯͦͤ͗͋ͭ̔̇̎͐͛̽̅̕͏̡̻͖̘͙̮͓͖̙̯̱͔̱͕̜͎̘͓͝ͅǹ̸͙͕͉̣̝̙͖͙̮̯̪̝͔͔̓͌̑͐͆̃̉́͝ͅo̶̢̢̜̩̰̰͍̪̞̱͎͕͖͚ͩͪ̄̊̐̐̍͑̑͢͠è̶̛̘̹̪̩̝͙̜͎͈̖͔͇͖̥͈͎͑̒ͧͩ͒̌͗ͧͫ͌ͧ̓̉͞͝ ͌̒͋̿ͩ̾͗ͪ̅ͮ͊̈́͢͏̵̶̳̬̦͙̦̫ͅa̸̡͖̱̩̹̗͕̼̻̪̳̲̲͖̱̳͊̎̋ͬ̏̇̀̎͆͋͌̏͌͟͡ͅe̶̢͓̭̙̔͐͆̈̔̇ͬ̀͘ͅͅt͚͖̳̟̻͋̿̿̆ͫ̊͡f̢̭̭͚̺̘͇̩͒̇̽̌͑̋ͩ̿͋̒̿̀̚ṛ̹̮̬̜̭̦͔͖̙̭̙̜̼͎̻̈ͧ̽ͣ̏́̇̂̾͗ͤ̓̍ͤͪ̊̓ͪ̀́̚ ̺̪͇̰̫̬̜͖̖̪̜̖͗̆ͤ̾͢t̸̘̖̮̠͍͋͋̇͋͌̃̇ͦ̒ͤͬ͐̋̈̒ͫ̌̚͟͠h̶̡̭̪̪̥̳̩͖̳̰̮̠̠̹͚͈ͬ̂̀̒ͯ̈͗̾̉ͅi̭͍̥͔ͣ̏̎͑ͧ̋̎̐͘͝s̟͉̭̭̪̩̟ͧͨ͊͐̑́̐̌̀ͦ̌͂̀͛ͧͬ̄̒ͨ̀̕̕͢͝?̷̨̤̪̫̻͚̰̙̳͈̥̜̪͍̲̝̓͌͑ͦ̌ͬ̽ͥ̈͌͌͆̓͑̊ͭ͂ͭͮ ̸̜̪̪̹̭̠̌̓̾ͥ̍̆͒̔ͮͮ͘͢͢͞Aͦ̅̐̂̆͐͌̋͂ͯͬ҉͚̞͚̜̮́n̛̩̺͖̺̱̭̝̗̦̋̐ͩ͋͑ͦ͆̍w̸̷̡̧͚̪̼̙̲̞͓̫̾͆̈́̑̆̉̈̅̆̐͂͟ÿ̢͍͔̭̖͓́̌ͤͤ̈́̌̾̿͛̌̈́̓͆̊ͭ̓̋ͥ̕͠͠a̶̶̖̹̯̥̣͇͉̬͎̤͕̤̤̲͍͕ͪ̓̍̑̉̊̋ͬ͒͢yͧͧ̈́̈́͒̈́̽͛ͩ̇̎͑̿͒͠͏̪̝̜͚̘̮,̶ͤ̃̊̈͏̸͏̗̳̜̼̫͚͍͓͉̼͈̰̰͚͕̫̖ ̘̥͕̲͌̀̄͆̓ͩ́͊̿ͪ̒̆͌̒́̽͝͝ḡ̵̶̸̢̹̞̗̰̰͕̬̳̼͙͖̥̜̟̮͚̙̟̣͌̓ͭ̒̋͐͊ͯͧͦ̈́̀͑̏̇̚͡e̴̢̨̛̞̟͔̬̪̣̰̺̻̟͍̝͖͚ͥ̋͒̀́͝t͈̗̙̘̯̄̑̅̃̂ͧ̀ͬ͆ͧ̋̈́͢ ̧̪͓̥͍̙͓͙̪͕̱̓̌͌͂͂̑͒̆̀͜͡b̡̥̱͍̞̞̥̫̥̲̥̦̣̤͇̦̟͚̑̂ͥ͑̿̏͆ͪ̀̀̚c̶̶͕̻̪͇͖̝͉̰͖̜̱̲̱̤̟̫̩͑͂͌̑̑͌ͤ̅ͧ͗͂̂̒ͩ͌͡͡a̴̛̳͖͇̤͎̠̼̞̗̔̍͂̓̏̽̿̀͋͋̒ͅͅķ̵̧͍̝̫̓̅ͩ̈ͤ͊ͤͮ̃ͫ̎ͮ̏ͯͬ͌̀̚͟ͅ ̴̪̫̗͙͓̰̓ͯͤͤͦͯͬ̽̑̚̚͢t̢̓͒͑͊ͭ͊ͦͣ͛̃͒́̎͏̨͏͍͙̜̘͇͈̠̮̗̖̗͓̺̬̦̥͡ͅo̢̻̥̱͎̟̮̳̭͇̟̗̱̐͐͛ͭ́͡ ̸̓̔͒ͩ̒͛ͣͬ̆̎ͬͩͤ̇̉͆͏̨͖̫͈̖͍̲͖͚̜͓̱̹̺͔͡m̧̓̀͑ͦͯ͏̡̨͍̣̺̱̥̲̗̟͙̮͉͎͕̕e̠͙͇̗͚̞̮ͤͧ̌ͤͥ̈̽̽ͤ͋̐ͫ̈́ͤ͝ ͬ͊̽ͮ̈̉ͨ̈́̐ͯ̆͑̒̈́̀҉͉̞̙̭͈͔̪̟̳̬̻̞i̡̨ͬͮͣͨͯͭ̑̂̒ͬͤͦ͗͞͝҉̤͙͖̙̮̩̝̜ͅn̸̦͖̘̓ͦͣ̈͛̀͞ ̢̨͖̭̲͙̞̫̝͊͊̇̿a̵̡̡̹͈̯̙̰̳͉̳̳̪̓ͤͩ̅̐͊͐́͘ͅ ̴̼̳͕͔̮͎̯̺͊͒̿͊̽ͧ̈́̍ͅm̡͇̪̺̻̥͖̹̬̙̟̗̪̼͖ͥ̆̐ͣ̍ͩ̂ͯ̄̔̍͌̒ͦ̀́n̶̥͙̠̣̥̗̫̙̻̠̜̗͔͉̐̅ͮ̀̍͛͂ͬͫ̀͠ͅų̸̇̐ͫ̇̌͡͏̼̩̳̮̳̩͙͚̦̫͉̰̫͔̫̼t̷̤͚̮̝̝͎̞͓͉͕͔̦̓͐̔ͬ̋̈́́̎̓̅̌̚͝į͚̪͎̰̰͔̌̄̔̍͘͘͢ề̶̢͕̰͔̮̫̞̪̮̣̯͋̀͛ͣ̅̉ͮ͆͋ͪ͛̓̋ͭ͠,̹̜̦̖͔ͮͪ̈́̒̈́͒ͫ̍ͧ́͜ ̢̦̖̭̰̥͈̱̤͙̖̻̈́̈́̉̔͟I̧͗̓̽͊̋ͦ͗̕͡͡҉̰̳̟̤͚̖̭̠\̷̢̺̫̳̱͓̻̈̈́̑̎͆͒̔͂̈́͒̈͒͒’̷̢̣̥͔̬̬͓͔̘̰̞͈̝̘ͨ͛ͮ̇̒̓͒̀̈́̆̌́͋͢͡͞ͅm̢̛̛̫̬̖͉͍̞͓̪̳̤̜̳͛́͐̿̓̊́͠ ͧ̆̍ͫͬ͌̒̓̃̈̚̚͜͏̞̜̩̮͈̫ģ̮̺͕̲̝͓͕͙̙̼͙̩̯̫ͣ̆̈ͩ̅ͨͩͮ͋̉ͬ̇ͬ̾̚͟͠ͅi̠͓̗̰͙̹͚͖̬ͥ̇̃̈̈ͩ͋̂̆ͭ̉̾́̂̄̅̚̚͡͝ͅͅn̵̎̈́̓̒ͮ͡҉̹̞̺̳̗͜o̧͓̦͉͉̥͕̻̳̰̠͔̿ͬ̇͊́̇̅ͩͨͬ̂ͫ̽̽ͭ̒͡g̴̛̘̯̻̟̥͇͗̊ͭ̏ͭ͐ͤͦ͘͜͞ ̨̼̘̮̪͛̓̋̄ͫͧ̆̏̐̈͗ͮ̈́ͮ̀̕͠ͅt͐̏ͪ͗̑ͫ̽ͯͧ͌ͧ̆̈̓ͫ̈́̅͂́͏͝͏̛̱͓͎̺̠̬͈͈̬̬̯̟̥̫͈ͅơ̵̲͈̥͉͚͎͇̺̪͔̗̭̥̟̣̘̑̂͑͌́̋̎ͭ̅̅͑ ̰̱̣̱͔̜̱͈̯̮̲̳̗̪̊ͤ̈̎̓͜͠͡ģ̛̳̱̣͓̺̻̭̺̗͕̟͕͚͚͖̔̌ͦ̽͌͆ͭ͌ͣ̏̎ͯͤ̊̎̑̆ͥͅa̷̛̋̈͒̍̈́ͦ̈́̈͑̚͘҉̰̟̳̪̜͖̥̟͔͎̼̹̹̀r̴̨̙̳̫̖̦̱̞̥̭͇̥̳̹͖̠̫̥͑̀ͧ̌̽̃͘͡ḅ̵̢̤͍̤̥̻̱͍͔̣͓̲͕̟̱̥̰̦̂̃͗̄̋̊ͧ̈ͫ͘̕̕ͅ ̵̤̪̦̠͕̊̋́ͣ̆ͦ̂͂͛̆̇̓ͣ̌̿́͝m̢̧͍̤̣̳͚̺̠̜̳̾ͣͥ͋̊̎ͧ͗̈́̽rͥ̏ͨ̆ͣ͜҉̡͚̮̼̻͇̜͈͔͕̭̰̣̙̠̱͓̖̥͜͢ò͋͑ͬ͆ͫ̏̅͐҉̨̩͙̫̱̟̹͍̖̪̗̦̩͘e͂̿ͧ̀ͥ̏ͪ̈̓̊̒̈́̂͑̿̾̏̽̚҉̴̷̠̺͔̫̘̰͚̘̺̩̼̣͕̤̹͚ ̡̙͔̤̺̥̘̞̙̦̺ͨ̊̓̽͂̒̚͡c̴̜͚̥̘̩̻̮̘̥̲̘̩̗̫͙͚̯ͪͭ̂͌͑̓̂ͨͬ̊̇ͣͭ͒͆̂̎͋͘o̓̃̐͒҉̡̖͈̹̹̹͍͈̘͜͝ͅȩ̸̘̮̞̗̫̦̯̹̼͍̍͑̆́̉̈̾͟͞f̄ͭ̾͐̑́͏̞̪̞̬͈̫̦͡ḟ̵̨̠̜͇̱͔̬̱̻̝̏́̄ͤ͐̎̈́ͩ͊ͦͦ̚e̷͙̺̭̥̪̤̦͓̼ͨ̍̓̋͜͢ ͎̮̭̪̼̞̏̊ͨ̀͛ͬ̓͘͘̕b̶͈̥̰̲̠̼̯͚̟̬̥̻͓̯̬͙́ͬ̓ͤ̀́̕ͅf̴̨̎̇̌ͤ͆͆ͩ͂̀ͣ̊͏̪̲͎̙̤̠͈̘̝̠ǫ̸̢̟͖̞̠͍̦̠͍̩̙̹̤͔̬͖̔̌̂ͥ̚ͅe͗̾̏̐̕͏̸̠̬̹̙̰̜͓̫̫̺̰̯̪͚̭ͅr̴̮̞̠͈̪͎̻̠̻̤̲̗̤̟̱͉̎͊̑ͨ͝͠͠e̿̉̐̉́̌ͪ̃̈́̑̋̽̀̎͏̤͈͖̥̫̰̤̳̰̦̦̝̮͘ͅ ̵̵̨̞̤̙̥̻̭̠͍͎͛ͭ͗ͥ̋̑͠͠f͈̻̹̤̥̞̑͒͌̀́̕͘͜ͅͅnͨ̃̓̿̀҉̶̢̡͚̯̱̟̺̞͙͚̪̰̼͚̺̬ͅs̷̻̟̺̳̱̠̫͔̠̤̅̿ͯͥ̅ͣ̍̅ͮ͌̾ͬ̆́͠i̔͐͊̄̈́̈́͋̀̂́͐͊̈̓͛͑̃҉͜͝҉̻͕̮͎͕̘̫n̴̵̅ͭ̋ͬ̃̆͐ͭ҉͏̯̗̯̝͙̘̭͇̰͈̣͓͈̯ͅͅh̔̆̒̑ͫ̃ͨ̂ͧ̿̄͆͗̋ͯ́̚̕͝҉̱̰̭̳̲̼̲͚̝̥̹̥̭̻̗̰ī̛̦̼̩͈̦͉̩̪̭͗͛̒ͥ͌̿͆͛ͯ͆ͪͬ͠ị̧̧̛̦͖̲̰̩̱̱͚͈̈́ͨ͋̍̒̅͌͒̔ͭ͆͟͟g̷̷̢̡̢̩̟̰͖̱̰̘͎̥̭͖͚͇͖ͥͧ̂̈́̉ͮ͋ͭ̌̿̊̿ͦ̎ͥͅ ̛̼̮̗̻̺͈̠̺̬͙͚͓͈͓̫̹̹͂̏͆̀̚͡uͯ́̾͋͋ͬ͂̃̏̉͞͏͈͖̘̝̟͇̩̰̥͔̻̘͈̻͎͢p̵̙̻͖̳̼͙͈͚͙̼͓̮̮̲̱̠͎̥̓̓͑͂ͨͩ̅ͮ̎́̂̀͟ ̶̷̷̨͊ͭ̏͑̓͑͊͋ͭͯ̏̌̌҉͎̩͈̭̣͔̙̣̺ͅͅf̧̈̿̑͂ͩ͂͗͏̜̬̥̩̩o̸̷̧̡͔̲̭̜̼̜̹͔͚̘͔͉̳̓̀ͤͦͧ́̽̌ͨͤ͛ͬ̐͛̚̚͘r̶̾ͧ̃ͥ́̕͜҉̬̼̳̘̠͍̼̣ ̶̝͕̰̙̃̐ͩͧ̃͝ţ͎̜̙̱̯̱̳̱̟̤̓͊͌͑̀ͭ̿͛̑̄ͣ͗h̨̧̧͙͕̰̟̟͇̜͎̝̱̤͚ͫ̇͂͛ͪ͂̒ͬ͜e͐̄̈ͣ̀̌̃ͦ̾҉̠̝̰̥͈͉̫̪̼͕͕̩̳͉̘ͅ ̶͔̠̹͇̤͍̤̱̌̊̑ͬ̂̓̾̉̓̂̽ͭ̏̇̐ͩ̕͡͞dͥͪͫͪ̑͐ͥ̊ͮ̌͆͘͢͠҉̢̥̣̤͇͚̙â̪͈͍̭̙͚̭̳̖̟̊̊̑̍͂ͥ͐̑̈̔ͭ̓̾ͪ̈̀̀͟͡͠y͉̯̞̯̗̰̩͕̥̺͎͔̘̮͚̿̑͂̓ͣͬͥ̾̎̈ͭͬ̕͜͝.̸̷̣̗̣͚͉͖̗͈̲͔̰͈̳̮̞̞̎̒ͧ͛̒͒ͣ́̐͑̌̿́͟ ̢͉̺͉̞̘̭̗̖̬͇̮̲ͬ̏̍̀̈̀̚̚͡͝ͅ


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̷̸̡͉̜̰̣̪͕͙̭̜̞ͥ̍̃̑͂́͊ͩ̈́͊̈̎̏̚͘͝Ăͮͦ̇́ͣ̏̂̓ͤ́͆ͫ͊͆ͪ͟҉̨҉̩̬͕̱̲̯̞s̡̛͈̱̩̺̺̼͎͉̳̦̞̯̣̯̖͎ͫ̓̔̾͐ͭ͆̌̈́̉ͪ̾̋ͦ͌̉̚͘͝l̸̺͙̝̳͚̦͇̼̰̺͓͖͎͙ͪ͒̏̓̅̈́̽͑̒́̚̚͜͝ǒ̡̞̙̠͇͖̤̺͈͛͗͋̍ͣͭ͋͐̽ͧ͒ͩ̓͟,̸̤̜̦̪̫̠̳͊͊̊ͮ̇ͣͤͣͭ́̌̊̆̾͜͡ͅ ̸̷̸̷̖͖̳̦̝͎̙̞̩̣̤͔͓̩̆̅ͨ̑̐͛ͯ̍͂̈́̔ͅͅi̡̪͍͙̲̳̬͙̥̝̘̰͙͒͛ͪ̓ͦ̋ͬͪ͊̌̃͐͐̾͢ͅf̴̡̝̩͍͚̗͖̗̓́ͫ̿ͪͤ͑̈̄̈́ͯͨ̈͂͂̅̎ͪ͊͘͠ ̡̛̗͍̫̗̹̰̼̥̞̬̫̟̹̻̞̅͋ͣ̂͛̄͛̈̽̃̉̂̄̅̒ͪ̑͜y̶̷̯̝̹͉̠͔̟̘̱̲̯̮̯̫̰̠̺͑̏̆ͥͦ͌͋̂͊̊̆̆̌͌́ͥ͑̚͟͞o̧̮̤̫̙͙̻̦̠ͬͤ͑ͮͨͣ͛͛͒̿̃̚͡ǔ̧ͭ̒̆͒͂̊̓ͨ̃ͫ͌͜͏̜̯͖͉͍̦̩̦̻̜͎̲̦̞͙ͅ ̫͎̜̲̦̲̱̏͋̅̄́͝͞t͆͋̐̾͐̅ͨ͌̀ͫ́̀͡͠͏̰͇͙̱̫̤͖o̦͓̞̲͕͓̻̾ͫ̔ͥ̈ͥ̔̕͠ǫ̟̦͖̦̻̠̤̻͙͍̭̰͉̙̩͓ͬ̾̈̅̄̾ͥͤͨ̈̾̀̽̕͝ͅk̯͚̫͍͕̬͕͎̣͔̭̝̊ͤ̃̍̋͑̔͌̿̅ͫͨͫ͆͂́ͣ̂̃̀͞ ̷̢̛̤͙͙͖̽ͯ͗́ͪ̔͆͑̆̍̅̂ͪͬ͑͌̂ͯt̵̷̴̷̟̘͕̲̲̹̺̞̱̲̜̻͔̩͍͗̀̑̉ͫ́̚ȟ̛͌̔̍̉̅ͯͪͣ̎̈́ͯ͒̂҉̡̯̭͎̹͔̖͕͈ͅͅę̷͓̫̦̻̫̣͕͊̌ͨ̃̎́͘͜͠ͅ ̶́̈́ͧͣ̇͐̅ͭ͌͗ͧ҉̜͓̱͙͕̙̫̦͍ẗͨ͐ͪͮ̎͂ͨ͛̈́ͮ̔ͦ̎̊̒̇͒͜҉̠͈̱̙̹͙͟m̵̧̘̣̲̯ͣ̎̿̆̈ͣ̓̀̏͝i̵̸̛̲̩̖̬͗̄̒ͫ͐́ė̔̊̂ͫ̎ͪͣ̇͟҉͈̻͖̳͘ ̓͌̀̆҉̵̡̯̺̙͔͙̰͚̦̝̟̹̣͍̀͝t̂͋͛̑ͣͫ̉̈̈́ͫ͆̌͟͏̷̧̼̝̥͖͎̪͔̰̮͚͖͞o̝̘̜͔̫̦͚̭̜̹͉͍̍͂͋͌ͤ̌̓ͩ̌̾́̊̔ͮ́͞ ̴̨̛̯̱̹̇̅̎̿̔̔͗̌͆͒̂̓̂̃ͭ͞ͅa̴̖̩̣͎̟͕̗̺̩͓̰ͫͦͦ̈̍́̑̀ͨ̊ͭ̆̊̌͘t̋̍͌ͪ̄͂̐̈́͗̇͆̍͑̑̆͏̨̣͉͚̜͕̼̘̭c̸ͧ̌ͭ̏ͪ́҉͖̻̫̲͓͎͓͖͓͘ͅl̴̷̬̖͓̤̦̘̼̳ͭ̊̅̇͗ͪ́̓͒ͮ͌̎̐ͦͭ̉͌ͮ̽́a̡̫͎̭͈̭̺̳̮͍̮̤̪̱̟̘̳̿͂̆̈́̈̈́̆̿̆͛ͦ͊͠ͅu̍ͫ͗ͫ̈́͑͑͋ͣ̊͋ͨ̂҉̝̝̹̗̱͓̱̠̣̰̹͜ͅl̸̈́̈ͫ̽̂̚҉͓̤̩̘̮̪y̴̢̧̱͓̩͍̫̰͈͚͉͋̑̾ͤ̑͑̔͂̉̒ͬ̒͊̓ͭ́ͅ ͕̳̻͈̣͉̞͉̝̙͎̳̟̪͂͋ͤ̆̈́̐̌͑́ͅͅu̸̷̩̺̣͎̥͈̞͕̻̝͔̩̪̠̭̭̼͕̅̈́́ͤͨ̐ͯͬ̓͐ͥ̿̌͜l̋̎̔̉̌͆̍̈́͒̒̂͆ͮ͋̒ͦ̽҉҉̬̺̤͉͇̝̰̳͍̥̼͉̦̺̪ṁ̛ͨ̍ͨͧͯͣ̿̋͞͏͖̠͕͚̝̱̮̦̜͉̙̥̮̤̖r̡̃ͤ̂̓ͣ̀͒ͤ͐͆̂͛̅̐̐͑̚͟҉̥͕͈̩͎̰̗̝̲͎̟̰͓̙̠̮̺̹b̴̧ͤͥͭ͛̇͒̃̅̌͒҉̸͙̝͔͇̜̗̺̼͈̬̜͙̲̠̀ͅą̵̵̖̼̻͉͈̭̗͕͚͎͍̻͖͛ͨ͆̉ͤ̕͢ͅn̶̝̹̙̘͍͈̠̼͈̼̗̟͚̉͂̈́ͧ͊̅̒̒̋̆̒ͬ̀͑̅ͬ͝s̵̴̍̈́ͥͫ͐̈̄̒҉̦͚̲̜͚̲̯͓͇̝̗̩̩̠̘̰ͅͅc̸̵̉͑͂ͩͧ̍̓ͨͯ͏͔̟̘͍̳͖͕ě̷̻̗͚̪̳͕̥͚͔̦̠̈́̋̃͂̈͟͞ ͭ͑̂̓ͮ͋҉̸̡̧̨͕͉͎͖͚̼̟͉ä̎̒͒ͪͭͭ̂̈ͫ͗͋̑ͪ͏̸̞̪͍͚͔̘̪͓̟͚̣̮͍̞̯̺͠͠͞ḻ̶̝͔͙͈̗̭̞̪̖͇͉̝̫̹͋̈̒̾ͩ͐̇̽̎͋̚͟ͅl̵̷̢̩̙͎͙͕͇̟͙͋̽̾̿͗ͮ͊̿̿ͣ̓̑̃ ̢̦͔̞̯̱̞͔̠̤̱͖͙̪̭̌̆͒ͥ̕ͅỡ̯̗̝̞̘̙̯͉̫̯̲̪̽ͥ̂͒̒̆̂̾̎̓͜f̶̂̅ͯ̀̀ͤ́ͨͫ̏͛ͣͨ̾҉҉̣̙̜͔͓̞̹̗̼͚̠̞̼̮̝̜ͅ ̧ͫͨ̑ͬ̄̓̿ͫ̎̈́̆́̄҉̢͡҉̫̤̼̖̞̘̘͙̥͇͉̗̪t̸̩̲̦̯̺̻̯͈̼͈ͩͯ̐̈́ͦ̊ͩͣ̾̎̚͘͘͟͠h̽̓͑̐̃͋͑̚͏̧͓͉̝̦͈̱̰̜̜̝̰̜̦͍̹͔̦̭̳i̶̶͚̭͓̻̹̫ͭ͊̍͆̉ͪ̿̕͡s̛̩̝̯͉̲̤̣̼̙͉ͪͧ̑̈͑̅ͩ̋ͥͩͦ͡ ͂̂̈́ͧ̓ͩͩ͋͏͈̲̩̫̪̥̭̪̩̬̖̙̤̘͙͖̞̪̀͝͡͞t̷͌͑͆̇͒̃̀̕͢҉̭̺͉̻̘͙̦̬͎̘̭x̂͐̃̾͆̒ͫ͂ͣͣ͒̒͗̍ͩͭ̋҉̞̫̟̖͙̟͈̫͟e̢̛͖̹͈͓̘̟̐͂̅̽ͤ͂ͬ̄̅̐͛̓̇̐͆t̐̊̋ͩ̂ͧͨ̽ͫͮ͊͐͊̽͑̚͢҉̘̭͔͓͍̘̥̮͚̪̗̞̪̫͍̥͕ͅ,̵͋̃͂ͯ̀̿̐̌̄̌̃̈̓̇̈́҉͍̞̺̖̠̠̪̙̙ ̩̙̙͉̝͖̠̻̳͔̰̪͔̠̩̠̘̣̏̎̓ͤ̈́ͩ̒͢͝͠y̶̵͆̎͊̄ͬ͗ͧ̑̕͝҉̬̤͈̺̳ͅo͕͍̳̭̟̹̞̺͎̭͚̞̣̜͔̺̹̮̐̔̉̐̑̈̏ͤ̾̈́ͤ̀͡u̷̡̡͍̟̤̗̦̝̱̰̬̜͖͎͍̐ͫ̎ͩͦͣ͊̇̎ͮ͆͌́̈́ͬ̄͢ ͕͍͉͖̟̩̝̬͇͎̄ͮͩͣ̾̌̌͟r͚̗̮͕̳̣͕ͨ͐͗͑͑̅́͂̉͐͐̄̍̊̆̍̿͂̀͝e̴̡̨̘͔̪̬̱͍͉̬͓͓̺̪͎̞̾̆ͬͯͯͬ̇̚͞ͅl̡̡̟̖̭͓͍̲̝͓̪̰̮̭͙͚̲̖͚͎͗̎̊̎ͭ̋̽̒͑̄̀͟͜a̽̌͌̉̅̃͞҉̵̗̙̜͚̲͖̩͟lͩͣͨͥ͊̽͑ͩ͑̾ͤ͋ͭͫͩ͂ͩ͏̷͇͍͈̮̗̖̞̞͕̳̙̠̭̫̰͉͕͘ͅỹ̧̲͚̖͍͍͍̰͕̭̫͖̦̱̝̫͖̬̃̍͌͗̿ͭ̈̎̽͛́͡ͅ ̀ͩͤ͌̇̄ͦͪ͐͒͜҉̧̱͍̲̖͚̺͇̖̠͔̪͖̲͡hͫͤ̓ͦͮ͏͔̟̥̝̲̠̲̲̪̤̥̭̺̰̬͕̺̟͉v̡̟͎͉̦̻͚̪̣̼̣͕̩͙̙̱ͯ̃̍̈́̓̄ͣ́͘a̦̭͓̜̬̗͍̫̪̰̬̭̙̜͋̔ͩ̍͆ͧ̈̃́̿ͥ̽̆̃̆ͭ͑ͪͦ͢͢͞e͔̟͍̤̱̠̣̥͙̹͉̪̰̻̅ͥ̈̿̐̾̿͗̅͆̚͜͠͠ ̭̮̱̪̩̗̪̪̓͑̿ͣͯ̎ͪ͛͗̍ͨ͂̿̓̄͘͠a̷̞̱̖̪̲̤̘̰͍̖͈̥̜͎͇̺ͣ̋̈̆͘͡͠͡ ̷̡̛̻͈̭̅̒̎̏͒̍̋̄̔̓ͨͥ̉̓ͧ͜͡ļ̳̼͈̙̼̾͆̌ͥ́ͣ̏̌ͩ͊̍̽ͭ̂̾ͨ̊͌ͥ͠öͫ̏͑̏ͨ̎ͬ̒ͥ͋ͨͥͬ҉̡̤̲̺̳̱̟̩̰̥̻͠ț̟̟͓͈̠̭͎̝͉͓̟̝̳͂͒̆̄ͪ́ͬͧ̏̒͛̓ͥ̐ͫͬ͆͜͝͠ ̧̨̛̥͇̬͙̝̀ͤͩ̓̇̐͑̾ͦ͊͂͒͟͢o̷̢̢̯͕̲̝͓̣̫̻̦ͬͨͭͦͥ͛͌͐ͭ̋͐̄̋ͨ̇ͤ͊̚̚͟͝f̡̛̛͓̹̞̙̰̯̺̭̘̱̜͚̣͇̠̳̩̩͊̽͗̽̌̀ͨ̒ͬ̿̌ͤ͆ ̵̷̛̜͙̱͔͉̱̗̣̪̟ͤ́̇̈ͣͥ̾̐͋̆ͅͅt̃̂͋͐̅̃̀̌͘҉̷̧̹̹̣̰̖̠̜̮͍̼͇͕̤m̨̛͚͇̹͖̗̦̦̙̒ͮͮͤ̍͑́̉̊̓̑̋̚̚ï̧̳̠̬̟͍͎͕̞͓͔ͯ̆̅̏̃̍̑̾̏͊ͨ͘͘͘͞ě̶̠̺̥̤̖͇̲̩̏͒͗̒̍̈́́ ̨͉̘̥̮͍̼̱̹̰̗̹̯͚̪̰̯̆̑͌ͬ́͟͡ǫ̴̢͉̭̯̙̝͈̺̠̬̓͋ͦ̂̾͆̀ͨ̾͠ͅñ̶̮̬̣̤͊̐̄ͦ̆ͭ́ͧ̅̌̕͝ͅ ̩̥̤͖̳̭̰͇̟̺̹̦̘̟ͯ̃̒̚͟y̷̧̗͙̝̤͓̠̹̜̣͍͕͓ͨͣ̈́̿ͬͨ͋́̇͊͛̃͆ͥ͆̔͜͟ư͔͖̤̰̥̰̪͉͎̑̎ͣ̒̒̓ͣ̐͜o̧̡̠̜̜͓̖̩͚͎̤̪̞̎͋ͩ̎ͬ̈́̄ͣͤ͌̅ͪ̎́͟ͅr̴͙͈̝̤̼̻̭̣͚̣͕̺̯̩̂̆̍̔ͫ̀ ̶̧̨̜̭̦̤̫̏ͫ͑̏ͪ͋̚͢͝h̸̸̪̘͍̲͖̳̘̦͕̘̳̦̄ͦ̒͆̅̑ͫ͋̽̇̉ͪ̒̚͘͜ͅṋ̶̶̬͎̮͙̙̳̣̤ͫ̇̈ͫ̄̅ͫ́͠ͅa̤̘̫̠̝̠̙̰̳̙͉͇͕̮ͦ̌̐̒̈́̀̂ͯ̒͘͝d̢ͤ̾͋͂͋̚͘͜͠͏̖͕͉̩̳̭̫̻̪̩̺̟̱͇̺̱̘s̨̮͖̱̠̣̺͌̌ͤ̋̎̃̊ͥ̏ͬͧ͜,͋̄̅ͪ̓̄ͩͬ̀͡҉̷̻͓͙͚̖̭͇̭͖̖͕͓͠ ̧̛͈͉̫̯̻͍̹͇̖̺͓̮̠̣̰̳̦̙ͪ̓̊̆̄ͧ̕͘͟dͮͭ̔͛͒̓҉̛̛̖̱̮̞͙̼̺̱͇́͞ͅoͮ̌̌̽́̌̄ͧ̈́ͩ̊̏̽ͫ̓͛̓̃҉̴̢̳̫̜̪̪͇̖͈͉́͠ͅn͇̤̮̣̹͙͓̠͙̹̟̭̙͕̗̦͚̦ͫͮ͑͐ͦͮ̈́͗̐͛̌͘͟\̵̻̬̘̼̠̲͙̥͙͚̦̤̤̲̺̭͙ͥ̽̑̉̇͘’͔̯̻͎̘̻͈̩͕̱̗̠̯̊͐̐̿̈́̿͗̈́̃̄͘͢͢ͅt̡̤̘̞̞̺͉̯͇̦͍̯͋̍̓̈̔́̈́̅͌͐ͭͮ̒̀̈́͝ͅ ͬ͆̇ͬͦ̂͂̏҉̻̤̜͎͙͓͙̤͉̣̣͔́́͠ͅͅy̶̵̵̧̳̲̭̤͚̣͕͇͎̬̥͎̼̥̑̄ͬͧ́ͫo͈̬̣̼̬̞̒̃̓ͫͤͨ̋ͯ̄͂͢͡ͅų̧̟̣̟̮̺̖͙͚̞͔̹͈̜̯ͮͣ̎̈́̈͒͛̉ͩ̓̿̂̊̂͆ͩ?͙͎̰̟̉̍̍ͧ͢͞ ̵̷̛̹̥̠̯͙͔̠ͤ̑ͨͯ̿͛̒ͤͣ͗ͥͪ͒̍̑̓ͩͬ͞ͅN̷̺͈͚͔͙̳̠̜̤͍̝͔̟̮̼̮ͮͪ̋ͣͫ̈́ͧ͗͑̊͊ͧ̈̓͐̚͟x̭̖̱̻̻́̒̽͒̑̍͑ͯͤ͊̾͂͛̕͠ḛ̶̝̜̣̞̜̲̘̉ͫͧ́́͘͞tͫ͛̑ͩ̅͏̣̫̬̝̣̥͇̜̪͖̪̳͕͇̮͖̕͜͞ͅ ̨̢̧ͣ͒́ͫ̊̀́̋̏͗̎ͧ̑ͩ͑͡҉̠̙̻̳̗̭̫̭͇̝̖̰̟̲̬͔̩y̵̛͚̘͈̦̠͚̠̪̖͉̱̠̱̪̟̓͂ͮͧͦ͗̌͊̉̈́͌̄̓̇̕ͅo̵̬̯͙̳̥͚͌ͫ̿̋̓̈͂̀͐̒͆͌ͣͮ̌ͫͅu̩͖͙̻͈̻̲̪̣̯̻̝̫̠͓̳͍͕͈̽̍̊ͩͭ̌̋̌̎̆̉ͫͫ͛̐̈ͦ͒́\̡̛̗̻̞͍̪̰̮̭̳ͭ̓͂̄ͨ͛͆̽͒̈͌̄̈́̒̄͑̀͜’͙͖͍̮̖̱̞͔̼͕̲͐̓̎̃ͨ̌́͘ͅl̠̬͍͙̝͕̦̲̓̒͂͋ͦ̒ͯ̑͛ͥͦͨͣͩ͌ͣͦ̀̚͘͜͡l̢̡̧̙͔̜͙͚̥̜̞̻͖̬̤͖͚̞ͤ̀͑̓͡ͅ ̴̙̥̻͖͈̭̠͉͔̼̭͙̂̍̓́bͤ̍̓ͦ͊̋ͧͣ̐̈̚̕҉̲̻̭͕̝̞̝̟̥̝̫̰̥̮̥ͅeͯ̅͋ͣ͌ͣͭ̃͗ͨ͋̐̽͏̸̸͈͕̻͖̼̜̺̺͙̞̙̩̟̻̥͓̳͖͟ ̷͎̞̥̙̭͚̫̘̟̮̫͚̝̩̉ͫ͌͗ͭ͗ͯ͂͑̽͊ͯ̊ͯͭ͠ͅͅf̳͙̬̼͈̠̻͔̐̌͆̆̉̊̀̌̏ͥ͒̈̽̃͂̃ͭ̀͟n̷̨͈̰͇͖̳̪̗̺͚̖͚͔̳̤̭̈̉̾̓͌͐ͨ͒̓̀͆͊͊͆ͪ͒̎̃́̚͝ͅǐ̪̖̟̝̩͓̆͛̈́̐̄ͫ̎̄̄̎̃̃͞ḓ̛̻̤̭̒̀ͣͤͮ̍̉̑̔͌̓̿͛̃̔ͮ͆ͩ͡i̧̢͚͈̰̜̼̘̘͊̎̊̆̂͌͌̈́̑̔ͥn̨̋̊͒̿ͫͥ͋͏͔̣͇͎͚̩̜͎̖͖̜̰̺̣̣̬̯̣ͅg̈̉͋̽͑̔̈́͂̃̅ͬ̐ͣ̿ͨ͘҉̺̭͇͉̺ ̴̷̮̮̟̼̺͕̳͓̤̰̼̪͚͚̪͍̟̙͎̋͊͋̍̔͊ͪ̔͆ͪ͐ͤͧ̀̕͜a̍͂̄̂ͣͫ̉̐͂̑҉̛͉̬͚̰̞̼̲͙̻ ̨̫̻̙͖̤͈͎̱̤̣̮̳̻̮̲̦͎̰̇̍́̓̀͆͆̿ͫ̑̚͘͜ͅw̵̡̛͎̯̘̯̜̯̪͕̮͕͉̥̪̪̻ͧ̓̈͊̊͐̍ͨ̄ͪ̽̐̌̒͌͘͟ǎͬ̋ͪ́ͪ͛̚҉̢̜̙̰̣͎̖̲̹̗̗̼͔̗͔͝y̸̶̧̧̮͍͚̩̩̜̝͖̭̖͎͋͐ͮ̅̓ͧ̂̈͡ͅ ͨ̎̆̇͌ͥͮ͂̑̓ͦͪ̐͐͒ͤͦ͛͏̯̩̱̞͎̼͕̤̯͟ͅṱ̻͕̦̲̼̥̜̭̥͎̣͉̘͖̔̽̉ͮ̊͌̕͟ͅͅo̵̭̰̰̟̗̯̟̙͚̥̰͕̎̃́̉ͧ̚͡͡ ̨̒̋̅͆ͬ̈͆͞҉͎̭͙̱͖̠̦͉̰͍͉͕c̴͕͇̗̳͖͉̫̹͉͈͇̜͇̔̋ͣ̓̓̽̓ͦ͜͢͠ͅȧ̽̽ͪͦ͗͐̋ͥͬ͆͗͆̊ͮ͏͏̟̬̱̲̱̼̳͓̬̮͠r̨͉̯̼̰̮̯͉̣͇̒͆͋̊̎ͪ̒͛́̌̽͊͋̈͗͗͘͟͟c̀͗̎͆̋ͯ͋҉҉͈̘͚̰̯̖̲̼̲̝̖̹̗̰̱̰͍k̷̨̮̦̥̥͚̭ͥͬͣ̎̔̒̇ͯ̉ͨ ̸̰̱̹͈̱̹́͒̌͋͛͡͡t̝̦̝̰͈͉̗̳̲̪̰̺͇̙͔̜͊͐̒̌ͨ̋̈ͨ̆͆̍͡͡ͅͅh̡̲̼̰̖͔̙͉͕̎̆͛ͥ̽̕͜͢e̶̹̗̼͔̼̥̘̰̮̞̭̜̯͇̪̫͎͉ͯ̈́͐̄ͮ́͋ͯ͌̍̉͛̏͌̊̓͆̂͢͡ ̌͊ͮͣ̓̿ͥ͡҉̷̦̯̯̱͈̫̞̰̖̙Sͦͭ̾̋̓̐ͮ͑҉̡̛̹̭̳͈̜̰̱̠̦͓̱̪̜̺̹̝̺ͅͅH̤̺̲͓̯̹̫̺͎͉̠̗̍ͭ̀͑̎̋̚͜͜͠ͅÄ̧͑ͥ͑̐̏̓͛̓ͩ̏̿̏͗ͥ̏҉̴̵͉̟̼̫̼̦̞̻̱-͓̙͕̥̱̟̤̳͈ͩ̌̓̄ͤ̉̍ͦ̍̽́̚̕2̵̡̛̿̉̅̅͏͓̤̮̻̮͈̮̩̳̥̠͚̥̟5̡̡ͣ̉ͥ̓͋̊ͣͨͦ͞͏̳̳̙̬̻̮͉̲̞͕̗̙̹̼̭͉͍6̸̈́̽̇̅̐̈́̿͊ͨͬ͗ͭͫ͏̢̩̬̱̬͡ ̢̭̪̦̹̘͚̦̰̝̺͔̘͈̮̙̀̅ͭ̔̏̑ͣ͛̓͂͂ͦ͑̀̚̚͡a̛̪̘͖̼̻͔̤̭̳̜̬̱̫̜̹͙̯̍̌ͥ̃͂̽̑ͥ̌͘͠͝ḩ̴̸̢̳͎͚̰̊ͧ̍ͩ̂̌ͦ͛͂ͨ̂̄̀ͤ̓͌̚ř̢͔̲̗͉̖̭̟̦̩̓͂ͤ̒̔̓̈̑͐̓̾͛́͝ģ͚̩̺̖̭̞̝͓̟̙̰̝͉̙͈̳̘̠͆̒͂ͦͭ̈́ͨ̌̌ͣ̏́̄̀͜ǫ̡̨̻͚͔̪̤̖͙̪̲̹̏ͣ̌͗̾̾̄̐͌̇͞l̷̛͕͕̬͖̙̲͚͈̜͎͈̞̼͎̤͎̐͊͗͛̈̑̐ͥ̍̋̄ͯͮ̈́̋ͤ͂̀̚ȋ̧͚͍͓̪͖̗͓̱͖͙̪̦̤͗ͮ̔̎ͧ͂̂̍ͬ͒̆͘t̴̡̘̘̤̘̮̲̻̩͚͕̬̹͔͚͛ͥͯ̉̌̈͒ͣ̃̒ͯͬͬͦ͌̿ͣm̡̨̬͓̦͎̤̪̰̍͋̽̈̏̀ͯͤ͘͡͝ͅ ͒̋ͫ͆ͭͪ͂̓͘͜҉̸̨̱̥̝̤͇̗̖̺̥̻̦̬̼ͅw̨̉̋̽̐͋̽̀͏̮̱͔͈͖͇̳̪̫͍̺͞͠ͅt͌ͤ̑̄̓̒̍ͧ̐͂ͮͧ̾ͥ͂҉͍̹͚͖͕͉̯̳͚͕͍̳̦̻̞̼ȉ̶͗̃ͥ͗̽̏͐͞͝҉͚̜͈̤̜̰͓̺ḥ̨̢͎̲͓̦͇̺̜̻̩̩̦̘͔͇͍̘̰̔̋ͤͭ̄̐ͧ̅ͯ̂ͨ͗̽̊ͦ͗͆͟͝͡ ̵ͩͣͬ̾ͬ͢҉̘̬͙̩̼͇͉͙̤͍̯̬̬̤̻ͅq̴̡̘̦͔̣̱͙̦͇̦͙͚͖͔̏ͧ̇͆ͨ̒ͤ͊ͦͤ͆ͬͅͅư̠̟̠͖̹͓̭̝͎̟̜̣̥̻͆̂ͤ̎͊͑ͮͭͩ͛̚͜͟͡n̈ͬͭ̿̏͆̒͌͋̍͒͒̇̇͢͏̴̮͉̞̜̲͓̬̱͔̤̫̪̞͈ä̸́ͥ̀̉̌̾͋ͨͦ̅ͦ͗͂ͧ̒ͪ͊͂͠҉̤̥̖͉̲̰̲ţ̵̸̠̰̫̻̝̞̪̰͙̠͕̉ͫ̽͛͌ͬ̐̇̓̄͛̎̓ͦ͊͌̑́̚͢͠ͅuͮ̿̆ͮ͊ͫͮ̾҉̶́҉͖̯͎̹̤̥̘̩͎͚ͅm̢̢͙̥̞̹̝ͪ͋̇ͫ̿́͠͠ ̸̘̻̦͎͍͍̙͈̗̥̺̳̳̯̺͓ͮ͛́̍͋ͯ̓̉͆̾ͨ̓͟ͅc͋̃ͣ͗ͦͨ͌͗ͫ̈ͧ͌ͩ̔ͦͫ̿͞͏̤͇̟̳̼̖̺͔͡n̸͕̮͉͖̫̺̮ͧ͆͗ͬͥ͆͂̊̈͌͑̃͋͆͢p̷̢̛͉̻̹̦̖͈̬̰͓̳͈͕̂ͤ̇ͭͯ̊̊ͪ͛ͫͥ̍̄ͦ̔̅͢͠iͭ̀ͣ͆̆̋̄ͬ̌̓͋҉̴̵̤̤̠̬̼̼̬̼̱̬̖̦͓͍̻̀m̶̢̻͖̭͇͔̖̭̹̣̻͂̅ͣͭ͟ų̌̈͗̓̅ͭ̾̀̃̏ͪ͛̎̒ͤ̃̚̚҉̱̖̳͚̞͙ö̴̟͓̼͎̺̯͈̬́̄̿̿ͥ̓̂̀ͮͥ̕t̸̢͔͈͕̗͙̫̱̝̦̗̤̪̝̞̝͋̽̄ͨͣ̄̐̑ͣ̌ͥ̑ͤͧ͛͗͛̋͟g͌͂͋̈̓̉̌̾͑ͤ̐̓͋͒ͫ̚͏̸̨͘҉͎̳̱̞̣̣̹̞̪͔̝̩̜̝͖̮̣.̶̨̙̝̗̥̳̖́̾́ͭ̀͛͢͜ ̵̶̨̱̼̮̥͍̪̦̺̳̗̦ͥͬ̎͗ͦ̾̏̇̅̎ͮ̃̾̅͗̉̅͜G̸̵̛̠̭̼̝̗͎̝͚ͦͩ̎ͣ͒̏͂͗̃͝ò̎ͧ̓͏҉͠҉̷̺͎̮͕̺͈͙̹̟e̢̹̙͍̭̤̣͇̹̤̝̝̟͛̔̅ͫ̾͊̽ͮͧ͛̓͐̓̔́͠͡s̡̝̞̤͓͍͔̬̻͔̫͈̲̫̰̃̈ͥͦ̒ͮͯ̊̏̑̾ͬ́͢͠p̡̲͎̠̙̬̫̯͓͖̙͖̰͍̞̽ͤ̈ͬ͠ͅd̡̤̤̥̜͓ͫ̿̊̔ͫ͊̓̏͌̉̔͋͋̋͋̄͞͞͡ę̵̨̓͐̑̓̽̏͆ͯ҉̮̝̹͎͟d̷̶͉̭͎̰͙̗̳̮̱͇͓̯ͨ͑̇̿̊ͧ͋̍ͥ̾ͣ́̕͡ ̸̶̶͍͉̝̹̙͎̱̲͖͚̹̤͍ͥͤ̊͛͐̈́̾̈́͒ͦ͆ͤ̾ͥͥ̾͂̋̕͘ţ̠̤̼̻̽̄̈̍̒ͮ̎͌̊ͤ̾ͬ͋̉͊̾͆ͤ́ŏ̶̶̪̱͉̺͖̤̗̜́͒͌̊ͤ̐͂̏̒̍͜͝ ̴̛ͦ̿ͬ̿̽̏ͪ͊͐͂̓ͭ͠͠͏̖̖͉͇̘̙͕̫̩͎̞͓͎̮̳̬̗y̡̨̞̲͇̭͕̯̙̬͉̟̞̜̫̪̙͉͓̳̜ͩ̌ͪ͊ͨ̃͆ͨ̆͛ͨ́͂ͦ͂̾̎̎ͩ̕ơ͚̜̖̤͙̩̗̼͉̲̻̗̦͈̲̭͚̓͑̾̇̑̏̉͛̋̉͐̃ͩͥ̋̓͢͠͞ų̩̤͈̱̫͆̄ͦ̒ͥ̾̊ͧ̈ͧ͑̐ͥ͒͗͂͞.̵̞̘̖͖͇̰̥̮̘͕̓̒̊ͩͦ̈̏̐ͬ́͊̌ͮ̎̾͘͜͠ͅ


We are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are snappy to rebounce and we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that we are happy to announce that ALLAN PLEASE ADD CONCLUSION

THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE. We hope that you found as much humor in this article as we did. You will find our real article posted at its normal time today.


The Lethean Team


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Good day to you, Lethean family!

We hope you enjoyed our little April fool’s article that was posted a few minutes before this one. With that being said, we are very excited for this update, as it is the first real one since the launch of our full VPN client for Windows, which occurred on March 29. With that being said, we also have some other very exciting news to share with you outside of the Windows VPN release.

Development Corner

Windows VPN Launch

As of March 29, we have released the alpha version of the full VPN client for Windows. We could not be more proud of our development team, and we are thankful for all of the hard work that went into this release. We are very pleased with the initial results of the open alpha test for Windows. However, that does not mean that we will stop working; we will diligently continue development until we have a polished product. While we work on polishing the Windows VPN, we will be working on creating a full VPN for both Linux and MacOS. You can read our latest article about the full Windows VPN launch here.

Moving forward, we are setting our sights on making it easier for users to obtain and update the Lethean wallet. To do this, we will be working on adding the Lethean VPN wallet to the Windows store and the iTunes store for MacOS. This will significantly decrease the amount of time that it takes to update the end user’s wallet, and have it function properly without needing to manually download another wallet when an update is made.

We are fully aware that a mobile wallet and a mobile VPN solution is of interest to our community. As such, we are also going to be looking at mobile implementation after we have finalized the full VPN client for Linux and MacOS. We currently have our target for mobile implementation set for the third quarter of this year. We will update you as we have future developments relating to mobile wallets and mobile VPN solutions.

Release Manager Opening

We are currently searching for a release manager to work with us. For more details regarding the position and to apply, visit lethean.io/jobs.


We have a lot to cover in the marketing department today.

Branded Content Marketing Campaign

We will be starting a branded content marketing campaign in early April. We will keep the community posted as our plan develops further.

Website update

We are in the process of fully finalizing our new website. It is nearly completed, and we will be releasing it around mid April. We are very excited for our community to see the results and giving Lethean a fresh & new online presence. Below is a small sneak peak.


Lethean in the news

Recently, Casey had the opportunity to sit down with a writer discussing the pornography ban in the United Kingdom, as well as discuss the use cases for Lethean. You can read the article here.

Honeypod partnership recap

As of 3/18, we announced our partnership with Honeypod. Honeypod is a hardware manufacturing company located in Delaware, USA. Their same-named ‘Honeypod’ is a small portable hardware device that helps you to browse the internet more securely. The Honeypod device was designed to stop trackers, ads, and block unwanted third party communications before they ever reach your computer. Our partnership with Honeypod means that Lethean’s exit node services will be integrated in all HoneyPod devices. In short: this will be the first hardware to be distributed with integrated Lethean exit node technology.

To read more particular details regarding the Lethean/Honeypod partnership, you can visit this link.

Exchange listings



Lethean was recently listed on Txbit!

Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands, and is a cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability, and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. Txbit are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.



OffshoreX.exchange is an exchange that is currently under development, so you will not be able to trade Lethean at this time. However, it was brought to our attention that OffshoreX.Exchange will be adding us. You can see the tweet verifying this information here.

Other Exchange News

In other news, we are currently in the process of reviewing our options to obtain a legal opinion that our cryptocurrency is not a security. We have been discussing this prospect with legal teams inside the United States and in Malta. You may be wondering why these places are our targets for a legal opinion. The answer is we have noticed a trend of top tier exchanges that are looking for legal opinions from these locations. Once we have a legal opinion from one of these locations, we will be in a better spot to submit an application.

Reddit AMA and Open Q&A in our Discord

In early to mid April, we will be available for a number of community engagement opportunities. We would like to invite the community to an open discord discussion with us on Friday, April 12 at 17:00 UTC. If you do not have the opportunity to join our Discord meeting, we will have an open AMA available to you on April 26. We will be live answering your questions starting at 10:00 AM UTC. We hope that you join us in either of these meetings or both if possible. We will make sure to update our community a few days ahead of time in our Discord and on our social channels.


Lethean has gathered strong momentum on Twitter over the last three weeks, receiving more than 2,500 profile visits. This marks an increase of more than 1,500% compared to the previous month. By being very supportive and engaging other Twitter users, our community had a huge impact on our visitor numbers as well. We would therefore like to thank everyone who participated in spreading Lethean’s name across Twitter for the hard work they did during their promotion efforts.

And, as always, you can keep up to date with Lethean via any of the social networks below.

Telegram (community)
Telegram (announcements)


Windows VPN Release and Marketing Updates was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Unlucky Article 13


Now more than ever, privacy tools are very important for the average person to use. New laws and regulations are being pushed and passed with only the slightest acknowledgment of any opposition, and these laws aim to reduce individuals’ personal freedom in favor of potential corporate profits. The foremost in the long line of freedom-restricting regulations is Article 13.

What is Article 13?

In simple terms, Article 13 is a set of rules established by the European Union that controls who is responsible for what content appears on a given Internet site with user-posted copyrighted content. Any copyrighted content must have explicit license to be posted on the Internet, or at least have a serious effort put into obtaining a license; otherwise the content is liable to be taken down. Article 13 does shift the blame for unauthorized copyrighted content posting to website owners instead of the users, purportedly making things safer for the users in Europe and more equitable for the copyright holder. It is not yet a globally enforced set of regulations, but most likely as countries begin to adopt the guidelines into their own laws, others will quickly follow. Article 13 has also been recently renamed Article 17, but still carries many of the same stipulations as it did under the Article 13 name.

So what’s wrong with Article 13/17?

The shifting of responsibility for copyrighted content means that websites are now responsible for scrubbing all user content uploaded to them, and removing any content without specific licensing to be used. This system has seen use already with YouTube’s automated copyright claim system, and the results speak for themselves. Videos can be taken down at the slightest hint of infringing content despite any other permitted uses of said content, anybody has the potential to target videos for take-down simply by claiming they contain copyrighted material, and entire channels end up banned due to overzealous flagging by the automated system. For most sites, such an automated system is the only way they can hope to process all the submissions being lobbed at them. No doubt with less resources than the conglomerate Google, smaller sites have the potential to have a much worse system put into place. The most stable alternative to this automated claiming system is for websites to simply geo-restrict visitors from EU locations, disallowing them to view the content because it is not compliant with the local laws. This results in the same lack of content in the end, but at a much broader level.

Some EU-based sites may vanish entirely from the web because their entire livelihood depends on user-created content from copyrighted material, such as remixes, mashups, and other fan-made material. While the article does not explicitly forbid such content, the workload and complications involved with such vigilant copyright protection means that it may be easier for these sites to simply close their doors temporarily or permanently.

In short, the only parties who profit from the Article are the copyright holders; both users and websites are harmed by this Article restricting what content can be posted and shared within EU-based websites and on the Internet as a whole. In addition, this Article also sets the precedent for more restrictive censorship laws to be put in place, which would cripple the free flow of information the Internet is famous for.

Where do privacy tools and VPNs come in?

VPNs and other such tools can be used to overcome geo-location content bans by spoofing the user’s location. Sites that block content to EU users can be easily circumvented with VPNs, and can assist greatly in both unlocking more content and remaining anonymous while doing so. VPNs can also assist in reaching international websites in countries that do not comply with the Article, and therefore are more forgiving in uploading content to them. “This content is unavailable in your location” and other similar warnings can be made a thing of the past whether or not Article 13/17 is ever repealed or amended.

Which VPN should I use?

We here at Lethean Privacy believe that our VPN is perfect for overcoming geographical content censorship. Our service is entirely private, with no traffic logging and no central server that stores your credit card information, making you completely anonymous while browsing the Internet. All payments are made using our own untraceable cryptocurrency, and each node is run independently of any others, ensuring a diverse selection of locations to choose from. Additionally, we allow users to act as exit nodes for other users and earn passive income while doing so. This makes it harder for the VPN service to be blocked, as whether one node is unavailable or not has no bearing on other nodes. Traditional VPN services are housed data centers, which can be easily blocked. Best of all, by acting as an exit node for others and earning passive income, anyone can contribute to the selection of censorship-free browsing locations for their peers. All of these features combine to create the perfect open VPN marketplace for bypassing draconian “copyright protection” laws like Article 13/17.

Where do I sign up?

If you do choose to use Lethean VPN, you can visit our website, lethean.io, and download the VPN. Live support is available on our Discord and Telegram servers if you need assistance. Also, feel free to visit our Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest information around Lethean and our mission towards more internet privacy. We really hope that our VPN can help everyone affected by Article 13/17 to access an open and free Internet!


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Lethean community,

Today is a monumental day for us as a team and also for Blockchain utility in general. We are happy to release the first non-Testnet blockchain-backed full VPN client. At this time, the full VPN for Windows is in Alpha testing. However, users are encouraged to use, test, and provide feedback. We could not be more proud of our development team and all of the hard work and effort that has made this day possible. Thank you to the entire team for working so hard to make this a reality.

Although this is an Alpha testing stage full client VPN for Windows, we are well on our way to a final polished product, and we will not stop working until we achieve that. In addition to making changes to the full client Windows VPN, we will begin working on both Linux and MacOS. We will keep our community up to date with all of our progress as we continue to work towards having the full VPN client released on all major operating systems.

Providing a fully functional product for all operating systems is not our end goal. We will continue to grow as a company and make improvements that create ease of use for the end user and mass adoption. A few things that we will be working on as we move forward will be to add the Lethean wallet in the Windows Store, App Store for MacOS, and the Software Center for Linux, updating our user interface for better user experience and creating a mobile wallet/mobile Lethean VPN. These changes will bring us closer to mass adoption and will ensure that we make Lethean as easy to use as possible.

Getting started with Lethean VPN

Installing the Lethean VPN is a two step process. The first step is running the Lethean/OpenVPN installer, and the second step is acquiring the new v4.0.0 Dvina wallet.

VPN Install

We recommend using our all in one installer which is a very simple process. You can find and download the all in one installer here. This file will install OpenVPN and set everything up for you.

If you do not want to use our installer binary, you can instead manually install OpenVPN and the Lethean VPN service. After you have manually installed OpenVPN, please run the Lethean VPN service installation script. The installation script is a .bat file that will configure OpenVPN to allow it to work with the Lethean wallet.

Keep in mind that you will not need to run the install script or all in one download more than once per machine.

Acquire the latest wallet

You will also need the most recent version of the Windows wallet. You can find the most recent version of the Windows wallet here.

Once you have these prerequisites installed, you will be capable of selecting from either a VPN provider or a proxy provider.

0*zvUJhXMRfhe6LEUOProvider list drop-down

Selecting “VPN” in the type of provider will lower the list to only VPN nodes. You must select a VPN node to use the full client VPN. Once you click connect, you will see a screen verifying that the exit node is waiting for your payment. Shown below.

0*j_Ot9wYqTon_Tx5XWallet waiting for connection1*aF7lF_8kLiNg5ex2At-kXg.pngWallet connected to VPN

IPv6 Caveat

Some VPN exit nodes do not currently support IPv6 protocols, which means you may need to disable them for the VPN to work properly. If you do not disable IPv6, your machine will still tunnel IPv4 connections through IPv4 VPN exit nodes as available, but any IPv6 connections will leak your real IP address. To disable IPv6 on your machine, follow the instructions in this article.

Lethean VPN Release Adds Versatility

As of release version 4.0.0, the Lethean wallet now accommodates users looking for increased privacy at all levels. The wallet still provides simple proxy functionality for those that do not wish to hassle with installing system requirements for a VPN and only need browser proxy (or browser VPN as we call it) functionality. The browser only VPN allows circumventing content blocks, geolocation restrictions, and enhances user privacy. Of course, using the browser VPN does require installing an extension in your browser (Firefox, Chrome). For users desiring total system-wide tunneling, no messing with browser extensions, and even more enhanced privacy, we offer a full VPN as described above.

Both the browser and full VPN are backed by rock-solid TLS encryption, ensuring users’ privacy and security while accessing the internet. Lethean VPN services are paid for using Lethean coins, backed by our anonymous blockchain. We are very proud to provide the only truly anonymous VPN product from start to finish: anonymous payments, no logging, and a vast number of decentralized VPN nodes.


When Lethean launched as Intense Coin in August 2017, it seemed like this day was much further away. But over this waiting period until the official VPN release, we have grown both as a project and as a community in leaps and bounds. We would like to once again thank our development team for the tireless hard work they have put into this project, and their dedication towards the ultimate goal of an open Internet. We would also like to thank our community for sticking with us and providing support and useful feedback to help us get to where we are today. We wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are without our community or our current dev team. We are incredibly grateful towards everyone who has stuck with us throughout the years.

Our community may also be glad to know that exit node hosting is available coinciding with the VPN release. Anyone can now establish their own full VPN exit node and earn Lethean by doing so, allowing further use of others’ nodes if so desired. We’re excited to see this feature in action, so we encourage anybody who has considered setting up a node to do so at this point. If you have trouble getting the node to work, we can offer live support on Discord (#vpn-exit-node) or Telegram.


The First Non-Testnet, Blockchain-Backed VPN was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Lethean community, we are very excited to officially announce our partnership with Honeypod!

What is Honeypod?

Honeypod LLC is a hardware manufacturing company located in Delaware, USA. Their same-named Honeypod is a small portable hardware device that helps you to browse the internet more securely. The Honeypod device was designed to stop trackers, ads, and block unwanted third party communications before they ever reach your computer. The Honeypod is a small portable device that is as easy to use as connecting it to your home router and plugging the device in. The Honeypod device boots in approximately five seconds, making it a convenient and fast solution for the end user.


The Honeypod hardware also monitors any request made from a third party to provide you with real-time insight into who is being blocked, and how many times they have attempted to access your information. The Honeypod hardware combines complex algorithms and DNS setups to encrypt your internet traffic. Using the Honeypod device is as simple as connecting it to your current internet connection.

So where does Lethean come in?

Letheans exit node services will be integrated in all HoneyPod devices, meaning that this will be the first hardware to be distributed with exit node technology. All Honeypod devices will have our SDP integrated, meaning it will be capable of operating as an exit node out of the box. This will drastically reduce the work needed for users to become an exit node provider, as users will no longer need to download and install the exit node software on their PC, and only need to plug in the Honeypod device to act as an exit node through the services of Honeypod’s hardware.

Lethean will be automatically updating our software to ensure that users do not see any down time in the event of a change. With such a simplistic way to act as an exit node, it will make availability of exit nodes much more common, and will allow anyone who purchases a HoneyPod to become an exit node as soon as it is powered on. Having said that we expect to see a growth in exit nodes as more and more nodes will join our sharing marketplace resulting in a significant network growth & healthy competition between VPN providers. Having more options on the provider side can also result in a boost of people using Lethean VPN Services. We are proud seeing adoption of our developments & VPN technology. Honey pod expects to integrate Lethean technology prior to sending out the first round of HoneyPod devices to its customers, so we will be available as soon as HoneyPod is released.

Closing Thoughts

We are very glad that Honeypod has chosen to integrate us into their product. We believe that this arrangement will be beneficial to both parties, mutually supporting each other’s goal of making the Internet a safer and more private place to be. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Honeypod, and hope that together we can truly become the safest way to be online!


Honeypod and Lethean Partnership was originally published in Lethean on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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