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Masari Update #11

Authored by SatoriNakamoto and JeuTheidit


Masari getting the attention of Trump?! Must be from all the recent news — Further development and direction for the project, the introduction of Bombcast, an introduction video production release, a new betting website, and the revival of MasariPay encompass this update.


If you missed the last Masari project update, the infamous spending issue was fixed, Stex and SouthXchange are back up and running, the GUI has been updated, camthegeek has completely re-designed the official website, and a new Hetzner server has been set up to host the web wallet and block explorer under new domains.


Now with most of the wallet bugs squashed and web wallet running smoothly, the Android app has been updated with Google Play just around the corner. Installing and testing on the v1.2.0 beta release is welcome! When this is completed, development of the bigger project items can continue.

Regarding the direction of the project, thaer stated:


Simple Private Tokens (SPTs) would feature the ability to issue private digital assets in the network easily by the end user, with any computational logic using interchangeable off-chain architecture. To put it in layman’s terms, SPT is a network-native token service that allows the normal end user to create a token that they can do with as they wish — trade on an exchange, treat it as a security or share in a company, partial ownership of assets, and more. The possibilities are endless! It would be void of any on-chain smart contracts (i.e. all of that would be off-chain with multisig) to keep the network as simple, secure, scalable, and single-purpose as possible.

SPT isn’t yet at the possible stage yet, but it seems to be feasible at this point. It’s extremely math and cryptography heavy, and we’ll likely need to pay for a cryptography audit. If it works, this will be another crypto-space first coming from the Masari project, and combined with blocktree will result in a scalable currency that can handle this type of environment over the long term.


A new podcast series dubbed Bombcast has been started by BazookaJeff. The first episode features an interview with Thaer.

Like and subscribe to Bazooka Jeff on YouTube to get notifications about future episode releases!

Introduction to Masari

The animated video project has been fully funded by the community and Johnny Gonzo, xiaomogwai, and Keez have released the production!

Definitely a more conservative and family friendly vibe from our Emperor of Memes, xiaomogwai.

In addition to the introduction video, the Masari introduction Medium article has been updated as well. It is meant to be a write up for new users to learn quickly what Masari is all about and how to start getting involved. Go check it out and let us know how to improve it!

Masari Betting Game

Changing gears a little bit, thanks to OhGodAMochi101 you can now play the numbers on masari.win! This is a game that is based on the results of the Masari blockchain itself, so it’s easily provable using third party resources.

Bet any amount between 1 and 30 MSR (limit can be raised if there is interest) and choose up to 15 characters to guess what the last digit of the next block’s hash will be. The probability of winning and the payout amount are determined by how many characters you choose. Selecting all 15 characters will give you a 93.75% chance to win 1.01 times your bet, while choosing only 1 character will give you a 6.25% chance to win 15.2 times your bet.


Thanks to Dubz and flyguyry_2.0, MasariPay has come back from the dead! Come join the fun in Discord and try your luck with the weekly raffle!

General reminder from the last encounter — Do not use the tip bot for storing large amounts. Only keep what you are willing to lose and use for fun. That said, wallet backups are now completed on a regular basis if the server ever goes down.

Community Meetings

Community meetings occur on Saturdays of even numbered weeks at 15:00 UTC in the #meeting-table discord channel. Come join us to talk future development, funding, marketing, how you can help, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Previous meeting recaps:

The next scheduled meeting is on August 24th.


Seeking community approval:

No proposals currently require funding.

Recently completed:


Discord: 2702 members (+42 from update #10)

Official Twitter: 1843 followers (+20)

Engagement Twitter: 43 followers (+22)

Reddit: 1,177 subs (-5)

Telegram: 696 members (-27)

Forks: 58 (core) | 89 (webwallet)

That’s all for this edition of the community update, see you next time and keep on rockin’ in the FOSS world.


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Masari Update #10

Yes, Masari is alive! Updated wallets, new server, downed exchanges, new website, new twitter account, and the start of community meetings encompass this update.

Masari is Alive?!

The Crypto Winter was hard on everyone, but now with bitcoin around $10k we can see the first green dildos of Crypto Spring bursting through Ichimoku cloud. The Masari project took the winter particularly hard, partly due to the overall market trend (á la bear scene in The Revenant), and partly due to it’s own actions. The core team itself became decentralized, while at the same time masarians were being lazier than saving tons of money shopping online because the credit card is always in another room. But as the sun’s rays started warming the earth, we shook off the crustiness of winter and regrouped.

Wallets and New Server

Put your hard hats on, we’re going to work.

Masari developers have been kicking ass and taking names in the past month, with the CLI and GUI wallets receiving some well needed bug fixes, along with CLI cross-compiling support for a more seamless build process. A detailed development report has been released and future development items can now be tracked via trello.

Masari’s client side web wallet also received some bug fixes. Days after completion however, the ssl certification expired which is required for the wallet to sync. Since gnock was the only one with access to the server and is very busy at the moment with a business that actually pays the bills, masarians decided to migrate to a new, community funded server hosted by hetzner. This is a high end server that will be able to handle most of Masari’s needs, and donation addresses will soon be posted to help cover the monthly fees. Thanks to camthegeek, the web wallet and block explorer are now fully functional again and linked to the official domain:

With the web wallet back up and running, priority will shift to a new GUI ported from the web wallet, and of course continuing with blocktree development once all wallet bug fixes are complete.


As a reminder, the blocktree whitepaper has been released for peer review. If you have not done so yet, please read and provide any feedback or concerns!

Slowly but surely, the Masari moon mission is getting back on track.


A new wallet point release aimed at fixing issues with downed exchanges was completed and communicated to Stex and SouthXchange, which are both now fully operational again.


Masari has an updated website made from scratch by camthegeek with new features including a slick interface, wallet tutorials linked directly from their source, automated operating system check for download links, and more. Check it out and report any bugs or needed updates.


For anyone wanting to contribute to the Masari Project in a non-programming way, website translations and other wallet tutorials are needed and would be greatly appreciated if created.

Meme Captain

With josef k busy trying to buy his off-the-grid private island with mined testnet coins, a slightly deranged and very horny emperor of memes has emerged as a replacement — xiaomogwai. In addition to the featured image and moon mission video, here are some additional samples of his work. Be warned, they’re not for the faint of little stick:

Apparently the videos lack the quality to be on the front page of r/cryptocurrency.


The Masari team and community thinks more dicks in future videos will help.

Engagement Twitter
0*YUydioKPKrSauy0J.pngMasari Engagement Logo

If you’re going to have little stick videos, then you’ll need a place to post them, right? Introducing the new Twitter account — Masari Engagement. This account was created to be more laid back and phallus friendly; a place to meme hard and joke around, but also answer questions that one might be too shy to ask in more tech-oriented forums. It’s slightly more classy than fudsari and with a broader focus than memesari.

Community Meetings

Community meetings occur on Saturdays of even numbered weeks at 15:00 UTC in the #meeting-table discord channel. Come join us to talk future development, funding, marketing, how you can help, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Previous meeting recaps:

The next meeting is scheduled for July 27th.


Seeking community approval:

No proposals currently require funding.



Getting started with Masari

Discord: 2660 members (+105 from update #9)

Official Twitter: 1823 followers (+46)

Engagement Twitter: 21 followers (new)

Reddit: 1,182 subs (-18)

Telegram: 723 members (-347, bots were purged)

Forks: 58 (core) | 90 (web wallet)

Thanks for reading, and keep on rockin’ in the FOSS world.


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Authored by Cryptochangements

A lot has been happening with Masari this past month: the Core Team was disbanded, several new releases have been published, the first two community meetings were held, and some generous donors funded me to work part time on masari during this period.

To elaborate on that last piece, I was funded $800 to work 10 hours/week on Masari from the dates June 9th to today, July 9th. Below I will recap how I spent this time by week.

Week 1: I fixed some bugs in the core wallet library that is used for the GUI wallet, mainly fixing the bug where new wallets were saved without a password, along with some minor performance upgrades. A new release, v0.3.1.0, was published for both the CLI and GUI.

Week 2: I started by porting over cross compiling capability via depends from Monero, this allows us to build releases for any operating system from Linux, vastly simplifying the release process. I then setup continuous integration via travis-ci. This will help us to avoid build bugs in the future and could possibly be used for a build pipeline. I also made modifications to the core RPC API so that gnock could roll out a webwallet update in which the in browser wallet connects directly to a remote node, rather than using a server backend as a middle man. The webwallet was at this point functional again, it’s just a little slow with the new changes. During this week I published a new v0.3.1.1 CLI release including these changes.

Week 3: I made some more changes to the RPC API to fix a mempool bug and try to improve the speed of the webwallet sync. It still has not been deployed as gnock needs to deploy it.

Week 4: I fixed the import/export blockchain tools to include uncle blocks so that they will now function properly after hard fork version 8. I also made some logging more verbose to help debug github usie #169. A bug from monero was also patched in which the wallet would potentially misinterpret RingCT keys. A release version v0.3.1.2 was published including these fixes.


A full log of development can be found on Github https://github.com/masari-project/masari

The webwallet is now down again as the SSL certificate has expired and gnock is the only person with access but an alternative is being put together.

I look forward to continuing work with the Masari community


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Masari Update #9

Masari’s successful SECOR fork, an ETH Denver recap, and an announcement about a long running pool encompass this update.

SECOR Completed

The recent fork by Masari to rollout uncle mining, CN-Fast v2, and bulletproofs was successful and those features are now live on chain. This fork was the second in Masari’s history that shook over 90% of network hashrate, and was just as dramatic as the first.

Masari now has 60 second block times, incredibly low fees, and is again hosting a competitive mining environment. This is all in addition to the standard, default privacy features that give Masari value.

From the core team — a sincere thank you to the SECOR testers and miners who helped secure the chain post fork. While there are/were a few cryptonote projects who put uncle mining on their roadmap, it is a product of the Masari community.

ETH Denver

Thaer and Nick from the Masari core team recently took part in the 2019 ETH Denver conference. The conference was very insightful, with a very diverse range of panel and presenters.

1*Ma68yeJhaNeqQc8yTWWFVQ.jpegThaer asking a question to a panel

Hot topics were tokenization, regulations, and governance. The keynote speaker, Andreas Antonopolous, spoke poignantly about unstoppable code. How code no one wants to stop isn’t worth making. With MSR developing DAAs, SECOR, & the coming Blocktree protocol — unstoppable code is being produced; and these advancements are shared with the entire space.

The conference also highlighted the value of having a presence at these types of meetings. Any Masarian who would like to attend a conference on behalf of Masari are encouraged to reach out in Discord or make a proposal on the FFS.

In the Pipeline
Q1: The Blocktree Whitepaper draft is ongoing.
Q2: Ledger support
Masaricoin Transition

The original team of Masaricoin.com has decided to stop hosting their pool, as well as their pool monitoring service. As Masaricoin is one of the longest running pools for MSR, and hosts many loyal miners, the domain & pool will be taken over by the Masari core team.

This will not lead to any favoritism amongst pool promotions or anything along those lines. The announcement is simply meant to be a measure of transparency and other pool operators will notice little impact from this absorption.


Discord: 2555 (+235 from update #8)

Twitter: 1777 (+101)

Reddit: 1200 (+2)

Telegram: 1078 (+313)


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SECOR Fork Prep

Uncle mining, bulletproofs, and the next generation of CN-Fast are all bundled up into this release at block #363,000. Here is the necessary information for holders, miners, and pool operators.

Holders — If you
  • Use the core team produced web or mobile wallet, this update requires no action on your part.
  • Use a GUI or CLI, you will need to update your wallet. If you have an outdated daemon (masarid) post fork height you will be on a different chain. The appropriate release is titled Dandy Dromedary v0.3.0.0 and is available on GitHub at:
  • Use a third party wallet you will need to refer to the wallet operator’s instruction.
  • Are masochistic and keep your MSR on exchanges, you do not need to action anything…but you should re-evaluate this practice.

This is a list of known SECOR compatible miners:

If you are looking to keep the network as decentralized as possible post fork, reference a Masari pool list or join Discord and speak directly to active pool operators.

Pool Operators

Gnock posted this message for pool operators in the Masari Discord:

The cryptonote-util has been updated and tested on testnet.masaricoin.com, it includes the modifications required for the SECOR protocol upgrade (https://github.com/masari-project/node-cryptonote-util branch MSR).

Regarding the PoW verification, the upstream repo we are based on already has a working system (https://github.com/MoneroOcean/node-cryptonight-hashing/) if you use as code

if(convertedBlob[0] > 7)//version 8, secor upgrade
return multiHashing.cryptonight(convertedBlob, 9);
else if(convertedBlob[0] > 6)
return multiHashing.cryptonight(convertedBlob, 4);

We are going to rebase but if you want to start the work, everything is there. We are available if you have more questions (thaer, cc or myself)


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Masari Update #8

This update announces the SECOR fork date & new PoW, launches the Collaboration Corner, highlights the new funding system, and covers recent media with upcoming appearances.


On December 8th an announcement was posted in Masari’s Discord & Telegram.


Discussion post announcement covered a wide range of topics, including: what the cause of the massive hash rate spike is, what potential solutions are, what staying the course looks like, and similar commentary. The product of over three weeks of methodical discussion and two separate votes is below:

Barring any setbacks, on January 11, 2019 Masari will fork to include SECOR (Uncle Mining) + Bulletproofs, & move to the next generation of CN-Fast for its proof of work algorithm.

CN-Fast v2 moves CN-Fast from CNv7 to CNv8, and continues with halving iterations. Open source mining binaries will be provided on the Masari GitHub sometime before the fork date; as will preparations for pool owners and exchanges. Users of GUI and CLI wallets will want to update their daemon to ensure they are on the right chain post fork. Announcements will continue to made across all social media channels as releases come.

The Fat Keccak PoW will be further researched as a long-term latency bound solution. Rather than rush to deploy a medium term PoW based off similar approaches like Wild Keccak, a short term switch to CN-Fast v2 will help mitigate any potential network threats while providing more leeway to fully test Fat Keccak. SECOR is independent of the PoW algorithm used and will have no issues meshing with Fat Keccak.

Collaboration Corner

As mentioned in Update #7, the Core Team aims to reduce centralization over the Masari project’s leadership. We believe that decentralization is a goal not only for the computational network but also in stewardship of the project.

For the past few months, a design that uses non-hierarchal structuring as a foundation for participation has been worked on. The design segments relevant areas of project need, and issues a simple framework for those groups to operate within. This design has turned into the Collaboration Corner, and it is now ready to be opened up.

There are two documents that accompany the program’s launch. They can be viewed and downloaded at getmasari.org or GitHub.

If you would like to talk more about the Collaboration Corner or are interested in an initial endorsement, you’re welcome to join Discord where there is a dedicated channel. The Collaboration Corner hosts an open invitation for anyone who has wanted to contribute to a legitimate & innovative cryptocurrency project.

Blockfolio Signals

In November Thaer and Nick from the Masari Core Team held a video conference call with Blockfolio Founder and CEO Ed Moncada. The topic was their reasoning behind selecting Masari for the Signals beta (one of the first 200 coins in the program), Blockfolio’s future relationship with Masari, and how we can leverage Blockfolio as a trusted means of communication. The call was a lot of fun and we had very some very interesting conversations.

The Core Team is very excited to take part in the Signals program and partner up with Blockfolio to communicate directly to Masarians. You can receive Masari signals by tracking MSR in your portfolio or simply by watching them in app.

Given the privacy focused nature of our community, we took the opportunity to ask Ed directly about the language in their T&Cs and also how they earn income. Ed was very clear that no Blockfolio user data is ever sold. He stated that the language in the T&C covers a future development that they’re working on and was put in place early. Financially, they have received ample rounds of funding from patient investors on top of being early crypto adopters/innovators themselves. Hopefully this can clear up some misconception about using the Blockfolio app and Masarians can have more confidence in using it.

Funding System

The Masari Funding System recently launched at funding.getmasari.org. The funding system allows anyone to submit a MSR based proposal that provides value to the Masari project and community. In less than three weeks, two proposals have been submitted and fully funded!

The steps to creating a proposal are:

1. Create an account on the funding system website.
2. Submit a carefully written, grammatically correct proposal following the preloaded flow chart in the proposal area. Read through the fine details of the submission guidelines you see when you click add proposal.
3. Pay attention to the comments in your proposal as the community will ask questions/opine. As the submitter, you should be prepared to support your proposal.
4. If enough support exists, or there are no dissenting comments, the proposal will be moved into funding status.

The funding system should play an integral role in facilitating new endeavors and projects that arise from the community & Collaboration Corner.

Recent Media

Interview with Crypto MoonsooN: https://youtu.be/-OGl_zaX3So

Podcast with Coach Cryptos: https://anchor.fm/CoachCryptos

Masari interview with Lord Catoshi: https://medium.com/@hicryptocat/an-interview-with-the-masari-development-team-64e108dee5a3

A podcast with Talking Cryptocurrency was recorded in November but the show is now on an apparent, indefinite hiatus. Masari might be the first coin to get exit scammed by a podcast…another MSR first.


Masari will be represented at the largest, and most distinguished cryptocurrency conference in the Rocky Mountain region. The time frame of ETH Denver is February 15–17, 2019.

With two members of the Masari Core Team present, and a large collection of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Denver, it poses a great opportunity to host Masari’s first meetup. The meetup would be casual with some general information about Masari, and likely take place at a Denver brewery. As the Collaboration Corner starts to fill with participants the hope is all will work together to organize and promote this event.

1*lWTyodPN04bPdUQ17OHUsg.png^ satire courtesy of Chum

Discord: 2320 members (+128 from update #7)

Twitter: 1654 followers (+217)

Reddit: 1198 subs (+60)

Telegram: 765 members (lost members due to bot/spam account cleanout)


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Masari Update #7

This long overdue update launches SECOR & Uncle Mining on the testnet, touches on the Masari Collaboration Corner, shows off our new client-side explorer, and offers some exchange best practices among others.

Uncle Mining

November 1st, 2018 marks the successful launch of Masari’s v8 testnet. This is exciting as it features the new, original design and implementation of SECOR: Simple Extended Consensus Resolution. SECOR delivers Uncle Mining, which will increase network security, deliver faster blocks, and reward miners for their hard work that would have otherwise been orphaned.

This new blockchain feature is cutting edge, and a first in the CryptoNote space. With this groundbreaking development issues will certainly arise. To encourage code reviewers and facilitate the successful launch of Uncle Mining, bounties ranging from 100 — 10,000 MSR (depending on severity) will be given out for each new vulnerability discovered in the SECOR design and implementation. As always, the code is open source and available on Masari’s GitHub.

Collaboration Corner

One of the most common complaints the core team hears about the project is that people want to help or contribute, but don’t code. Of course people can do RTs, likes, upvotes in social environments, but that doesn’t welcome nor facilitate contribution. The crypto space has seen launches of a variety of community participation programs, but they don’t necessarily resemble autonomous organizations, nor do they empower the participants to self-govern or evolve.

A framework is being drafted that will allow Masarians to contribute to areas in which they have interest or expertise — including outreach, development, education, intelligence, marketing, and social media among others. The Collaboration Corner will launch one of the most effective, inclusionary programs the crypto space has seen; and it will further decentralize the stewardship of the Masari project. Keep an eye out for the charter this month.

Block Explorer

Masari’s old block explorer was the consummate plain Jane site. Black and white with not a lot of jazz. That is changed now with the launch of https://explorer.masariwallet.com/. The site is currently in testing and will be ported over to msrchain.net once it’s out of beta.

The new explorer is fitted for both SECOR and Blocktree - as both require overhauls of the user interface to facilitate their additions. The new explorer is also entirely client-side (verifications), which is becoming a hallmark of Masari development.

Masari Pay
1*n6I71mhMtzsZ_pzZdbYl-w.pngOur beloved Masari Pay Discord bot has been under the weather for quite a while.

For the lotto participants and tippers alike, it’s been a frustrating month of October without having Masari Pay up and running. The bot has been having an issue with running too many wallets which causes it to overload. A new bot design will be spun up by Masari developer Gnock. In the mean time if you had funds on Masari Pay — they are safu. The current Masari Pay bot will be moved to a server with better capacity to transact in the near future.


Masari’s client side web wallet received some nice improvements in the month of October. You can view the history here. The web wallet is also undergoing SECOR testing to coincide with its launch.

Mobile holders can look forward to the Android wallet being added to the Play store in November, with a potential iOS version available by the end of the year. Bug reporting is still encouraged and welcomed in the phone app feedback channel in Discord.


Masari core team members will be taking part in recording two separate podcasts in November. Neither of the hosts asked for compensation, which is appreciated and encouraged. The podcast with Talking Cryptocurrency was born out of this thread in particular. The recording dates and medium are below. Please show your support to these ethical projects.


November 4: Coach Cryptos | CoachCryptosTwitter


November 13: Talking Cryptocurrency | Jason RigdenTwitter


Recently an exchange that Masari was listed on abruptly closed their doors. Fortunately the losses to Masarians weren’t severe, but it provides an opportunity to talk about best practices in regards to trading MSR.

The general consensus is to keep your coins off an exchange unless you’re actively trading. For example if you send BTC to Cryptopia to buy MSR, after your purchase move the Masari to your wallet off an exchange. There have been too many exit scams and hacks on exchanges in crypto’s history to do otherwise. Regardless of the exchange’s name, history, or volume.

Additionally, as noted in the Maple Change incident, even when an exchange is incorporated and operating within the bounds of law, there will be little support from law enforcement regarding reimbursements in the event of a “hack.” All of the above can effectively be reduced to:

If you don’t have the private keys, they’re not your coins.

If you have registered on an exchange that has been hacked or exit scammed, you should also consider whether or not your email address is compromised as well. It’s a good idea to phase out the email used on a “hacked” exchange.


Discord: 2,192 members (+143 from update 6)

Twitter: 1,437 followers (+174)

Reddit: 1,138 subs (+60)

Telegram: 781 members


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September 2 marked the anniversary of Masari’s launch, and the final months of 2018 are going to be huge for the project. Here is a recap of the new developments that mark the beginning of Masari’s second year.

Cryptopia Listing

Masari is now live on Cryptopia with three trading pairs — BTC / LTC / DOGE. The listing on Cryptopia could only happen with the support of the community; as the listing fee was raised entirely through donations. Thank you to all who contributed.

In terms of real volume, Cryptopia is a top 25 exchange. Additionally the core team is confident that the user experience on Cryptopia will be pleasant, as our communication with Cryptopia has been fluid and easy. As an incorporated business with a public CEO and 4 years of operation under their belt, there should be little concern as to the legitimacy of the exchange.

This listing also marks the last community driven exchange effort that Masari will host. Going forward, any future exchange partnerships will be based on merit, without any financial cost to the project. As such, exchange donation addresses have been closed.

Uncle Mining

Progress is going well on Uncle Mining. The stagenet is live and being worked to the max. Commits are taking place nearly everyday. Expect to see an ELI5 breakdown of what Uncle Mining is and an accompanying whitepaper in the future.

The work on Uncle Mining is advancing well, but the roadmap will be adjusted to reflect a Q4 timeframe for its launch rather than the tentative Q3 assignment.

Research Corner

People often ask for Masari’s whitepaper. As Masari is built on Cryptonote and Ring CT, there is/was nothing to add. So the CN/RCT WPs have always been sufficient to document Masari’s technology. That has changed recently with the Uncle Mining and Blocktree around the corner; in addition to prior advances with difficulty adjustment algorithms.

The Masari Research Corner is a new segment of the Masari project. It will investigate privacy and scaling technologies applicable to Masari, and document this research in the form of whitepapers. The first whitepaper released by the Research Corner was penned by Masari developer Cryptochangements. The paper relates to Masari’s WWHM DAA. You can read the paper here.

Simple Miner

A CPU-mineable coin can leverage that competency to attract new miners more easily than a coin that is built on GPUs or ASICs. These small scale miners help secure the network and unlocks doors on the path to decentralization.

Often, CPU miners are new entrants to the space; or they are current traders wanting to dip their toes in mining. A one click miner gives new entrants peace of mind and allows them to try mining without worry about viruses, configurations, or the many other fine tunings of hash power. With Masari being a Simple currency, it is only fitting a Simple Miner be released.

You can get started with the beta version of the Masari Simple Miner here. The only thing you’ll need to provide is a wallet address. Our secure web wallet is the easiest wallet to use and operate. Grab an address here.


To achieve potential compliance with ISO money standards, the core team is exploring a ticker change to XMS. You will see this ticker used in conjunction with MSR for the time being.

Twitter Giveaway

A Twitter giveaway of 365 MSR finished recently. The grand prize winner took home 100 MSR, with five others nabbing 53 coins each. This was the second Twitter giveaway of 2018 for Masari.

1*7WMROZMUer4QFmeRtyPKQA.pngOurs are legitimate though

Discord: 2,049 Members (+69 from update #5)

Twitter: 1,263 Followers (+157)

Reddit: 1,078 Subs (+35)


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Masari Update #5

Masari has had significant developments since update #4. Let’s take a look at all the exciting news.

Mobile Wallet

Masari Front End Developer Gnock has created a Masari mobile wallet for Android phones. A mobile wallet is a cornerstone for adoption, and an incredibly convenient way to hold MSR. It also ties into Masari being a simple cryptocurrency. The Masari Mobile Wallet can be downloaded here:

1*b95aJk22fIXWwiA22YronQ.pngScreens from the mobile app

The is the first release of the mobile wallet. Future developments on it will include an iOS version, addition to the Google Play Store, and app improvements with more functionality. This app is designed similarly to the fully client side masariwallet.com

Full-Time Developer

Masari has its first full time developer starting in September— founder and lead dev Thaer Khawaja. In an incredibly bold move, Thaer left the rat race to focus on Masari development in the midst of a major bear market. While the exit scams and ICO failures get weeded out in crypto’s black summer, Thaer is going all in on MSR.


The announcement was met with wide spread support and well wishes. The core team is also happy to continue working day in and out with Thaer on Masari’s development and market reach.


There is very exciting news on the exchange front. Recently the core team has started conversations with Cryptopia about listing on their exchange. The communication has been fluid and effective. There are four steps to list with them. We have completed one of the four and have a framework in place to list with Cryptopia. The listing will not require any further fundraising or a donation campaign. Pending their approval during the review phase, we can expect to see Masari integrated on Cryptopia sometime within the next 3–6 weeks!


The core team is incredibly excited about this listing opportunity. The Cryptopia team has been amazing to work with. They have shown a helping hand in every way possible, and have made it clear they appreciate how Masari operates as a project. In turn, we appreciate how professional and courteous the Cryptopia team has been. The core team is eager to provide access to a reputable and recognized exchange for our traders and user base. We are confident that our traders and users experience with Cryptopia will be similar to ours during the listing process: encouraging, easy, and smooth.

Twitter Advertising Campaign

TOGM from the pool get.masaricoin.com has added a new feature to the Masari Pay bot in Discord. Funding campaigns can now be added to the bot, and as donations come in tracking towards the goal is reflected in a % value. The core team’s first campaign was to fund a month of Twitter promote mode, and we reached our funding goal within 48 hours of launch! Now, promote mode is active for Masari’s Twitter.

Keep an eye out for future funding campaigns in Discord. And if you have any ideas for projects to pursue, pop in and let us know.


In an effort to better document project performance and technical advancements, the Masari core team has decided to produce papers relating to our innovations. The first whitepaper that will be produced is about the Weighted-Weighted Harmonic Mean (WWHM) difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) implemented to fight against mining exploits, preceding the contributions added to the current Linearly Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) implementation. This algorithm is important as it protected and stabilized the network, while paving the way for the state of difficulty algorithms in the CryptoNote space today. The whitepaper(WP), once fully drafted, will be available to download and review in the near future. The next paper on tap will be Uncle Mining.

SonoX.io Vote

Masari is in the final legs of a month long vote to be listed on the new exchange SonoX.io. The top 15 coins will be added to the exchange without cost to the project. At the time of writing, Masari was in 14th place with over 4200 votes so far. A big push is needed to stay in the guaranteed listing field. The vote wraps up on Aug 28.


Discord: 1980 members (+150 from Update #4)

Twitter: 1106 followers (+99)

Reddit: 1043 subs (+94)

AMA #1


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AMA #1 Recap

Below is a recap of Q&A from Masari’s first AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. They are listed in descending order of upvotes for the original question.

Any sort of rough plan or timeframe for ledger nano S integration? — (u/pflmagic)

Hi there,

All the necessary components needed for Ledger integration are in place, and we have a tentative q4 2018 timeline. — (response by Thaer)

How will uncle mining affect the time it takes to reach tail emission? If miners are being rewarded with uncle blocks, wouldn’t this cause the 18.5 million MSR to be reached faster than the scheduled 10 years? — (u/surgingchaos)

Hi surgingchaos,

You’re correct in observing that uncle mining would introduce rewards into the system that would affect the emission rate directly. These rewards however are partial, and would be designed in a way such that it doesn’t incentivise uncle mining. One thing we would do for example is incorporate the uncle into the difficulty calculation, and difficulty would adjust accordingly in order to reach the correct emission rate. With something like this in place, it would mean that we would roughly take the same amount of time to reach tail emission, but have “captured” uncle blocks in the process without disrupting the network. — (response by Thaer)

Would it be possible to design a proof of work that would not allow a single pool to submit over 50% of the network hash? If so would Masari consider going that route? — (u/TacoBond)

As far as we know, no that is not possible. When talking about this kind of thing you have to remember that pools submit blocks to the network the same way any other node does and are seen by the network the same way as any other node is seen, with the exception that it probably finds a lot more blocks. You could try to limit the amount of blocks that a peer could submit in a certain time frame or something like that but it would be very simple for a pool to just setup another node and act like 2 separate entities in the eyes of the network even though they are really working together controlled by a pool. So the short answer is no, miner centralization is an inherent risk of proof-of-work. — (response by Cryptochangements)

Hey guys great work you are doing! My question would he how far off you are in regards to mobile wallet release? — (u/drk__ane)

There is currently a mobile wallet in beta/testing. It’s just very, very fresh. We have to do further testing on it, but it should be available publicly by August 15.

You can check out the beta at: https://github.com/masari-project/masari-webwallet/releases/tag/0.01 (freshly released ! :) ) — (response by Gnock)

@Thaer: what are your plans with Masari after the current roadmap is completed? Does development stop or do you want to keep developing masari as long as possible?
Is your goal still to make Masari a little brother of Monero or are you willing to make Masari slowly but steady a whole unique project on it’s own? (Like Monero did after forking from Bytecoin)
What kind of new or unique feutures which are not in the current roadmap would you like to introduce to Masari?
Did you already started to work on Blocktree, how confident are you that you and the team can make Masari scale to a serious number of tps?
When do you consider POS proven and is there a slight possibility that Masari will be a POW and POS coin in the future so non miners can help to protect the network too? POW already proved that it can be problemetic for small coins meanwhile I never heart of serious problems with small POS coins…(u/bobbulleken)

Hi Bob,

Development on Masari will continue. Currently the end of the roadmap is a whitepaper (WP) on the Blocktree protocol, after which there will need to be development of the protocol, and in milestone stages.

We’re a fork of Monero, and while inherently a “little brother”, over time we would be a distinguishable coin in terms of technology being used (as Litecoin is to Bitcoin)

There are minor things like Ledger support, but for more major things, the roadmap would expand once it’s complete. With the WP for example, the protocol it would propose is expandable and a subsequent WP will build on top of prior developments (i.e. going from partially asynchronous to fully asynchronous).

The core details of the Blocktree protocol have been worked out, and with high confidence I believe it’s a feasible protocol. However, once a WP is drafted, peer review will allow us to go through it in more detail and open it to critique that would expose any flaws and propose improvements.

I don’t consider PoS proven. As a reminder, the cryptocurrency era is only ~10 years old, and what has been proven so far is PoW. While PoS might be doable, it itself is a form of exploitable centralization that needs to be addressed, which needs more time to prove itself against adversarial behaviour, and if/when that happens I would gladly change my position. TL;DR is that Masari will not be considering PoS in the near future. — (response by Thaer)

What exactly are the differences vs Monero currently?
What makes Masari different and why should someone support the project? I do not consider “be what Litecoin is to Bitcoin, for Monero” a satisfying answer. (u/Jonas_h)

Current differences from Monero include:

  • Static mixin and ring size from the genesis block.
  • Offering a fully client-side web wallet.
  • Pioneering difficulty adjustment algorithms WWHM and LWMA
  • CN-Fast developed and rolled out as algorithm.

Future differences will include:

  • Uncle Mining (actively developed now)
  • Blocktree

In terms of why support the project, there are a variety of reasons to support Masari. First being the deficit of coins in the space that offer true privacy and fungibility. If you look at all of crypto, less than .5% can legitimately claim fungibility. I’d say the number of coins offering actual privacy is the same, but I haven’t looked into all the coins that purport to have privacy.

Second PoW is how crypto all started. If you’re not aware, small cap PoW coins are constantly under attack. Whether it’s asics, nicehash, bad pools or bad actors, starting a PoW coin from the ground up is a major challenge. We’ve already navigated all of the attacks above and are still standing. Personally I think PoW is the best method for decentralized consensus, and Masari is committed to PoW.

Finally, the advances Masari plans on rolling out are needed for the space. High TPS is easy to achieve in a controlled node environment like EOS or NEO. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re discussing PoW, particularly CN/RCT coins. If Masari can provide high TPS solutions, it will help keep the privacy coin space in the game. I don’t know if you’ve sent Monero before but it’s a long and expensive process. Bulletproofs will reduce the cost, but without sharding or a Blocktree protocol, the tx speed will always be slow.

There is little reason to think the private ledger space doesn’t need options other than Monero. As crypto gains in global popularity, people aren’t going to want anyone with an internet connection to be able to check their wallet balance. CN/RCT are the only coins that obfuscate data to keep your ledger balance private. In my opinion, this is a needed feature for digital money management. I know I don’t want a target on my back because anyone can see my wallet balance.

Sticking with Masari’s ethos of simple, scalable, secure, we are aiming to make using Masari as simple and noob friendly as possible. User experience is a big part of our project goals on the front end, and u/gnock_ is doing a fantastic job at working towards making Masari as simple as possible.

In short, we’re a no ICO PoW coin that has taken its lumps and still keeps on developing. With Blocktree, Uncle Mining, and a simple design process, our goal is to provide a fast and easy way to transact privately. If that sounds good to you, then we welcome your support. — (response by LoDoCrypto)

1.)Typically the whitepaper is the first thing that comes with a project. With the idea of Blocktree announced as the scalability feature, is the delay in the WP basically to nail down the exact implementation of the Block tree protocol first, before publishing?
2.) What is your future plans in regards to exchanges. Right now the main platform is Tradeogre, which is nice for now, but for real visibility and liquidity Masari needs more volume. Is your position to get the Whitepaper out first before really pushing for a top 10 exchange? That way we have the opportunity for them to approach us as opposed to buy our way on? (u/Bluepic12)

Hi Bluepic,

  1. You’re correct, however most of those whitepapers you see are equivalent to advertisement pamphlets masking the fact that they’re a fork of another coin. Masari is a fork of Monero, leveraging the RingCT (https://lab.getmonero.org/pubs/MRL-0005.pdf) and CryptoNote (https://cryptonote.org/whitepaper.pdf) protocols, both of which have articles that we can just reference (instead of prettifying in a “whitepaper” pamphlet, which also has been plagiarism in most cases). The Blocktree proposal will introduce a protocol that should be implementation ready, which will need time to subsequently nail down the exact details so that we’re introducing a secure feature in the network.

2a) The exchanges are there because the community wants to trade Masari (MSR). I’ll never tell anybody to buy MSR, and if someone asks for such financial advice my response will be “don’t buy MSR”. With all that said, liquidity is important for people, and as we get more established as a coin, higher liquidity would be subsequently needed, which would ultimately hit top 10 exchanges (without us paying an arm and a leg for it) because there is enough demand for it to be so, and it’s in their financial incentive to add trading pairs since they’d profit off the fees collected.

2b) With respect to efforts on getting listed, Jeff (BazookaJeff) and others behind the scenes have worked hard on this and reached out to many exchanges, with some top 10 exchanges coming back to us asking upwards of 60 BTC, which is not feasible. There are plenty of exchanges that list on merit, and high volume ones like Bittrex and Poloniex would list for free when they see value in listing such a coin as MSR. (response by Thaer)

Additional response from BazookaJeff:
To answer the second question, the aim is to go after a larger exchange after uncle mining is implemented. In this way, we can offer more in terms of our unique technology. Top 10 exchanges will come but you are correct in your assessment that the whitepaper would need to be out first as well as other enhancements such as blocktree sharding. For now, there are some efforts being made to get on to some decentralized exchanges and or medium sized exchanges. We did inquire about larger exchanges that charge to list such as HitBTC but the cost was upwards of 60 BTC so it was not a feasible choice.

Hi team. How do you guys plan to decentralize the hashrate more evenly? I know it is recently coming up a lot. (u/Cartman2017)

We’re trying to be as creative as possible in dealing with pool centralization, without acting as a central authority. Ideally, the miner marketplace will sort itself out, but new entrants to mining tend to go right to the pool with the most hash. This isn’t the best route financially, as their payouts will be more frequent, but smaller.

Some of the options we’re looking at include: endorsing pools, social incentives to spread hash, and working with pool aggregate sites on their listing process. There are no easy solutions for this issue, but I assure you we want the network to be as decentralized as possible. — (response by LoDoCrypto)

How does Masari plan to continue to fund development once the current funds dry up? Will there be an FFS style system put in place for Masari? Would love to see that!
What will be Masari’s plan on implementing future improvements from Monero? How about merging Masari’s improvements upstream into Monero? (u/fort3hlulz)
  1. the Masari fund has for the most part remained untouched and has only had one transaction so far. This has left about 93k MSR in the development fund which should last a while. In addition, with the new Masari Pay, we do have a semblance of a FFS style system. In all, this should take care of our funding for the foreseeable future.
  2. Masari will track any developments made by Monero and integrate improvements when available. Likewise, Masari will also contribute back upstream to Monero. In turn, we hope to cultivate a benevolent relationship with Monero. (response by BazookaJeff)
How much funds do you have in the community wallets? (u/G-tec)

Hi G-Tec,

We have two types of funds, the dev and exchange fund:

In the dev fund, we have about 5 BTC and ~93k MSR as of date.

In the exchange fund, we have about 0.11 BTC and 50 MSR. — (response by Thaer)

How does Masari plan to solve the scaling issues that are attached to Monero? And how soon will Masari be on an exchange with real liquidity? (u/ProgrammaticallyHip)

It depends on which aspects you’re relating to with respect to Monero? Monero has developers working on on-chain and off-chain scalability, some of which is aligned with Masari’s roadmap and some isn’t.

For example, scalability with regards to transaction size have been addressed and audited via Bulletproofs, which is something we’re enabling in the next protocol upgrade.

Other things, like network scale in general, is in Monero currently being tackled via off-chain solutions that involve MimbleWimble, and is really promising. However, we’ve committed in Masari to on-chain scalability initiatives with work on introducing a Blocktree proposal, and this is a different path that we’ll see where it takes us. (response by Thaer)

Do you plan on enabling merge mining in the future should another coin switch to your algo or you switch to theirs? (u/aironeous)

So far several other coins have adopted our PoW algorithm, cryptonight-fast, but we have no intention of doing merged mining. If one of those or any other coin wants to use our chain as a parent chain then they certainly can but we have no intention of becoming another coin’s auxiliary chain. — (response by Cryptochangements)

What would the Masari rich list look like? As in how many wallets exist, what percentage own over 10,000, 5000, 1000, 500, 100, 10 masari (I’m aware this info probably isn’t available but if you had to guesstimate).. (u/grrsed)

https://imgur.com/gallery/f7xboOy (response by LoDoCrypto)

What is the current TPS and what is the TPS goal? (u/Gr8WallofChinatown)

Current network’s TPS is fairly low due to it being a small altcoin. We have dynamic block sizes, so we’re already capable of a reasonably high throughput, however would hit extremely large block sizes at some point (assuming a large network effect at play) which would make block propagation in order to achieve consensus difficult, causing nodes to fall behind as they get bottlenecked by CPU and network constraints.

This is to be addressed via the Blocktree protocol, as it minimizes block sizes while at the same time allowing parallel blocks to be mined, with the tree splitting dynamically based on throughput requirements (similarly dynamic in a way to how we currently resize blocks). — (response by Thaer)

Can you talk a little about any plans for masaris use in the real world, point of sale payment methods etc
I know plans are in the works for a mobile wallet, but are there any plans for integration into card payment terminals, or any other third party payment systems? (u/pedropolis_crypto)

We’ve reached out to some crypto payment processing sites, as u/bazookajeff eluded to in an earlier response. The money required to be listed was really high, and at this stage of Masari’s life it’s not worth paying $50,000 for a year on coinpayments.net.

Fortunately u/gnock_ is very talented when it comes to payment processing. He has a lot of experience in the field within traditional business and has great ideas. Once we hit our development benchmarks on the roadmap, we’re going to focus much more on the usability of Masari.

Personally I’ve been dipping my toes into seeing how Masari can be introduced to local recreational dispensaries, but a lot of the business owners are hesitant to try anything that would jeopardize their license. So that’s a bit of an uphill battle. (response by LoDoCrypto)

Hello Thaer, would you consider getting a Slack for non techy peeps maybe? (u/thegeminitroubledguy)

Hi there,

We had a Slack in the past but it was least popular compared to Discord so we deprecated it.

Discord is actually very user friendly, feel free to join us: https://discord.gg/sMCwMqs

Our Telegram is also quite lively (and meme heavy): https://t.me/masaricurrency — (response by Thaer)

Hi, what concrete actions are you planning to get rid of the 62% hash-power of the miner.blocks pool? (u/Endogen)

Hi, someone asked about it up the thread, here was the reply:

There is nothing concrete in play right now. Keep in mind the core team doesn’t want to be a central authority on mining activities. We can’t/don’t want to restrict mining options, nor do we want to single out a pool because of their hash rate.

The miner to hash rate ratio on that pool is disproportionate to what we see on other pools. So that implies there are some larger rigs mining to it, rather than a collection of small miners. Therefore the best route in handling the pool issue would be to attract more miners who spread their hash across other pools, but there’s no guarantee new miners would avoid the biggest pool. (response by LoDoCrypto)


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Masari Update #4

This update covers a lengthy discussion about Blocktree on the Hashing It Out podcast, welcomes community based development in the form of a tagline vote, hosts a miner update, and highlights some ways to spend MSR.

Hashing It Out

On June 30, Masari founder and lead developer Thaer Khawaja went on the Hashing It Out podcast. The podcast focuses on the technology of cryptocurrency, so the Masari conversation was largely based on a conceptual overview of the Blocktree protocol. Other topics of the podcast include the reasons for creating a coin rather than working on Monero, MSR DAAs, and the role Masari developments play in the greater CN/crypto space.

The 65 minute long podcast was published on July 5, and is available to listen to here: https://thebitcoinpodcast.com/hashing-it-out-14/.


Taglines are an important part of branding for businesses. For example Just Do It is interchangeable with Nike itself. Taglines can also be seen in crypto: OMG — Unbank the Banked, QTUM — The Blockchain Made Ready for Business, etc. With Masari looking to increase awareness and grow its network, a tagline can help serve as a foundation to build marketing efforts upon.

During the last week of June, a tweet was sent out soliciting potential taglines from the community. Masarians responded with well thought out and marketable taglines; but in the end five selections were moved onto a final vote in Discord. Handedly winning the vote was the submission from Masari Marketing Director Bazooka Jeff: Simple. Scalable. Secure. Simple can be seen in Masari’s client-side web wallet. Scalable will be evidenced through the Blocktree protocol. Secure is offered indefinitely by Cryptonote & Ring CT. These three words embody the current and future state of Masari, and will help position Masari for growth within the marketplace.

New Exchange

On June 27, 2018 Crex 24 listed Masari on their exchange with a BTC pairing. This listing happened because of community funding (.14 BTC). Thanks to all who chipped in to the fund, particularly Blue Tail from Discord.

Update for MSR-Stak

The move to CN-Fast brought a Masari version of XMR-Stak. This version routes developer fees in the miner to the Masari development wallet. The original 2.4.4 version released with the fork had a bug in it that restricted donations. A new version — 2.4.5 is now released and can be used to donate without issue. If you would like to contribute to project funding, please use the MSR miner provided below:

MSR-Stak 2.4.5

Spend MSR

With Masari being a currency, it is important to be able to actually spend MSR. Currently there are a few ways you can put your MSR to use.

WooCommerce Plugin— https://github.com/masari-project/masariwp

GetMasari.Store — https://getmasari.store/. Pay in MSR, and pick up some low priced coasters seen below.

Discord — Tip and Lotto bot. Lotto drawings are every Friday.

1*H0_MRwbp8Jcmhii34J6aYw.jpegcredit: F0sching

Discord: 1830 members(+89 from Update #3)

Twitter: 1007 followers (+57)

Reddit: 949 (+57)

Masari is also on Minds.com @ https://www.minds.com/masaricurrency


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Masari Update #3

This update welcomes CN-Fast, a tipping + lotto bot in Discord, a mobile mining service, and more.


The fork to in-house developed CN-Fast was completed early morning June 19th at block 204,000. The last blocks of CNv7 held a network hashrate of 5 Mh/s, as of block 204,200 the network hashrate was 8 MH/s. Miners reported hash increases of 40–60%, with a nice bump in CPU performance.

A full list of CN-Fast compatible miners are available here. Cast XMR will be available in its next release. Thank you to all the pools and miners who successfully coordinated the forking efforts.

Discord Tip & Lotto Bot

TOGM from Masaricoin.com has customized an open source tipping and lotto bot for the Masari Discord. To get started with tipping and partaking in the lotto, follow the steps below. Please keep bot chatter to #the-chum-bucket.

  1. Enable 2FA on your discord account as your tip and lotto address is tied to your Discord username.
  2. In the member list you will see Masari Pay within the Skynet category. Direct message the Masari Pay bot with “!myaddress”. This will generate a Masari address to use across any discord server. Private keys are not available for the bot generated address, but you can withdraw anytime with the !withdraw command.
  3. Load balances onto your Masari Pay address by sending amounts from your existing GUI/CLI/Web wallet. Use your balance on the Masari Pay address to tip or join in the lotto.
  4. 1 lotto ticket is 5 MSR. Make sure when you !buytickets the following amount is the ticket number, not MSR you want to put in. There is a 20% chance no winner will be drawn; in that case the pot will be rolled over to the next drawing. Drawings are once a week.
  5. If you want to tip, use this format: !tip X @DiscordUsername
Mobile & Web Mining

CN-Fast enabled mobile and web mining is now available. Web mining is hosted on masariwallet.com. Mobile mining is provided by the Tony Monero App. The app is a free download, but 10% of your hash rate will be donated to the app developers. As more miners use the app, the 10% fee will be reduced. You setup mobile mining the same way you setup a regular miner — meaning you need a wallet and pool address. Read more about the Tony Monero App here.

Cipher Contest & Giveaway

To celebrate nine months of Masari, a twitter giveaway of 100 MSR took place at the beginning of June. Five winners took home 20 MSR each. In a follow up contest that tested the wits of Masarians, a cipher was quietly released. While no one completed the puzzle in its entirety, multiple people came close with one standing out. The answer can be found here.


There are three active bounties being offered:

  • 100 MSR for any merged pull request (not text/README changes).
  • 100 MSR for an introductory video to Masari.
  • 25 MSR for detailed report on reproducible bugs through the issue tracker.

Please visit the Masari Discord for more details or to claim a bounty.

New Exchange

Masari is now traded on the new Canadian exchange Maplechange.com. This marks the fifth Masari exchange. The listing comes with a variety of pairings, including: MSR/BTC, MSR/ETH, MSR/LTC, and MSR/WAE. Help decentralize Masari markets by signing up and trading on their well-managed exchange.

Exchange Voting

Public voting for new listings is currently underway on two exchanges. It takes a few seconds to cast a vote for MSR.



Social Growth

Discord: 1741 members — (+318 from update #2)

Twitter: 950 followers (+211)

Reddit: 892 subs (+137)


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Masari will fork to the newly developed CN-Fast at block 204,000. Below is a list of miners that can be used pre and post-fork:

XMR-Stak 2.4.5: https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak/releases.

MSR-Stak 2.4.5: https://github.com/masari-project/masari-xmr-stak/releases/tag/2.4.5 — Same operation as XMR-stak, only developer fees are routed to the Masari development fund.

XMRig 2.6.3: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases — Xmrig-proxy has been tested and works with the same parameters as xmrig.

SRB Miner 1.6.0: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3167363.0

Cast XMR 1.2.5: https://gandalph3000.com/


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Web Wallet Update

Masari’s client side web wallet has had significant updates since launch. One of the biggest is a new URL. The web wallet can now be found at masariwallet.com. Let’s take a look at other developments and the roadmap.

1*JXrLFhJRX26mjv7kD9j_nw.jpegNew UI
  • Bug that blocked spending coins (may require re-import).
  • Rework wallet creation process to improve user experience.
  • Settings that impact performance.
New Features:
  • Web mining.
  • QR code scanning on send page.
  • Open alias support on the send page.
  • Rollout of PWA (progressive web app).
  • .pdf export for keys.
  • Added view only wallets.
  • New page designs/UI.
  • Change password in settings.
  • Network page with relevant statistics.
  • Thank you message for donations.
  • Android app.
  • Translations.
  • Multiple wallet/switch.
  • Wallet sync on multiple devices.
  • Offline support

There have been questions regarding web wallets for Masari, particularly in relation to the coming fork to CN-Fast at block 204,000. It is known that masariwallet.com will be prepared for the fork as the site is created and hosted by a Masari developer. The masari.network wallet was created by a community member, and we cannot guarantee that wallet’s preparation for the fork. If concerned, you are welcome to import to a different wallet before the move to CN-Fast. As long as you have your private keys you will always be able to import to a CLI/GUI or masariwallet.com.


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In an effort to mitigate potential attacks and reduce miner centralization threats, Masari has developed Cryptonight-Fast to serve as our proof of work algorithm. This article will explain why the fork is needed, and highlight necessary preparations.

Reasons for the fork

Within the past 30k blocks, Masari has forked twice. So why another one? The reason is that as a young coin with a relatively low network hashrate, Masari is exposed to a variety of both plain and exotic attacks. Plain attacks could include the rollout of CNv7 ASICs which would drive Masari towards miner centralization through ASIC hashes. Exotic attacks could include the redirection of hashing resources from large pools that offer CNv7; which opens the door for 51% and flash mining attacks.

Both of these attack vectors rely on Masari using CNv7. As such, the most apparent solution to reduce potential corruption within Masari’s network is to use a different algorithm. Cryptonight-Fast is a Masari development that has slight variations from the current CNv7 algo while maintaining Masari’s standard privacy features. CN-Fast will still allow for Masari developments to be pushed upstream and to the greater Cryptonote community.


Fork height: 204,000— Est. date & time: June 18, 2018 @ 22:34 UTC

  • Users — v0.2.4 Mac & Windows GUI wallets are available here: https://github.com/masari-project/masari-wallet-gui/releases/tag/v0.2.4.0. You can continue to use the Masari web wallet without issue. Exchange wallets will be updated on their backend.
  • Pool operators — This fork will rollout the same way as the previous two. Please reference here: https://github.com/masari-project/nodejs-pool and if any other questions arise let us know in discord.
  • Miners — This fork requires action from MSR miners. The entire Classy Caiman release can be seen here. In the next published release of XMR-Stak, CN-Fast will be a selectable option under the header of Masari. In the interim, Masari will produce a forked XMR-Stak loaded with MSR binaries. When available, announcements will be made on social media. Initial tests report a 30–50% hashrate increase across both CPUs and Nvidia/AMD GPUs.

If you have questions about preparing for this fork, pop into our discord and ask away in the #support channel.


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