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  1. First, here is the basic information of the GF wallet. This info has always been public at https://github.com/monero-project/monero#readme but not everyone might know this.
    The Monero general fund donation address is: 888tNkZrPN6JsEgekjMnABU4TBzc2Dt29EPAvkRxbANsAnjyPbb3iQ1YBRk1UXcdRsiKc9dhwMVgN5S9cQUiyoogDavup3H.
    The view key is: f359631075708155cc3d92a32b75a7d02a5dcf27756707b47a2b31b21c389501. Note you need to use the base address for restoring a view-only wallet, which is: 44AFFq5kSiGBoZ4NMDwYtN18obc8AemS33DBLWs3H7otXft3XjrpDtQGv7SqSsaBYBb98uNbr2VBBEt7f2wfn3RVGQBEP3A.

    The Bitcoin general fund donation address is: 1KTexdemPdxSBcG55heUuTjDRYqbC5ZL8H.

    Current balance in GF wallets: 5637.585152963753 XMR, and 0.09042883 BTC.
    This balance has been generally increasing over the last 1.5 year.

    I exported all key images, which can be used together with a view-only wallet to see what transactions were spent, and the final balance. You can access them here: https://downloads.getmonero.org/GF_wallet_key_images_until_20210616

    Summary 2020

    • Received: 2847.716692 XMR
    • Spent: 896.4505203 XMR

    Summary 2021 (until 16/06)

    • Received: 3161.148144 XMR
    • Spent: 211.7867395 XMR

    You can find the full list of all transactions since 2016, as well as annotated outgoing transactions for 2020/2021 here: https://downloads.getmonero.org/GF_wallet_report_June_2021.ods

    While most donations are anonymous, I know that LocalMonero has been making some. I'll let them give info about that if and as they wish.

    Also worth noting that non-monetary donations are made by some companies who are currently paying for some of our infrastructure (see the 'Sponsorships' page). Without them, the cost of resources such as our website hosting, the CDN and its associated bandwidth, etc, would probably be above 10k$/month, so it's effectively saving the general fund this amount every month.

    Historically, the GF had been used to complete some CCS proposals that were struggling to be fully funded. However, in 2020 all proposals were funded on their own and hence there was no need for that kind of intervention. In 2021 we decided to always contribute to all proposals that we deem of particular significance to the Monero project, even when it is clear that they can be fully funded anyway; at this time we expect to keep doing so. I would encourage everyone motivated to make that leap and contribute some proposals.

    A lot of questions and heated debates have been raised in the last week, including on the role of the General Fund and its purpose/administration. We (the core team) expect to post a clarification on these matters in the coming days.

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  2. 1*pa4d31KQKo21xLDlfXSbjQ.png

    Hello, everyone! I know you are super excited about the possibility to swap XCASH to wXCASH and vice-versa, so I’d like to share a bit of information on the wXCASH project status.

    What’s wXCASH about?

    In a few words, it’s a token built on top of ERC-20 / BSC protocols that allows our project to scale up even more by targeting top exchange listings. The token will have a value of 1:1 to XCASH.

    So what’s the X-Bank part?

    X-Bank will provide the solution as a service and user interface to swap the coins seamlessly. To achieve this, the following components are being implemented:

    • wXCASH Hot/Cold wallets infrastructure + ETH / BSC nodes;
    • Multiple accounts for each user (1 XCASH & 1 wXCASH);
    • wXCASH account currency support: each user will have an ERC-20 / BSC account to deposit and withdraw tokens;
    • The swap logic: users will be able to swap the coins between their accounts only;
    • wXCASH deposits and withdrawals processing;
    • No commission or fees will be applied for any user operations — swapping or depositing/withdrawing. Instead, a minimum threshold e.g. 5M XCASH per withdraw will be set up.

    This is not the whole list because some technical parts are being reworked and will be communicated later on.

    What’s done?

    I’ll be short here:

    • X-Bank Backend part is fully completed: multiple accounts support, handling different currencies, sync logic reworked and improved, and the “swapping” logic is completed and fully tested.
    • ETH / BSC nodes are ready and synced, and test contracts are created and deployed to the chains.
    • Hot- and cold- wallets for wXCASH and deposit processing is done but not fully tested.

    What’s left?

    • X-Bank Frontend and iOS App: user interfaces for multiple accounts management and the swap page are being worked on.
    • ERC-20 / BSC deposits are being tested, withdrawal functionality is being implemented.
    • At the moment, the contracts are deployed to the Ropsten and Binance testnets only. When all the tests pass, contracts will be run on the main network.

    wXCASH on ETH versus BSC

    BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is a fork of the Ethereum chain. Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) runs perfectly on the BSC, as well as Ethereum smart contracts and dApps work with ease. So from a technical and integration point of view, there is no difference in which chain we run wXCASH on.

    • Ethereum is more popular and widely adopted, but fees are extremely high;
    • BSC is EVM compatible, and fast. Fees are lower but fewer users are familiar with BSC and how to use it;
    • Exchange listing is a bit easier for ETH tokens rather than BSC.

    So ETH or BSC?

    The question is not answered yet but we’ll take into account all the pros and cons and try to find the best solution.

    P.S. iOS App work is on a separate track and might become available later than X-Bank Frontend implementation. This way it will not block the launch of the wXCASH swap.

    P.P.S. A closed beta test is targeted for this month, stay tuned to get updates on it!

    Thank you.


    X-Bank wXCASH update. was originally published in X-CASH on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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  3. Snider
    Latest Entry

    By Snider,


    I recently came across a bounty in the TRTL Discord for an article about TurtleCoin. The requirements were loose, it was mainly just a length requirement, so I figured I’d brew up some coffee and give it a shot.

    Thanks to Keda666 for reminding me to post this.


    Starting a coin network is easy. Taking care of one, helping it grow, keeping it healthy, giving it good guidance — those are the hard parts. My name is RockSteady, and TurtleCoin is my problem child.

    With an introduction like that, you might be thinking that I regret creating TurtleCoin or that it is a mistake in the sense that it was a failure, but quite the opposite as Bob Ross might say. TurtleCoin was created at the height of the crypto-boom of December 2017. At the time you could create literally anything, put “crypto” in the name, and sell it for millions, even if it didn’t exist (RIP BitConnect, never forget).

    Out of the plethora of networks that were coming out, a little privacy category emerged. You had DASH and the masternode networks, you had Zcash with the optional privacy networks, then you had Bytecoin, Monero and the rest of the Cryptonote family with stealth addresses and fulltime privacy… and off standing in the corner, struggling for attention and trying to peer above the shoulders of the Cryptonote family is little TurtleCoin with a pizza stained shirt and light coating of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    As you may or may not know, TurtleCoin was a fork of Bytecoin. Incidentally, TurtleCoin and Monero for the first 3 years shared the same codebase, which came from an old retired version of Bytecoin. The way the privacy works in TurtleCoin and Monero is that if you think of every transaction as a handful of coins and dollars, each coin or dollar is matched up with a handful of others on the network and spent in a way that an observer can’t tell whose coins participated in the transaction, and nobody can scope out your transaction history or balance without being given keys to see it.

    So, big deal, right? You fork some code, then change all the mentions to the old guys, throw in a little pizzaz, maybe some ninja turtle memes, and boom you’re off to the races, right? Shitcoin starter pack.

    Unfortunately that is mostly true for some networks, at least to get the coin off the runway and into the sky. It takes almost zero work to fork code, change some variables and launch a network, but if the hundreds of projects people created based on our code are any indicator, it takes much much more than that to keep a network functioning and thriving.

    Lets get to the problem child part.

    A big reason why none of these forked networks exist anymore is that your network is like a little pot of gold, always out of reach, but for those smart enough you can find ways to make things easier as miner, or when all else fails, make things harder for everyone. Over the years, through the system of mining coins alone, we have seen it all with regards to the measures people will take to overcome the rules of the network to drive up their profit just a few points while having disastrous effects for the rest of us.

    At times we have seen people forging timestamps for mined blocks, pulse mining the network to skew the difficulty enough so that many coins are produced in an hour, then when the difficulty climbs as a result, the miner leaves for another network with lower difficulty and leaves us to mine slow blocks for an hour before they return as the difficulty goes back to normal. Wash, rinse repeat. We even saw people so bold as to incorporate TurtleCoin as the payload of botnets, presumably to get more mining power.

    Miners and their grubby little hands were the least of our troubles, along the way we noticed bugs that either got exploited and created a fire that we had to put out (like the fusion spam), or bugs that hadnt yet been exploited luckily (like the remote RPC bug). Sometimes when you fork code from others, this is the risk you take.

    Maybe it is getting clearer why we don’t have as many TurtleCoin forks around anymore. If it isn’t so clear, here is an analogy — If you put a plane in the air, and stop refueling it, it will eventually touch the ground.

    With all of these problems, TurtleCoin still prevails, and has not to this day had a single attack on the protocol that caused a loss of funds from any user, and with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as big as the remaining emission, nobody has exploited that either. (at the time of this writing, TurtleCoin still has 91% of the supply left to be mined)

    Three years later, TurtleCoin still receives new code every day, new features, improvements, fixes — and still has users transacting despite the price being the lowest it has ever been in history. During these three years, as a team we have seen hundreds of networks spawn from the TurtleCoin code. These networks may have been other peoples hopes and dreams, Id imagine.

    “Finally this will be the one” some of the forkers might say, before they sell off their entire premine and start the next project.

    Today I can think of two networks that forked us that are still functioning, and of those two, when I think of how many receive software updates, Id have to say it is maybe one that is still actively developed.

    As we round our way into the second era of TurtleCoin, the one where we scrap all code and write something new from scratch, I hope some of this funny business in the markets changes, and I do hope that all the forkers out there get their act together, however irrational they may be. TurtleCoin is our hopes and dreams, our pot of gold, our problem child. TurtleCoin is actively developed and every bit as serious of a project as others, it just has a funny name.

    Accept no imitations, TurtleCoin is here to stay. When you think privacy, utility, and low cost transactions without showing the world your balance, think TurtleCoin. When you think about TurtleCoin, think about us, your captains, and a team that wont let you down no matter what the price.

    Thanks for listening, I hope you all stick with us for TRTL v2.. its a game changer in the works. No more mining, even better privacy, everything new. Get some while you can, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Originally published at TurtleCoin.


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  4. Hey y’all, 

    This week has been the first week back after the Christmas holidays, so our dev updates will be back to their usual length from here on out. This week, the Session team worked to finish the final Session protocol implementation, specifically focusing on closed groups. The Lokinet team submitted their TUN refactor code which is expected to improve performance, especially on Windows. The Loki Core team worked on various Oxen rebranding projects, mostly focusing on the wallets. 

    Loki Core 


    This past week, Lokinet development resumed with significant work on a big “TUN refactor” PR (fTUN is the name of the programmable virtual network interface driver that Lokinet uses to provide local virtual addresses). This throws away a big chunk of borrowed code in favour of a streamlined implementation, which is always nice, but more importantly it fixes a longstanding issue with Windows performance where we have continually seen considerably worse throughput and latency numbers on Windows compared to Linux or macOS. We still have more testing and some known issues to stamp out, but we hope to get release 8.1.3 out, particularly for Windows users, in the near future.


    We’re finishing off the remaining Session Protocol changes this week. This primarily means changing closed groups to use the Session Protocol instead of our implementation of sender keys.

    Session iOS 

    Session Android 

    Session Desktop



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  5. We have collaboratively been working through what should go into the Lethean roadmap and how we broadcast activity.
    The Lethean official website is now updated with the most current roadmap: https://lethean.io/roadmap
    At this stage only completed and actively worked on items are disclosed.

    Our most recent roadmap updates have been focusing on:

    - Giving Lethean a new look with a fresh new website!
    - Making it simpler to stand-up a node, a lot simpler.
    - Promoting Lethean — In doing so, we attract attention and gain momentum with increased community involvement.
    - More exchange listings and maintaining these relationships.

    As you may be aware the Lethean community contributes it’s time on a voluntary basis in managing this project. This means we cannot provide accurate timelines for when roadmap items will be completed and this specific information is therefore removed.

    The great news is our team is growing with members eager to make an impact on the Lethean project. We are confident and excited about this and look forward to releasing updates on the project as they become available.

    Why not have your say about what should be the focus right now for Lethean?
    Reach us on any of our official channels. In our opinion, the more minds we put together the better things will be.


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  6. 0*ebL_QJQdwwj8f7F5

    We are very excited to announce that Haven Protocol has been listed on BKEX!

    Trading goes live today at 20:30 (UTC+8).

    This is a critical step to expanding access to financial privacy for our users throughout Asia, and will allow access for the first time to the wider Chinese community that has shown a lot of interest in Haven. BKEX is the 4th largest exchange in China. We hope this will assist some of the Chinese investors who have shown long term interest in the project and struggled to find a suitable exchange to use.

    As the first listing of an XHV/USDT pair, this listing with BKEX marks another important step for the project, and we also hope that the USDT pairing will allow a new angle for traders by spreading our pricing across more platforms and pairs.

    We would like to encourage our regular users to join in the trading competition, Twitter rewards program, and take advantage of a small deposit bonus for XHV deposits on BKEX, further details of which are below.

    Trading Contest

    During the contest all users who who trade the XHV/USDT pair on BKEX and reach a minimum qualifying trading volume will be given ranking rewards that go towards the following prizes, awarded at the end of the contest to users with the most trading volume:


    Deposit Bonus

    For the duration of the contest, all users who deposit a minimum of 500 XHV to BKEX will receive a bonus of 10 USDT. The pool for this is 6500 USDT so it will be distributed on a first come first served basis until the pool is used up.

    Twitter Sharing Bonus

    During the contest, users who follow the BKEX official Twitter account https://twitter.com/ComBkex and retweet and comment the listing tweet, register relevant information to the form link, will receive 2 USDT. This will be available for the first 300 users who complete the above on a first come first served basis.


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  7. Screen-Shot-2020-01-23-at-2.01.58-PM.png

    Congratulating @jfkwn and the community on this very important accomplishment!

    To run a Lyra testnet node, test token issuance, or just keep an eye on the project: https://github.com/graft-project/LyraNetwork

    Lyra Testnet TG channel: https://t.me/lyranodes

    P.S. we need at least 20 live nodes to get the real testing and benchmarking under way so please join the testnet!  (Lyra Testnet TG channel is the best place to ask for help)


    The post Lyra Permissionless Testnet is LIVE! Join Testnet appeared first on Graft Blockchain.

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  8. Authored by SatoriNakamoto and JeuTheidit


    Masari getting the attention of Trump?! Must be from all the recent news — Further development and direction for the project, the introduction of Boomcast, an introduction video production release, a new betting website, and the revival of MasariPay encompass this update.


    If you missed the last Masari project update, the infamous spending issue was fixed, Stex and SouthXchange are back up and running, the GUI has been updated, camthegeek has completely re-designed the official website, and a new Hetzner server has been set up to host the web wallet and block explorer under new domains.


    Now with most of the wallet bugs squashed and web wallet running smoothly, the Android app has been updated with Google Play just around the corner. Installing and testing on the v1.2.0 beta release is welcome! When this is completed, development of the bigger project items can continue.

    Regarding the direction of the project, thaer stated:


    Simple Private Tokens (SPTs) would feature the ability to issue private digital assets in the network easily by the end user, with any computational logic using interchangeable off-chain architecture. To put it in layman’s terms, SPT is a network-native token service that allows the normal end user to create a token that they can do with as they wish — trade on an exchange, treat it as a security or share in a company, partial ownership of assets, and more. The possibilities are endless! It would be void of any on-chain smart contracts (i.e. all of that would be off-chain with multisig) to keep the network as simple, secure, scalable, and single-purpose as possible.

    SPT isn’t yet at the possible stage yet, but it seems to be feasible at this point. It’s extremely math and cryptography heavy, and we’ll likely need to pay for a cryptography audit. If it works, this will be another crypto-space first coming from the Masari project, and combined with blocktree will result in a scalable currency that can handle this type of environment over the long term.


    A new podcast series dubbed Boomcast has been started by BazookaJeff. The first episode features an interview with thaer.

    Like and subscribe to Bazooka Jeff on YouTube to get notifications about future episode releases!

    Introduction to Masari

    The animated video project has been fully funded by the community and Johnny Gonzo, xiaomogwai, and Keez have released the production!

    Definitely a more conservative and family friendly vibe from our Emperor of Memes, xiaomogwai.

    In addition to the introduction video, the Masari introduction Medium article has been updated as well. It is meant to be a write up for new users to learn quickly what Masari is all about and how to start getting involved. Go check it out and let us know how to improve it!

    Masari Betting Game

    Changing gears a little bit, thanks to OhGodAMochi101 you can now play the numbers on masari.win! This is a game that is based on the results of the Masari blockchain itself, so it’s easily provable using third party resources.

    Bet any amount between 1 and 30 MSR (limit can be raised if there is interest) and choose up to 15 characters to guess what the last digit of the next block’s hash will be. The probability of winning and the payout amount are determined by how many characters you choose. Selecting all 15 characters will give you a 93.75% chance to win 1.01 times your bet, while choosing only 1 character will give you a 6.25% chance to win 15.2 times your bet.


    Thanks to Dubz and flyguyry_2.0, MasariPay has come back from the dead! Come join the fun in Discord and try your luck with the weekly raffle!

    General reminder from the last encounter — Do not use the tip bot for storing large amounts. Only keep what you are willing to lose and use for fun. That said, wallet backups are now completed on a regular basis if the server ever goes down.

    Community Meetings

    Community meetings occur on Saturdays of even numbered weeks at 15:00 UTC in the #meeting-table discord channel. Come join us to talk future development, funding, marketing, how you can help, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

    Previous meeting recaps:

    The next scheduled meeting is on August 24th.


    Seeking community approval:

    No proposals currently require funding.

    Recently completed:


    Discord: 2702 members (+42 from update #10)

    Official Twitter: 1843 followers (+20)

    Engagement Twitter: 43 followers (+22)

    Reddit: 1,177 subs (-5)

    Telegram: 696 members (-27)

    Forks: 58 (core) | 89 (webwallet)

    That’s all for this edition of the community update, see you next time and keep on rockin’ in the FOSS world.


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  9. Greetings SaroKnight’s!

    In this update we will discuss the following:

    • Upcoming fork
    • CoinMarketCap listing
    • SaroWrite
    • 2019 Goals

    The upcoming fork will feature the following:

    • Activated bulletproofs(Lower fee transactions and smaller blockchain)
    • Staking from the GUI wallet
    • Add latest updates and bug fixes from Monero and Loki
    • IPV6 support for the Saronite daemon
    • Minor changes in the difficulty algorithm

    CoinMarketCap listing

    Saronite has applied to be listed on CoinMarketCap. We have gotten a response from CoinMarketCap and they have requested a value only output for the circulating supply. This has been done here> https://saronite.io/api/circulating/ We have provided CoinMarketCap with what they need and they will now process listing Saronite on CoinMarketCap


    SaroWrite blogging network is due in Quarter 1 2019. We are currently working and testing a few things, we will release the platform in stages and go live during Quarter 1 2019. We hope to be one of the biggest blogging platform in the cryptocurrency world. We will go through a lot of advertising to promote SaroWrite. In the next update we will discuss the technical details.

    2019 Goals for Saronite

    2019 will be an exciting year for the Saronite team and community. We are going to work on the following

    • Complete and launch SaroWrite
    • Implement a custom proof of work that will give 15% to ASIC’s and 85% to GPU/CPU miners
    • Implement online payment methods and the existence of SaroPay.
    • List on a larger exchanges
    • Marketing for Saronite
    • Get listed on masternodes.online
    • Service Node Apps with community based development

    Thank you to the Saronite community and everyone assisting the project! We hope to have you with us for 2019 and the years to come!

    Happy new year from the Saronite team!

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  10. Time for another major update! We have great news about the extension and some cool new BitTube tweaks. We’ve decided that from now on, we will publish our official updates earlier in the week instead of on Fridays.

    Follow us on Delta App

    To start things off, you can now follow all of our medium updates on Delta, a crypto portfolio tracker app. Get it on Android and iOS here.

    Live Support Desk

    Secondly, we’ve been focusing on improving our helpdesk workflow. For everyone’s convenience, we have added live support on BitTubeApp.com. Browse the knowledge base or get in touch with us directly by clicking the Live Support button at the bottom right of the page. Now you can leave us a message or chat with one of our support staff in real-time!


    With that out of the way, now for the big news:

    The BitTube AirTime extension beta is now public!

    Get it here. Don’t forget to leave a review!


    We would like to give big thanks to the beta testers that dug deep to share their feedback. This has helped us speed up the process of fixing bugs and making it available to the public. So without further ado, you can go and install the extension yourself and give it a try.

    Don’t forget to share the extension using your referral link under the Options menu, so both you and those who sign up will receive 5 TUBEs as a reward. As of version, referral links should now be working correctly.


    If you’re new to the extension, welcome! Let us give you a quick rundown of why this is such great news. The extension monetizes your internet usage everywhere using the AirTime monetization system. It enables you to actively monetize and donate to websites, retailers, publishers and social accounts. The extension integrates a donation button on all popular platforms. See also What is the BitTube browser extension?


    Extension features include:

    • Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
    • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
    • Link your social accounts and domain.
    • Integrated wallet to send and receive funds.
    • Buy TUBE coins with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
    • Integrated ad-blocker (uBlock Origin)
    • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
    • Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.

    AirTime is not active yet

    To avoid any confusion, please note that AirTime in the extension is not yet activated. In order to secure the system against bots and malicious usage, an AI is currently training itself to map normal user behavior. Once the system has sufficient data, we are ready to activate AirTime.

    But what is AirTime anyway, you say? Good question! In short, with AirTime monetization, the time you spend on web pages is directly monetized without ads. Visitors are not distracted by ads and publishers can focus on designing the best possible user experience without any interruptions that direct you away from their website or social page. Your time and attention are a limited resource. AirTime allows you to spend your undivided attention and monetizes both sides of the equation. It’s a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win solution. To learn everything about AirTime, start here.

    Getting started with the extension

    We’ve been working hard on our knowledge base for both the extension and the video platform, in order to get every new user up to speed. Learn how to create and verify your account and subsequently link your social accounts after you’ve installed the extension. The KB is a work in progress, if you’d like to point out improvements we’re open to your suggestions.

    Note: if you currently have the BitTube Redirector extension installed, it is recommended to disable it to avoid conflicts.


    Monetize your website with AirTime now!

    If you run a successful website, we have great news. Now you can benefit from AirTime and generate income without needing intrusive ads (that most of your visitors would block anyway!). Take advantage of clean web design and be an early adopter of the future of Internet monetization.


    Our AirTime system rewards the most valuable asset of your visitors, namely their time and attention they spend on your pages. After linking your domain to your BitTube extension account, you will be claiming the rewards from all traffic (past and present) by your visitors running the extension.

    What’s more, a permissioned, native AirTime module is in development that will allow your website to generate AirTime from the majority of your visitors who do not have the extension installed, enabling you to get rid of ads for good.

    To link your domain to your BitTube account, follow three easy steps here.

    Finally, remember that the extension is still very much in beta. All of your bug reports, feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

    Android wallet app

    Additionally, we are excited to announce that our Android wallet app is ready and we’ve submitted the first version to the Google Play store.

    Get it here. Again, don’t forget to leave a review!


    The wallet app is based on Monerujo. Its focus is usability and security. Main features are creating unlimited wallet addresses to organize all of your transactions. The QR code functionality makes sending and receiving funds fast and secure due to the integrated payment ID in the transaction. This helps retailers offer easy purchasing without customers needing to add additional information.

    BitTube video platform improvements

    BitTube is a community based video platform. We are happy to receive all of your feedback, especially creative ideas in our Discord suggestions channel. For those of you with tens or hundreds of videos in the upload queue, you can now add massive tags. Just write your tags down separated by commas, copy them to the tags field below the description and hit Enter.


    Timestamps in comments and descriptions are now a thing. Clicking on “4:20”, for example, will jump the video to that time. Creators can feature a playlist or break down the topics covered.

    Further improvements include fixing the thumbnail aspect ratio on upload and other uploading backend optimizations.

    Lastly, with the help from the community, our moderation team has been acting diligently on NSFW and bot reports (see Discord moderator-log).

    Looking forward

    After the extension is officially out of beta, we will be able to refocus much more on the video platform. The short list includes specific AirTime improvements that will advocate organic usage, promoting original content (OC), various creator tools, UI improvements and much more.

    Thank you for reading this far. Have a great week!

    Your BitTube Team.

    Join our Newsletter!


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