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Weekly update 3rd of November



We are working hard day by day on the new AirTime model to have it scalable for millions of users. This is what is consuming a lot of our time; it is hard work to build something in Internet scale.

Saber Maram


The update this week is a summary of our recent activities around BitTube, as we continue to work hard according to our roadmap. It is a pleasure to be surrounded by such a passionate community full of ideas and having our backs providing valuable feedback.

Mobile wallet app

Our Android wallet app is almost ready. The plan is to be available for the weekly update on 16th of November. Simplicity and redundancy is our key goal. A true payment buddy connected to your online wallet for your AirTime payments and purchases. Manage multiple addresses and top up your debit card when it’s released (apply to the debit card here).


The BitTube Anthem (rap song)

A month ago we were searching for a Rap artist to produce some entertaining music. Now it is available on BitTube as our anthem. But that’s not where we will stop. We’d like to invite the community to do remixes for the song. They can reach us via one of our social media accounts and we will provide them with the audio files to do the remix.

Learn to trade with safety

Simulated exchange Niffler.co has included TUBE-USD as a trading pair following a planned Top trader competition that starts today. It offers all conventional exchanges functionalities without risking real money. The platform gives you 100k USD to play with to get confident at trading with the riskiest assets out there.

Airtime extension Test Beta

If you want to help us and be an early bird beta tester for the upcoming BitTube Airtime extension, you can join us here and apply! This will help us get everything ready for the official release in approximately 4–5 weeks.

Note: Only a limited number of testers will be chosen.

Content guidelines and blacklisting of bots

Our actions against bots and other fraudulent users are starting to pay off. Airtime’s reward has increased by more than 300% for viewers and 250% for creators since our squad of moderators have been actively fighting the bots and “leeches”. This way, our original TubeCreators and legitimate viewers are getting a fair share of Airtime for their time spent on the platform. Secondly, as stated in last week’s update, we are also working on improving AirTime such that real viewers compete much more easily with bots and leeches. By limiting the daily consumable AirTime in a clever way, we should see much more improvements for earnings in the short term.


Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Your BitTube team

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