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Weekly update 26th of October




This week we had our focus on the back end, some front end, and have been working hard to improve the quality on the platform.

Following last week’s update, we have continued fighting the overwhelming amount of bots and spam on the platform. These growing pains are a ‘good problem’ to have, but the severity of it was creating an unfair environment to real honest creators and viewers.

Additionally, together with the community we have set several content guidelines in ongoing efforts to improve the quality on the platform. Besides the existing rules around copyright and NSFW material, the new guidelines encompass spam, low-quality content, kickback schemes and using the platform as a coin faucet. You can read more about this on our subreddit and in #moderator-log on our Discord channel. The next steps will include improvements to the AirTime model that will promote organic usage over bot-like behavior. Namely, these improvements will include certain limits to a viewer’s daily AirTime, so both honest viewers and creators compete more fairly for the daily block rewards.

The dev team made improvements to the ‘Upload Media’ menu and overall performance including better responsiveness of the playlist editing view. Now, uploads should not get stuck at 100%. In case one does get stuck, the user will receive a report message regarding the error.

The BitTube browser extension will get a dedicated site. Here you will find all necessary information to start using the AirTime model into your browsing and website. For the website owners who want to implement the AirTime model, we are setting up a documentation section to help them implement this revolutionary way of generating revenue from their website traffic.

In the meantime, the community has been helping us a great deal by providing translations for the extension. Thank you! If you would like to help out, contact us on Discord.

We keep answering community tickets and take care of the redundancy of the platform. We estimate that the extension will be done in 4 to 5 weeks.

Stay tuned!
Your BitTube team

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