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Black Falcon Update



Black Falcon Update is here! Saronite successfully forked and now looking for at the road ahead.

In this update we will discuss the following:

  • Black Falcon Update
  • Network Stability
  • New exchange
  • What’s next for Saronite

The Black Falcon Update

The Black Falcon update took place 16 hours ago, Saronite moved to a new hashing algorithm and started to make use of a new difficulty algorithm. This was mainly to get rid of Nicehash and also our older difficulty adjustment algorithm. Going forward, Saronite will always move away from Nicehash support in the case where the currently hashing algorithm will become Nicehash friendly. This may or may not happen in the future.

Network Stability

After forking to our latest changes, the network stabilized quite nicely and block times are now much more frequent like it is supposed to be. The main reason for this is that Nicehash has left our network and our new difficulty algorithm is more responsive.

New Exchange

We all knew that Saronite will need to get onto a new exchange eventually, we feel the time is right to do so. Our team are currently saving up to get listed on Escodex. We should reach our saving goal within the next 35 days. It might even be sooner depending on the price. The governance are being listed as sell orders currently, if you would like to contribute towards this goal, you can buy the governance at current market price directly and pay the Bitcoin into the exchange fund for Escodex.

What’s next for Saronite

In the next few weeks we will be working on the following

  • Getting Saronite listed on a new exchange
  • Adding Bulletproofs on the Saronite Blockchain (lower fees and smaller blockchain) and other developments
  • Working on the SaroWrite platform(coming early 2019)
  • Start working on SPCL (Saronite Protocol Communications Layer)

That’s it for the the Black Falcon Update, until next time SaroKnights!

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