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New Partnership – https://MNDown.com




New Partnership! https://MNDown.com

Hey Saroknights,


mFridge here: I would like to formally introduce my latest project and spend a little bit of time talking about a few topics, primarily the project itself, its integration with Saronite, and how my involvment intertwines with the two.


Over the past few weeks I have noticed a sort of upset with Service nodes going offline for one reason or another, and people forfeited their right to continue receiving Service Node rewards. I had a Snode of my own go offline, actually just after registering it, it went offline by no fault of my own. Having this happen is extremely discouraging and I think pushes people away from the Saronite project. I have come up with solution not only for myself, but for the Saronite community to utilize. While I would love to offer the service free of charge, there are cost involved to mataining this project: Dedicated VPS hosting for myself and clients Snodes, Web Hosting, Monitoring Software costs, and of course my life points ?


What is https://MNDown.com?

Basically, I have come up with a way of insuring Snode uptime & uptime proof submission to a 100% success rate. MNDown.com serves as a web portal to access the online snode health portal, information on the project, and a customer portal to update preferences for monitoring.


How does it work? How does it insure 100% success rate?

As much as I would like to elaborate on this lengthy topic, I believe a nice flow chart presents the information in a more orderly fashion. I have tested very thoroughly (recklessly on live net) and this formula does in fact work.




Isn’t this sort of a conflict of interest?


While I believe it is not, some might say otherwise. As a Saronite developer I am 100% at your disposal for help on anything Saronite. The reason I created MNDown.com is to help bridge the gap between vetted Saronite members who can set up a node in 5 minutes & those who have very little background knowledge on Linux, Servers, Staking – just to name a few. Just because you don’t have the technical know how, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to easily obtain a service node.
Anyhow, if you’re interested in setting up a service node on your own of course we are here to help! However, if you want to relieve that work to me come visit https://MNDown.com

Thank you all and happy holidays

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