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Decemeber 2018 Update



Greeting SaroKnights!

Thank you to everyone that’s been watching Saronite progress and it’s been exciting times! This update we will talk about what we have achieved and the upcoming fork.

Since the last update we have achieved the following:

  • Listed on a new exchange(Escodex)
  • Listed on mntrend.com
  • Worked on merging new features on the Saronite blockchain
  • MNDown was created by our developer mFridge

We are excited that Saronite could finally work on getting listed on Coinmarketcap. We have listed on our second exchange for this reason and also to have another trading platform for our community.

Fork Block 65000

Saronite will fork at block 65 000. The fork will add the following to the Saronite blockchain

  • Bulletproofs
  • Add latest Monero updates to Saronite chain
  • IPV6 support for the Saronite daemon
  • Added support for staking from the GUI wallet (Please do not see this as a reason to run your service nodes on your local computer)
  • And more(Will give a detailed report next week)

This update will enable Saronite to have a smaller blockchain and lower fees. New functionality and bug fixes from Monero also included in this update. A full list of changes will be given before fork height 65000.

What’s happening next in the world of Saronite?

  • Saronite applied for Coinmarketcap listing seeing that we are now listed on our second exchange
  • Twitter campaign to give Saronite a bigger presence on Twitter and general advertising
  • Working on SaroWrite Blogging Network and completion by Quarter 1 2019
  • Adding more developers to the Saronite team
  • Within the next coming months Saronite will aim for a much bigger exchange, saving up process for this will start right after our advertising campaigns ends

There are now no reason for Coinmarketcap not to add Saronite, we will start an ad campaign as soon as Saronite get listed on Coinmarketcap. We will also work on community involvement in future development.on Saronite side projects and we will always include the community where we can. We encourage developers to be involved in the Saronite project.

Everyone will have to update their service nodes! Pool owners, exchanges will need to update their wallets too.

Flaming SaroKnight Update coming in 34 days!

We will announce when new binaries is available for everyone to update!

Featured image: Cryptodude

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