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Masari Update #10



Yes, Masari is alive! Updated wallets, new server, downed exchanges, new website, new twitter account, and the start of community meetings encompass this update.

Masari is Alive?!

The Crypto Winter was hard on everyone, but now with bitcoin around $10k we can see the first green dildos of Crypto Spring bursting through Ichimoku cloud. The Masari project took the winter particularly hard, partly due to the overall market trend (á la bear scene in The Revenant), and partly due to it’s own actions. The core team itself became decentralized, while at the same time masarians were being lazier than saving tons of money shopping online because the credit card is always in another room. But as the sun’s rays started warming the earth, we shook off the crustiness of winter and regrouped.

Wallets and New Server

Put your hard hats on, we’re going to work.

Masari developers have been kicking ass and taking names in the past month, with the CLI and GUI wallets receiving some well needed bug fixes, along with CLI cross-compiling support for a more seamless build process. A detailed development report has been released and future development items can now be tracked via trello.

Masari’s client side web wallet also received some bug fixes. Days after completion however, the ssl certification expired which is required for the wallet to sync. Since gnock was the only one with access to the server and is very busy at the moment with a business that actually pays the bills, masarians decided to migrate to a new, community funded server hosted by hetzner. This is a high end server that will be able to handle most of Masari’s needs, and donation addresses will soon be posted to help cover the monthly fees. Thanks to camthegeek, the web wallet and block explorer are now fully functional again and linked to the official domain:

With the web wallet back up and running, priority will shift to a new GUI ported from the web wallet, and of course continuing with blocktree development once all wallet bug fixes are complete.


As a reminder, the blocktree whitepaper has been released for peer review. If you have not done so yet, please read and provide any feedback or concerns!

Slowly but surely, the Masari moon mission is getting back on track.


A new wallet point release aimed at fixing issues with downed exchanges was completed and communicated to Stex and SouthXchange, which are both now fully operational again.


Masari has an updated website made from scratch by camthegeek with new features including a slick interface, wallet tutorials linked directly from their source, automated operating system check for download links, and more. Check it out and report any bugs or needed updates.


For anyone wanting to contribute to the Masari Project in a non-programming way, website translations and other wallet tutorials are needed and would be greatly appreciated if created.

Meme Captain

With josef k busy trying to buy his off-the-grid private island with mined testnet coins, a slightly deranged and very horny emperor of memes has emerged as a replacement — xiaomogwai. In addition to the featured image and moon mission video, here are some additional samples of his work. Be warned, they’re not for the faint of little stick:

Apparently the videos lack the quality to be on the front page of r/cryptocurrency.


The Masari team and community thinks more dicks in future videos will help.

Engagement Twitter
0*YUydioKPKrSauy0J.pngMasari Engagement Logo

If you’re going to have little stick videos, then you’ll need a place to post them, right? Introducing the new Twitter account — Masari Engagement. This account was created to be more laid back and phallus friendly; a place to meme hard and joke around, but also answer questions that one might be too shy to ask in more tech-oriented forums. It’s slightly more classy than fudsari and with a broader focus than memesari.

Community Meetings

Community meetings occur on Saturdays of even numbered weeks at 15:00 UTC in the #meeting-table discord channel. Come join us to talk future development, funding, marketing, how you can help, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Previous meeting recaps:

The next meeting is scheduled for July 27th.


Seeking community approval:

No proposals currently require funding.



Getting started with Masari

Discord: 2660 members (+105 from update #9)

Official Twitter: 1823 followers (+46)

Engagement Twitter: 21 followers (new)

Reddit: 1,182 subs (-18)

Telegram: 723 members (-347, bots were purged)

Forks: 58 (core) | 90 (web wallet)

Thanks for reading, and keep on rockin’ in the FOSS world.


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