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GRAFT Letter to Community



We would to thank you all for participating in Graft project. As you all know, GRAFT had seen better days. From day one we had one single mission: to enable crypto to be used as every day money. We lived this mission every day of our lives for 2 years, and had a lot done under the hood. We admit that while working on developing new technology we didn’t pay enough attention to promoting the GRFT token. Many crypto projects out there did the opposite, they spend more money on marketing and listed on more exchanges. Some of them didn’t do any development at all. So, before we continue, I would like to list everything that we have done so far:

  1. PoW Mainnet based on privacy blockchain ( 2 years in existence )PoS layer of Supernodes (with 1,500+ staking supernodes)
  2. DHT communications, Supernode sample selection with blockchain based disqualifications
  3. Mobile and Desktop wallet and Point-of-Sale applications
  4. Verifone and Ingenico payment terminal integrations
  5. DEX design and prototype
  6. End-to-end Testnet integration
  7. Merchant tokens solution based on a DAG-style blockchain written from scratch
  8. Listed GRFT on 3 exchanges: TradeOgre, HotBit, STEX

Each of these deliverable are complete to a various degree. Some are close to being finished. Others need substantial work.

Thinking in retrospect, we should have been more balanced in our approach and pay more attention to promoting the coin. None of us, however, could have foreseen such a steep downturn in the crypto market, that wiped out the value of many alt coins, including Graft.

As funds dried up, so did the development. From 10+ core developers and multiple contractors at the peak, we now only have 2 core developers and several part-time contractors.. We spent the last 6 months trying to find a solution. We contemplated shutting down many times, but it would be a shame to have all this work go to waste. So, we decided on a different approach. We started looking for people who would breath new life into our project. But first we wanted to make sure that a) our ideas have merit and b) the development direction is good. We started talking to the market — individuals, merchants, large companies, and various government entities who could possibly benefit from what we’re developing and got a solid confirmation that we are, in fact, on the right track.

With that in mind we decided to NOT give up.

So, now we are looking for new blood, new approaches, new partnerships, new everything. We come to you hat in hand. We really need your help. We are not looking for money, just your constructive advice.

Dear Community, please put yourselves in our shoes, and help us find a way forward.

Thanks in advance.


Graft core team.

P.S. Please use GRAFT’s main TG channel to participate in the discussion.

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