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Dear Lethean Followers!



As always, privileged to provide you the next update following our most recent team meeting including other developments:

* Lethean Telegram promotion — 300LTHN giveaway continues!!
Why not jump on the channel and ask our team for some free coin!
We believe increased adoption starts with trust in a products capabilities and promises. That’s why we’re giving away free coin to test drive our service, our product will speak for itself. In turn we can make our product even better.

* Lethean community activity increased by over 15% in the last couple of weeks.

* Growing team contributors. A very warm welcome to our new team members!

* Chromebook / ChromeOS compatibility testing with the new Lethean Exiplorer mobile app. All confirmed OK and ready for use!

*We will be issuing a short community survey very soon to gauge what our users see as important in a VPN/proxy solution and how Lethean stacks up. With believe with data such as this, we can accurately target the key areas that are seen as gaps to bring community relevance to the project.

*Cryptonight v8 alogrithm change discussions have occurred to target the ever present shift in mining activity. We believe this is important to manage risk, including involvement from the greater community of miners.

* Thanks to community feedback we’re sprucing up our exit-node build guides. We’re working on this and please do reach out if having any troubles attempting to build today.

* Excitement is also brewing over the review of cloud hosted exit-node options for the community.
The idea is, if we can make it simple enough to create a node, you’d likely want to stand one up! We want a near zero-touch deployment of the Lethean exit-node and we’re excited to share that we are looking at this option and believe it will greatly grow our node adoption and usage rate.

* To make some of the above and other project goals possible in the short-term, we’re presently looking at funding options to accelerate our vision for the Lethean project. You’ll want to be part of the action when it all starts cracking on at full pace!

There are some items I’ve left out on purpose here, specifically how Lethean plans to expand it’s impact. You’ll just have to wait for the next update. :)

Unlock the Internet.
Free the world from censorship.

The Lethean Movement.


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