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Re-capping the month of June in Masari



Authored by Cryptochangements

A lot has been happening with Masari this past month: the Core Team was disbanded, several new releases have been published, the first two community meetings were held, and some generous donors funded me to work part time on masari during this period.

To elaborate on that last piece, I was funded $800 to work 10 hours/week on Masari from the dates June 9th to today, July 9th. Below I will recap how I spent this time by week.

Week 1: I fixed some bugs in the core wallet library that is used for the GUI wallet, mainly fixing the bug where new wallets were saved without a password, along with some minor performance upgrades. A new release, v0.3.1.0, was published for both the CLI and GUI.

Week 2: I started by porting over cross compiling capability via depends from Monero, this allows us to build releases for any operating system from Linux, vastly simplifying the release process. I then setup continuous integration via travis-ci. This will help us to avoid build bugs in the future and could possibly be used for a build pipeline. I also made modifications to the core RPC API so that gnock could roll out a webwallet update in which the in browser wallet connects directly to a remote node, rather than using a server backend as a middle man. The webwallet was at this point functional again, it’s just a little slow with the new changes. During this week I published a new v0.3.1.1 CLI release including these changes.

Week 3: I made some more changes to the RPC API to fix a mempool bug and try to improve the speed of the webwallet sync. It still has not been deployed as gnock needs to deploy it.

Week 4: I fixed the import/export blockchain tools to include uncle blocks so that they will now function properly after hard fork version 8. I also made some logging more verbose to help debug github usie #169. A bug from monero was also patched in which the wallet would potentially misinterpret RingCT keys. A release version v0.3.1.2 was published including these fixes.


A full log of development can be found on Github https://github.com/masari-project/masari

The webwallet is now down again as the SSL certificate has expired and gnock is the only person with access but an alternative is being put together.

I look forward to continuing work with the Masari community


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