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Masari Update #9



Masari’s successful SECOR fork, an ETH Denver recap, and an announcement about a long running pool encompass this update.

SECOR Completed

The recent fork by Masari to rollout uncle mining, CN-Fast v2, and bulletproofs was successful and those features are now live on chain. This fork was the second in Masari’s history that shook over 90% of network hashrate, and was just as dramatic as the first.

Masari now has 60 second block times, incredibly low fees, and is again hosting a competitive mining environment. This is all in addition to the standard, default privacy features that give Masari value.

From the core team — a sincere thank you to the SECOR testers and miners who helped secure the chain post fork. While there are/were a few cryptonote projects who put uncle mining on their roadmap, it is a product of the Masari community.

ETH Denver

Thaer and Nick from the Masari core team recently took part in the 2019 ETH Denver conference. The conference was very insightful, with a very diverse range of panel and presenters.

Thaer asking a question to a panel

Hot topics were tokenization, regulations, and governance. The keynote speaker, Andreas Antonopolous, spoke poignantly about unstoppable code. How code no one wants to stop isn’t worth making. With MSR developing DAAs, SECOR, & the coming Blocktree protocol — unstoppable code is being produced; and these advancements are shared with the entire space.

The conference also highlighted the value of having a presence at these types of meetings. Any Masarian who would like to attend a conference on behalf of Masari are encouraged to reach out in Discord or make a proposal on the FFS.

In the Pipeline
Q1: The Blocktree Whitepaper draft is ongoing.
Q2: Ledger support
Masaricoin Transition

The original team of Masaricoin.com has decided to stop hosting their pool, as well as their pool monitoring service. As Masaricoin is one of the longest running pools for MSR, and hosts many loyal miners, the domain & pool will be taken over by the Masari core team.

This will not lead to any favoritism amongst pool promotions or anything along those lines. The announcement is simply meant to be a measure of transparency and other pool operators will notice little impact from this absorption.


Discord: 2555 (+235 from update #8)

Twitter: 1777 (+101)

Reddit: 1200 (+2)

Telegram: 1078 (+313)


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