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SECOR Fork Prep



Uncle mining, bulletproofs, and the next generation of CN-Fast are all bundled up into this release at block #363,000. Here is the necessary information for holders, miners, and pool operators.

Holders — If you
  • Use the core team produced web or mobile wallet, this update requires no action on your part.
  • Use a GUI or CLI, you will need to update your wallet. If you have an outdated daemon (masarid) post fork height you will be on a different chain. The appropriate release is titled Dandy Dromedary v0.3.0.0 and is available on GitHub at:
  • Use a third party wallet you will need to refer to the wallet operator’s instruction.
  • Are masochistic and keep your MSR on exchanges, you do not need to action anything…but you should re-evaluate this practice.

This is a list of known SECOR compatible miners:

If you are looking to keep the network as decentralized as possible post fork, reference a Masari pool list or join Discord and speak directly to active pool operators.

Pool Operators

Gnock posted this message for pool operators in the Masari Discord:

The cryptonote-util has been updated and tested on testnet.masaricoin.com, it includes the modifications required for the SECOR protocol upgrade (https://github.com/masari-project/node-cryptonote-util branch MSR).

Regarding the PoW verification, the upstream repo we are based on already has a working system (https://github.com/MoneroOcean/node-cryptonight-hashing/) if you use as code

if(convertedBlob[0] > 7)//version 8, secor upgrade
return multiHashing.cryptonight(convertedBlob, 9);
else if(convertedBlob[0] > 6)
return multiHashing.cryptonight(convertedBlob, 4);

We are going to rebase but if you want to start the work, everything is there. We are available if you have more questions (thaer, cc or myself)


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