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Updated Lethean Roadmap Published



We have collaboratively been working through what should go into the Lethean roadmap and how we broadcast activity.
The Lethean official website is now updated with the most current roadmap: https://lethean.io/roadmap
At this stage only completed and actively worked on items are disclosed.

Our most recent roadmap updates have been focusing on:

- Giving Lethean a new look with a fresh new website!
- Making it simpler to stand-up a node, a lot simpler.
- Promoting Lethean — In doing so, we attract attention and gain momentum with increased community involvement.
- More exchange listings and maintaining these relationships.

As you may be aware the Lethean community contributes it’s time on a voluntary basis in managing this project. This means we cannot provide accurate timelines for when roadmap items will be completed and this specific information is therefore removed.

The great news is our team is growing with members eager to make an impact on the Lethean project. We are confident and excited about this and look forward to releasing updates on the project as they become available.

Why not have your say about what should be the focus right now for Lethean?
Reach us on any of our official channels. In our opinion, the more minds we put together the better things will be.


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