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Dear Lethean Community,




Dear Lethean Community,

It is with much anticipation and excitement I reach out to you. Over the past few quiet months the Lethean project has been evolving and re-forming a new, eager, motivated, and capable bunch of members. It has been at least 6 months since any real life has echoed from the Lethean project via any form of communication at a mass scale.

I’d like to proudly acknowledge that the Lethean project is moving forward. As we re-group and re-establish capabilities, we’d like to let the public know firstly, the Lethean VPN/Proxy capabilities are up and running right now and ready for your use!

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to touch base with our growing Lethean user base on any of our official channels.

Since the project is now increasingly being managed by Lethean community members, many roadmap items and general project management processes are being reassessed and are expected to be updated based on a new community working structure. We plan on providing updates in this area as soon as team discussions provide more clarity on the paths forward.

What better time to provide some updates!!

* Lethean Mobile App for Andriod — Released for Alpha testing, you can find it on our official site. Named “Lethean Exiplorer” (no typo here). It will provide:

- Lethean exit node listing
- Lethean full list of VPN/proxy details
- Simple view of exit node pricing and payment details.
- Wallet & VPN integration (work in progress)
- Global exit node map integration
- OpenVPN profile auto-generated for easy mobile usage.
- Very slick and user friendly interface
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about the Lethean mobile application.

* Bololex Exchange Listing — Occurred in the last 2 weeks. Check it out!

* Lethean Website — We’ve had broken links in many places over the quiet period. Fortunately, we’re on top of it and updating content regularly. We still have more work to do, but this has been a great start! We love this project and that’s why we’re working so hard. We plan to bring a new look in future from feedback gathered already, look out for this also!!

* Lastly I’m pleased to confirm the community has been pairing with veterans from the Lethean project beginnings to create a powerful transition. We feel quite blessed and proud to have the team we have.

Interested in getting involved?

Get in touch on our official channels and let’s make an impact together. It’s a project that’s becoming more and more important to general society needs!

Stay safe!

The Lethean Movement


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