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Lethean Moving Forward




The leadership team has had a few conversations about how we, as a team, move forward from where we currently stand today. Our decision, which was difficult to make, has been to depart from Lethean. While we are extremely heavy-hearted about this decision, we also know that it is best for the project. Even with the team as we currently know it is departing, our goal is to ensure that Lethean, the project that we have worked so very hard on these past few years, continues even in our absence. With that in mind, we have decided to make the project community-owned and operated.

As a team, we want to make the transition from being run by us, to run by the community, is as smooth as possible. During the transition, rather than immediately turning over all of our social platforms, we will maintain them until we are certain that the community members taking over are just as committed to the project as we are. Once we are certain, we will fully release these to the community. We hope that the same community members who have been so willing to assist us over these past few years will be just as willing to pick up where we are leaving off.

As a final note, we want to say thank you all for all of the community support that we have received over these few years. We know that our community has the talent and drive to continue to make Lethean a success. If you would like to begin the process of overtaking some or all of the components that are necessary for the continued success of the project, please DM Casey on Discord.


The Lethean Team


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