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Lethean November Update



Payment Gateway

We mentioned in our last update that we were working on a payment gateway that would allow users to purchase Lethean directly from our website. We are still in the process of finalizing this implementation. We had a minor setback with the gateway that we were using to make this option available for our users, but as of the time writing this, we are well on our way to finalize everything. Once finished, the website will allow users to make purchases for days, weeks, and months of VPN use with Lethean. You can see an updated draft of the website look below


Recent video appearance

We recently were featured in a video made by Khabir, a YouTube creator that made a video about Lethean in the Arabic language. He did a very good job covering our project, what makes us unique, and did a very in-depth video about our project. You can see the video by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWmyXPieBVY&t=22s. This video went live on October 30th, so it has only been up for a few days, so if possible, go visit his channel and show him the strength of the Lethean community.

Lethean Reach

The Lethean Reach program is still live and a change has been made to the way the program works.

So what is changing?

This change is specifically for referrals. In our previous model, if you were not referred by someone, you would not be eligible for the referral bonus. As of now, if you visit the referral website and join our services without someone referring you, the referral reward will be randomly provided to a random ambassador. So, if you are not already an ambassador, we welcome you to join us. You may be selected if someone joins the program and is not using a referral link.

You can join the Lethean Reach campaign as an ambassador by visiting https://reach.lethean.io/

Proof of Review

Last year we were selected to be reviewed by Proof of Review. Over the past month we have been working with them to get the review finalized and have them post it. As of today, the review is live and available for all to view. You can see our review by visiting https://proofofreview.com/reviews/lethean/.


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