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Getmonero.org is now available in Norwegian



We are happy to announce that after months of work, this website is now available in Norwegian!

Norwegian is the 14th language available for getmonero.org, following English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, French, Arabic, Russian, German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional.

A big thanks to ChrisAvis and the community crowdfunding that made his work possible. Translators like him allow Monero to continue to reach a much larger audience.

To browse the website in Norwegian, simply select Norsk from the language dropdown menu on the top right, or use this direct link: https://www.getmonero.org/nb-no/index.html

Do you want to help make Monero available to everybody in the world? Become a translator!

The Monero wallets, Getmonero and other content are open for translation on Weblate, our self-hosted translation platform. If you need info, support, or you just have questions, contact the Monero Localization workgroup.

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