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Beware scams and tricks before the v2 swap




If you know someone who has problems with reading comprehension, please hold their hand gently and read them this article.

TL;DR — Scammers are pretending to hold “TRTLv2 Swaps” and are attempting to steal your money.

The fact that this article had to be written at all just punctuates my disappointment in some of you. -Rock

I’m typing this article to prove in the most vocal way possible that there is only one official TurtleCoin Twitter account, only one official Github account, and only one official Discord server.

We don’t have Telegram, at all, none of us use it either.

To check the official status of V2 and any dates related to swap, check the official TurtleCoin blockchain explorer explorer.turtlecoin.lol or type .v2 in the official discord chat server, in any room, and a bot will reply to you with a countdown, information, anything you need related to v2.

Please stop falling for this type of stuff. You don’t even have to read anymore, we put it in audio format for you. https://podcast.turtlecoin.com which is also in video form https://youtube.com/turtlecoin

If you already fell for it, your money is gone, and you just learned a very affordable life lesson about the importance of literacy.

Originally published at TurtleCoin.


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