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X-Cash Website Update



Project Update Image

Hello Community,

2022 is a year of immense changes in the world, and though some unfortunately have a sense of dread about the future, a few see an undeniable flame of hope. The hope radiates and gives clarity to what the shadows conceal thus allowing the eyes to see. What is under the shadows is for those who witness the flames’ radiance.

Before this article gets buried by our heavy release schedule, thanks. Thanks for being an early supporter and witness to X-Cash’s maturation– though we are still at the beginning and have a ton of untapped potential to realize. Our new website release is a starting pistol for many more exciting product releases, expansions, and events over the coming months as we take a leap beyond the Web3 to make Crypto safe and rewarding for all: the X-Cash way.

A few cosmetic changes

On July 25th, clear your cookies or enter xcash.foundation via private browsing (or a different browser), as upon entry you will be greeted with a completely new design. Things have gotten dark, though our familiar colors still remain. Our orange (#FA741C) is boosted against our dark gray (#1F1F1F) background so that all of our new arrivals can become familiar with our signature orange immediately.

You will also notice the adoption of a single-page design, which contrasts with our prior multi-page site. We still use pages, as is evident from the navigation bar directly above, though this time around, for the majority of your journey, you’ll only have one page to load which will give you a more immersive experience. All pages are now sections and are navigable using scroll, or appending /#section-title to the URL e.g to enter directly to the metrics section: https://xcash.foundation/#metrics.

Following you vertically on the right of the landing page is a wallet widget that lets you navigate to our wallet download page. This is useful if you get the strong urge to download a wallet mid-section. On the left side of the landing page you’ll see an autonomous (semi-ominous) orb. Be wary of the orb.

An evolving process

This is a living breathing project that will be updated when new elements have a need to be added, such as new features, partnerships, and exchange sections– all flames need oxygen! You will notice talk of refactoring which will take place between autumn/ fall of this year through Q2 of 2023. The site as you’re seeing now is currently in a transition from old to new, and due to its living breathing characteristic, is continuously evolving.

Please, via GitHub continue telling us what features you wish to be added, and bugs that you may encounter. Remember that this is your website and that we are improving & delivering through your suggestion & participation! Thanks to the community for assisting with testing, creating content, and giving feedback. And special thanks to !executor!, mryoso1994, Animus, Zurg, and our XCadians!

We will still be building years from now no matter the circumstance, so let’s grow our flame’s radius so more people have a brighter tomorrow!

Thank you.


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