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X-Payment: Setting up your Merchant



Part 2 of 2


X-Payment makes your Discord experience exciting again with the emergence of scalable economies, thus granting server owners passive revenue streams.

Here are the steps you need to take as the owner of the server.


  1. You are required to be the owner of the Discord server.
  2. X-Payment needs to be in the server and have access to at least one channel: It can be invited by clicking on one of the two available invite links:
    - Invite link with all required permissions integrated for the X-Payment to function optimally 100%
    - Basic invite link, where you are required to set-up all permissions by yourself.
  3. X-Payment MUST have assigned to its role on Server Manage Channel, Manage Role, View Channels, Send Messages, Manage Message, Read Message History, Use Application Commands, permissions for it and Merchant to function optimally.
  4. Create a private channel for you and X-Payment and assign it’s role to the channel, with Role having above permissions. This is a “suggested best practice to keep the management flow of X-Payment separate from other public activities.
  5. As a server owner, you are required to have a registered X-Payment account. You can do so by executing the command /account register
  6. As an owner, you need to register the server into the X-Payment system with the command /owner register server

How to activate the merchant system?

Once you have successfully registered your Discord Server with the system you can register as well for X-Payment merchant tools by executing command /owner register merchant from within a public channel to where X-Payment has access. Upon successful registration, X-Payment will respond with a notification in the channel where the command was executed.


X-Payment will create a new channel group named X-Payment with channel #merchant. This channel serves as the hub for X-Payment to relay activities such as purchase receipts, perks expiration, etc.


And that’s it! We would like to congratulate you on successfully activating Merchant tools 🥳… We are however not quite finished. In order to receive your first revenue stream, let’s register your first monetized role.

How to monetize Discord Role and make it purchasable for your members?

Create a role in any channel that X-Payment has access to using the syntax below.

Replace the placeholders (e.g. <role_name>) with the appropriate data.

In any channel where you can see X-Payment, create a role using the following command :

/merchant monetize <RoleName> <XCASH amount> <Duration in weeks> <Duration in days> <Duration in hours>

Above is the basic syntax, replace the value between <> with the appropriate data and delete the <>.


/merchant monetize <DOTALegend> <9876> <4> <0> <0>


/merchant monetize DOTALegend 9876 4 0 0

Parameter information.

  • Decimal values aren’t permitted in X-Payment.
  • Duration is the time until the expiry of role purchase.
  • Role names must be unique in your server.
  • All fields must have a value.
  • Duration:
    - At least one duration field must have a value of 1 or greater.
    - If you don’t wish to define a value for the other two fields, please fill them with 0.
    - Infinite duration is unavailable at this time.

<RoleName> : A role name can be maximum 10 characters long with no spaces or special characters.

<XCASH amount>: Price of a role.

<Duration in weeks>: Duration in weeks as a number greater than 0 if others are 0.

<Duration in days>: Duration in days as a number greater than 0 if others are 0.

<Duration in hours>: Duration in hours as a number greater than 0 if others are 0.

Command examples:

A monetized role named Test1 with a duration of 1 week, 3 days, and 0 hours at the value of 100 XCASH will look like this:

/merchant monetize Test1 100 1 3 0


A monetized role named Test2 in duration (expires) of 1 hour at a value of 99 XCASH will look like this:

/merchant monetize Test2 99 0 0 1


After a role has been monetized successfully, you will receive a notification in the channel where you entered the /merchant monetize command. The role is now available to be purchased by your members.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

  • The role name is not allowed to be the same as one of the roles existing already on your server. If you would like to monetize an existing one, please use command /merchant init <@Discord Role> <Amount> <W> <D> <H>
  • When deciding the length, of the role, at least one of the duration fields needs to be greater than 0. Infinite duration is at this point not available. The minimum which can be assigned is 1 hour (check examples below).

What will happen if I manually delete monetized role/membership from the Discord Server Dashboard?

Once you delete the role from the Discord Interface (not through the use of the X-Payment command), X-Payment will remove the role from the merchant system, making it unable to be purchased. All users who have purchased membership until their agreed removal time, will be removed from tracking as well, however the role assigned to them on the server will stay.

What will happen if I remove X-Payment Bot from my Discord server completely?

In case you remove the X-Payment bot, all merchant activities will be permanently deleted.

How can members purchase roles/membership over your server?

Members have special commands to operate within your merchant system and participate in your economy. Use the /membership command to display all available commands. The full command map is showcased at the end of this article.

Monetized roles can be purchased using the /membership purchase @RoleName command in one of the public channels where X-Payment is active.

Once a purchase has been made, your server wallet will be credited with the purchase amount of XCASH, and a notification of the purchase will be sent to #merchant channel under the channel section named X-Payment (created automatically when you registered the server into the merchant system).


The server member who purchased the role will receive an inbox notification that includes essential information on the amount of XCASH deducted from their wallet, the time of purchase, and the expiration date.


Merchant command map for the server owner

/owner register merchant: Registers merchant for your server.

/merchant : General entry point to access operations with merchant.

/merchant help: Review all merchant related commands over Discord.

/merchant monetize <roleName> <XCASH Value> <Weeks> <Days> <Hour> : Create and monetize Discord role from scratch.

/merchant init <@DiscordRole> <XCASH Value> <Weeks> <Days> <Hour> : Monetize an existing role on the server.

/merchant balance : Check current balance of your merchant wallet.

/merchant withdraw : Transfer XCASH from the servers merchant wallet to your personal one.

/merchant stats: Review statistics of your merchant system.

/merchant active: Review all active roles on your server available for purchase.

/merchant deactivated: Review all deactivated roles that can not be purchased.

/merchant membership help: Review related commands to the management of memberships.

/merchant membership activate @DiscordRole: Activates the selected role which is already registered in the merchant system.

/merchant membership deactivate @DiscordRole: Deactivates the selected role which is already registered in the merchant system and you would like to prevent users to purchase it.

Membership command map for server members to participate in your economy

/membership: The entry point for server members to participate in the servers economy.

/membership purchase @MonetizedRole: Command to be used when a user would like to purchase one of the available roles on the server.

/membership about: An explanation for server members on what membership is.

/membership available: Review all active monetized roles/memberships to be purchased on the server where this command is executed.

/membership live: Review current active purchased memberships members has.

Where can I get assistance as a server owner or where do I report bugs?

We have established communication channels through which you can reach us:

  • You can open up a GITHUB ticket on dedicated X-Payment Repo
  • Join us over Discord through the invite link, find section X-Payment, and tag @Animus#4608.

Send us a DM on Twitter to the account @XPaymentBot

Some ideas and suggestions for monetization.

  • Monthly membership for users to access the latest aggregated NEWS. You can build a section of channels where various types of news will be relayed and offer it as a monthly subscription. This way users do not need to surf various web pages, and can just review channels on what is going on while drinking coffee. You can even make it specific (sports, tech, blockchain, politics, etc.)
  • Live concert membership. If you have access to music artists/DJs, you can organize a live Discord concert where the artist would be streaming music on one channel and users would purchase access to it.
  • Online education and training sessions have become quite popular from the start of COVID. You could make education/seminars on a monthly basis in return for membership purchases.
  • Discord dating requires a subscription to access a singles chat of verified users.
  • Crypto forecasters who wish to give exclusive time-based forecasts to their subscription users.
  • Gaming tournaments require a gate-keeping system in order to vet serious participants.

Please let us know about your experience, and how you have been able to utilize and deploy the X-Payment merchant system and create an economy on top of X-CASH.


X-Payment Lead

Go back to Part 1: Welcome to X-Payment Merchant.


X-Payment: Setting up your Merchant was originally published in X-Cash on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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