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  5. This is an exceptionally desired skin because of its extraordinariness and the way that it is a heritage messenger. Messengers are utilized in DOTA 2 to move things from your base to your group. Other than its extraordinariness, a few different things make the Ethereal http://dota2-bets.net/dota-2-how-to-taunt/ Flame Pink War Dog profoundly looked for after.The ethereal fire is a special visualization and is pink, an uncommon shading in the realm of DOTA 2. Pink isn't important for the ten set shadings Valve made after its revelation of a bug relationship with dark messengers. The War Dog is t
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  7. zurd46

    Sumopool down?

    Hi the link: https://sumokoin.hashvault.pro/ works not. Can you check that?
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  9. Friday Night Funkin tests your musical knowledge and sense of rhythm. Girlfriend is the happy girl sitting on top of the boom box. She is a white woman with long hair, wearing a red dress and high heels. Can you conquer her?
  10. /blog/assets/2020-09-17-monero-0.17-released/oxygen-orion.png Overview This is the v0.17.3.1 point release of the Monero GUI software. The latest CLI release notes can be found on the precedent blog post Some highlights of this release are: Fix startup crash on Apple Silicon (#3804) Fix wizard password not resetting after wallet creation (#3795) Update translations (#3811) Minor bug fixes and UI improvements The complete list of changes is available on GitHub, along with the source code. Contributors for this Release This release was the direct result of 5 people who wor
  11. Seraphis is a 'transaction protocol abstraction' that I have been working on (WIP draft paper available here). As an 'abstraction', Seraphis defines rules about how you can design a real (privacy-focused) transaction protocol without specifying concrete algorithms. For example, RingCT is another protocol abstraction (more or less), and there are different 'real' versions corresponding to signature schemes MLSAG and CLSAG. Seraphis is a candidate model for Monero's next transaction protocol. Privacy-focused transaction protocols have two core structural rules. How are amounts represented
  12. Dear Community, Today we would like to explain how to setup your node for the testnet. This is about the same process as setting up a node for the mainnet, but we will be using the “dpops-test” branch. You can follow any of the official tutorials for more in depth coverage of setting up a server, delegate or voting, registering etc, but this article will give the basics for full testnet participation. You can view the delegates website for the testnet at http://dpops-test-delegates.xcash.foundation Step 1Once you have a server ready, use the “dpops-test” branch autoinstaller to setup the serve
  13. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 Dear Monero users and participants of the Monero ecosystem, Some vulnerabilities have been identified in the implementation of Monero multisignature wallets. These vulnerabilities do not affect the theory supporting multisigs, but affect the current wallet code implementing them. Initially disclosed and discussed via the vulnerability response process*, the discussion has been enlarged to other key developers and MRL contributors. We agreed together that a public announcement had to be made. These vulnerabilities affect (i) multisignature wal
  14. /blog/assets/2020-09-17-monero-0.17-released/oxygen-orion.png Overview This is the v0.17.3.0 point release of the Monero GUI software. The latest CLI release notes can be found on the precedent blog post Some highlights of this release are: Add import / export output function (#3435) Export all key images by default (#3282) Update translations (#3773) Add description to CSV export (#3572) Add colors to password strength meter (#3682) Add Cut, Copy, Delete and Select All to context menu (#3689) Fix buffer overflow in zxcvbn library (#3735) Fix font issue on Arch Linux
  15. /blog/assets/2020-09-17-monero-0.17-released/oxygen-orion.png Overview This is the v0.17.3.0 point release of the Monero software. This release contains support for P2Pool. Some highlights of this point release are: Add P2Pool support (#7964) Daemon: allow socks5 proxy configuration with --proxy flag (#7326, #7616) Daemon: fix race condition (#7873) Daemon: fix spurious rejection of downloaded blocks (#8022) Daemon: disable restricted RPC from getting output dist. for pre-rct outputs, fix DoS (#8084) Daemon: add seed nodes (#7664, #7753) Wallet: fix key encryption when c
  16. GeneralWe are pleased to announce that our Total Liquidity @ QuickSwap is a foundation to build upon as we advance towards our next exchanges at $380,000, and enable the newly interested parties to benefit from our 400% APY. Add liquidity to the XCASH-QUICK pair here: https://info.quickswap.exchange/pair/0x30167fea9499c11795bfd104667240bdac939d3a More good news: We’re listed on new exchanges! And as a part of our expansion plan, the negotiations with our next are aleady ongoing!!! We endeavour to push this project forward in all aspects! Please notice our Requests For Contribution: IOS Wallet
  17. Snider

    DPOPS Testnet Schedule

    Dear Community, Today I wanted to update you on the schedule for the DPOPS testnet. It will be crucial to have a public testnet up as we get closer to working on the next protocol. It will also provide us a sandbox to test updates. I wanted to share this info at this time, since usually their are many sales on servers and VPS during this black Friday week. SchedulePart 1 — Snapshot This will be when the snapshot takes place at block 880000. This is estimated to happen around Dec 8th. Part 2 — Voting opens This will be on December 20th. Between the snapshot and this date I will need to setup th
  18. А есть что-то типа платной подписке , с помощью которой можно увеличить кол воркеров?
  19. xcash project updateDear community, Today, we are starting a three part series of what to expect from X-Cash technology wise. Today we will discuss what is upcoming with the DPoPS infrastructure and X-Cash Core for the end of the year and the start of next year. What is DPoPS?The DPoPS (standing for Delegated-Proof-of-Private Stake) is a brand new and unique Delegate-Proof-of-Stake consensus integrated into X-Cash, an open-source fork of Monero which has since the beginning of the project brought new innovation to the privacy coin space (notably FlexPrivacy, public & private transactions o
  20. September 2021 GeneralThe incredible commitment of the XCASH Community made it possible that the XCASH QuickSwap Liquidity Program almost reached the 1M TVL goal (even during this short market breakdown)! With $2.1+ million of dQUICK deposits, over 3.5b XCASH and 950 QUICK in the pool, X-CASH is now stable in the TOP 10 list of Dragon Syrup tokens! Now the 1M++ TVL goal is just a matter of time! Thank you all for your commitment, happy farming and keep adding liquidity! Please notice our new Requests For Contribution: IOS Wallet development https://github.com/X-CASH-official/builders-program
  21. We are happy to announce that Monero P2Pool is live on the Monero network and binaries have been released. What is Monero P2Pool? Monero P2Pool is a peer-to-peer Monero mining pool developed from scratch by SChernykh (also known as sech1). P2Pool combines the advantages of pool and solo mining; you still fully control your Monero node and what it mines, but you get frequent payouts like on a regular pool. P2Pool as a concept was first developed for the Bitcoin blockchain but was never fully realized due to certain limitations, mainly because it had a problem with orphaned blocks which is so
  22. When constructing a new transaction, a Monero wallet references a past output a user received in a prior transaction, and uses it as an input to the new transaction. Today, the wallet mixes this output with a set of 10 decoy outputs selected from other people's transactions from across the blockchain (ring signature). Thus, an observer cannot tell which among the 11 total outputs is the real one a user spends in a transaction, obfuscating the link from the user's new transaction to their prior transaction. The decoy selection algorithm specifically handles the selection process for choosing wh
  23. Dear community, We are very excited to share the launch of XCASH on the Polygon Network with a liquidity mining program in partnership with Quickswap. The current APY is 1406.28% [Last update 09/09/21 12:26 UTC+0]. In this article, we present what is the X-Cash project, its purpose, and what we have built in the past 3 years. If you are looking to farm XCASH you can directly switch to the tutorial section below. What is X-CashX-Cash is a hybrid public-private coin with several features developed and added since 2018. X-Cash also includes an innovative consensus algorithm called Delegated-Proof
  24. If you know someone who has problems with reading comprehension, please hold their hand gently and read them this article. TL;DR — Scammers are pretending to hold “TRTLv2 Swaps” and are attempting to steal your money. The fact that this article had to be written at all just punctuates my disappointment in some of you. -RockI’m typing this article to prove in the most vocal way possible that there is only one official TurtleCoin Twitter account, only one official Github account, and only one official Discord server. We don’t have Telegram, at all, none of us use it either. To check the official
  25. In this fast-paced and revolutionized world, crypto has taken hold in every field. Therefore, Graft Network wants to provide a better strategy to give everyone easy access to modern technology as well as lead in finance and business. Graft Network just updated the mining algorithm to RandomXG which surely it takes the reliability and credibility of the platform to another level. Hence, creating a more secure, decentralized, fast and scalable network. What is Graft Network? It is a fully decentralized, transparent and open-sourced blockchain-based electronic payment and processing p
  26. X-CASH x QUICKSWAP: Liquidity Program — Earn QUICK and XCASHDear Community, Today, we are excited to finally announce the X-Cash Liquidity Program in partnership with QuickSwap exchange. In short, you will be able to provide liquidity on the XCASH/QUICK pair, get rewarded with the pool fees and with QUICK provided by Quickswap, and stake dQUICK in the Dragon’s Syrup pool to get more XCASH! The program is prepared in partnership between Quickswap and X-Cash, each providing $300k worth of coins to sponsor $XCASH and $QUICK liquidity. With the Dragon’s Syrup, more people will be able to learn abo
  27. /blog/assets/2020-09-17-monero-0.17-released/oxygen-orion.png Overview This is the v0.17.2.3 point release of the Monero software. This release contains a decoy selection bug fix that improves privacy. Some highlights of this point release are: Apply gamma distribution from chain tip when selecting decoys (#7822) Protect wallet from divide by 0 caused by integer truncation (#7846) Ledger: speed up wallet generation, sync, and subaddress generation (#7744, #7745, #7788) Fix optimize-coinbase for p2pool payouts (#7894) Provide key images of spent outputs in wallet rpc (#7839)
  28. /blog/assets/2020-09-17-monero-0.17-released/oxygen-orion.png Overview This is the v0.17.2.3 minor point release of the Monero GUI software. This release contains a decoy selection bug fix that improves privacy. The latest CLI release notes can be found on the precedent blog post. Some highlights of this minor release are: Add payment request functionality to receive page (#3650) Display images on create hardware wallet page (#3618) Reenable password strength meter in release binaries (#3562) Automatically correct incorrectly typed restore dates (#3564) Add tooltips to all
  29. Dear X-Cash community. As we are moving forward with negotiations, and with the successful release of the WXCASH, we are able to continue our plan of listings for X-Cash. This information has been disseminated already in our chats and discussions with the community, but I think it’s important that we lay it out here for everyone to see. DEX Listing & Liquidity ProgramI wanted to share some quick news with you about the liquidity pool as it has been a subject of discussion in the past weeks. It should come at no surprise that we will list and provide liquidity incentives on Quickswap exchan
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