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What do I need to start mining?

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Ok, First take a deep breath, it's only confusing at first but pure joy once up and running.

1. Create a Wallet


2. Download mining software. Check all and chose the one you like from this list.

XMRig - with automatic miner and system configuration

XMRig NVIDIA - with automatic miner configuration

XMRig AMD - with automatic miner configuration

XMRigCC - enhanced version of XMRig that adds remote control, mass config edit, threadbased doublehash and monitoring

XMR-Stak - All-in-One Mining Software

XMRig Proxy - with Windows support and per worker stats through enchanced api to rule them all

XMR Node Proxy - with workers vardiff


3. Pick a server and port

There are 2 important things here the URL and the port that you are going to connect to.

You need to pick your URL and Port from the Ports List. Here you'll notice there are Global and PPLNS ports.

Global is simply a collection of all PPLNS pool nodes powered by GeoDNS. 
GeoDNS automagically finds the closest server to you and could also be used to shares you in case of a regional outage.

If you prefer to shave off a few of those ms and connect directly, you have the option to select your preferred endpoint too.

The Port is used in conjunction with the URL and is used to specify the starting difficulty. You should select this depending on the total hashing power of your rig (see port descriptions).


The moment

OK. So by now you should have a wallet, mining software, url and port. It's time to put them together.

Here are some examples of the parameters that you need to pass on to your miner software, the format matters so be careful.

Depending on your miner you need to add the required parameters via command line or config.txt

Required fields are payment address and MinerIdentifier

Username format : address.paymentID+FixedDifficulty
Password Format : MinerIdentifier:Email

Standard address for withdrawal to a wallet (CLI/GUI)


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ", "pass" : "worker_id", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"


Standard exchange withdrawal with payment id


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ.36af6baf5f7ec3d2df8a31484006e98b507cd65ee0692e1427255ea51db9c316", "pass" : "worker_id", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"

Standard address for withdrawal to a wallet with fixed diff (Good for NiceHash)


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ+220000", "pass" : "worker_id", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"

Standard exchange withdrawal with fixed diff (Good for NiceHash)


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ.36af6baf5f7ec3d2df8a31484006e98b507cd65ee0692e1427255ea51db9c316+220000", "pass" : "worker_id", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"


Miner identifier of MySuperRig


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ", "pass" : "MySuperRig", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"

Miner identifier of MySuperRig, registers address + paymentID if there is one, to the e-mail address for notification


"url" : "pool.electroneum.hashvault.pro:5555", "user" : "etnkG1k245BeBtPSgMrh6ZGnEYaqMAP2TZpcRgv4TALWAAX9YasXPQiX7YyGbuEdKPDiS5ee1krRAcNdNFBsyZpJ4DU1D8pxSQ", "pass" : "MySuperRig:email@email.com", "keepalive" : "true", "nicehash" : "false"



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Snider - HashVault Support

Helpful Links: Official Android Monitoring App | Discord Server | Configure XMRig | Configure Proxy

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