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Setting a Password

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For this you need to log in, the first tab of the modal that pops up on login will allow you to change the payment threshold.

To set the password for an account you need to adjust the worker id adding your email address. Put the worker name then password separated by a : for example

 "pass": "MyRig:my@email.com"

The first share that follows the above format sets the password for the wallet, that enables you to turn on worker status monitoring, adjust the payment threshold and change the password.

NOTE: the password is just your email address "my@email.com", it is not the whole value added to pass field "MyRig:my@email.com"

Once a password has been set for your account, you can adjust the limit by clicking settings button top right 


That will open a modal, put in your Payment Address and then the email that you set above as the password


Once logged in, click Settings again and on the Modal that shows you can adjust your payment threshold.


Snider - HashVault Support

Helpful Links: Official Android Monitoring App | Discord Server | Configure XMRig | Configure Proxy

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Still Facing the Same Issue


Suppose My Payment Address is : Se4DK63Ly2cgvSuthz4qr8f7PmzY6ytBAM8JJp3oearDfGzsypCYsyES4GASgFD1ax5KVmYpiE

and my email address is:  lazy@mail.com


how do i login. because when i enter my payment address and email it says please check login details.

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