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Mined for 6 hours straight, 0 stats. Mined again, 0 stats. Where is my GPU usage being directed?

Go to solution Solved by Snider,


I don't get it, is it a scam or am I doing something wrong? 

I went to the "getting started" section. I have NVidia card and used 2 different mining apps and followed the instructions written there. I gave my wallet ID and got the information to fill. I mined for 6 hours and when I tracked my stats using my wallet ID, it showed nothing. 

That was using the first software. So I downloaded another one (Rig, recommended by YOU) and started it about 30 minutes ago. Still nothing. 

Both times, my damn GPU utilization is 100%

What the heck is going on????


EDIT: obviously I got 0 payout... 

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Best thing to do is open a ticket on the support page including your wallet address, there's not enough information in your post to help like which pool.

If you were mining ETN, SUMO or KRB then you would not see any hashrate as they are ASIC only coins, any pool that lets you mine with cpu/gpu are ripping you off, if you were mining on the other pools then your either using the wrong address or sending invalid shares.

If you open a ticket we can help you by knowing your non-public information.

Snider - HashVault Support

Helpful Links: Official Android Monitoring App | Discord Server | Configure XMRig | Configure Proxy

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