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In XtendCash  network on block 105000 has happened hardfork, which has changed the hashing algorithm. You need to update miners, local wallets and make adjustments in to the miner settings:

Miners supporting the new algorithm:


Here and below:

myWalletAddress -address of the wallet(wal, ID). In the case of using a wallet with PaymentID (pID), the pID is indicated through a dot after the wallet address (ID.pID)

MySuperRig - is the name of the worker shown in the statistics page



  • Algorithm: swap
  • GPU: AMD, Nvidia
  • Download
  • Base config:
miner --algo swap --server pool.xtendcash.hashvault.pro --port 80 --user myWalletAddress --pass MySuperRig


  • Algorithm: cuckaroo_swap
  • GPU: Nvidia
  • Download
  • Base config:
nbminer -a cuckaroo_swap -o stratum+tcp://pool.xtendcash.hashvault.pro:80 -u MyWalletAddress

GrimPro miner

Viktor Komarov
Hashvault [RU] Support Team

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