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What is an "invalid" block and why does it happen ?

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Definition from https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Invalid_block (applies to all coins basically)


A block is valid if it obeys all of the Protocol rules; otherwise it is invalid.

  • Clients will ignore invalid blocks when determining which chain is difficultywise-longest.
  • Mining clients will not build on top of invalid blocks.
  • Clients will not propagate invalid blocks (or invalid transactions).

Generally, those blocks are called "orphaned". That means the (monero) blockchain has rejected the block.  This can happen when more miners/pools submit a block at once. The network has to choose only one "correct" block. If it didn't, the whole blockchain would split to two copies. That's why we don't get reward for those. We technically never found the block. And that's also the reason why we must wait 50 blocks to get our reward - protection so few blocks back can be reversed without re-paying the miners, which would be unfair.


Pool is working on PPLNS system, which means you are paid by your shares. This is not affected by any found block. The system counts number of shares you submit (imagine as a "block of hashes"), and pays you based on that, over last few hours.

Quote from https://blockchain.info/orphaned-blocks


Detached or Orphaned blocks are valid blocks which are not part of the main chain. They can occur naturally when two miners produce blocks at similar times or they can be caused by an attacker (with enough hashing power) attempting to reverse transactions.


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