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ETN Blockchain Update - May 30th

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Electroneum will be getting a blockchain update on may 30th you can read the full post on Electroneums website but in short here are the changes coming.

  • Anti- ASIC
  • Transfer Fee Increase
  • Increase block size before penalty
  • Disabling of RingCT & Mixin.
  • Mempool life to 3 days.
  • 2 minute blocks. 
  • Double Block Reward
  • difficulty window adjustment


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Details of the update have been published on the official Electroneum page



Nothing new is in this post, only the date expected is now May 29th (1 day sooner) on block 307 500.


Keep in mind that you will have to change the algorithm from "cryptonight" to "monero7" (for XMR-STAK), or other "Cryptonight V7" equivalent. This may require miner update.

Owners of ASICs will not be able to mine this coin after May 29th. Your ASICs will still work for coins like Karbo (https://karbo.hashvault.pro/en/#!/), or other (old) Cryptonight coins.

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