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Is there a relation to Network difficulty and share difficulty?

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I will post this link because it extensively covers the whole subject :)https://ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/4529/for-pool-mining-what-exactly-is-a-share

I recommend anyone to read that answer. But anyway, here are some key facts

  • Example: the Current difficulty is 10,000. New valid block has to be "better" than 10,000. This is network difficulty. 
  • Share is a block "solution" not quite good enough to be published as an actual block, but still good enough that it's tough to find them.
  • The pool can use the number submitted shares as unfakeable evidence of how much work your rig is doing to try and find blocks for the pool, even if you've never found one yet. (note: This is entire reason why we have pools. It is hard to solo find blocks.)
  • The share difficulty is usually* dynamic (set by the pool) specifically for your computer, so you 1. Don't use too much network or 2. Your rig isn't able to find high difficulty shares as a proof.
  • Smaller share diff - more accurate stats short-term. Bigger share diff - stats (and payouts) still accurate, but over the longer term.
  • Difficulty does NOT affect how much you get paid in the long-term (after already few hours your hashrate is averaged out)

* Some pools (or your pool connection settings) can set static difficulty. 

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