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My internet firewall says there is "inbound spyware"

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At work our firewall flags forum.hashvault.pro as having "inbound spyware".  I assume it's Ivan's vacation paying spyware, but it may cause some to avoid the site.  Do you know why and how to prevent this false alarm?



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The forum uses a chrome notification API to send notifications when you get a new personal message etc. so when you have chrome open and not on the forum you get told about a forum activity, many users find this helpful.

Some security software is over paranoid about this feature, and the HashVault domain puts some of them on edge anyway, this is because of CryptoJacking malware mining to the good pools. In some ways, it's an honour as it shows HashVault is reliable enough for hackers to trust the pool won't go down and also annoying for the obvious reasons that we provide a legitimate service.

If you want to stop getting these errors, but also turn of the helpful notification service you can do so here: https://forum.hashvault.pro/notifications/options/


Snider - HashVault Support

Helpful Links: Official Android Monitoring App | Discord Server | Configure XMRig | Configure Proxy

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