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Dear Community,


Reading the "Getting Started" section in the Pool area and some threads on the Forum, I still have a little question. 
Whom do you recommend mining solo? 

The hash rate seems to be the same whether I do SOLO mining or not. 




My machine is a simple workstation with a slim linux running:

 * ABOUT        XMRig/6.7.0 gcc/9.3.0
 * LIBS         libuv/1.38.1 OpenSSL/1.1.1i hwloc/2.2.0
 * HUGE PAGES   supported
 * 1GB PAGES    unavailable
 * CPU          Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1280 V2 @ 3.60GHz (1) 64-bit AES
                L2:1.0 MB L3:8.0 MB 4C/8T NUMA:1
 * MEMORY       1.1/15.6 GB (7%)
 * DONATE       1%
 * ASSEMBLY     auto:intel
 * POOL #1      pool.hashvault.pro:3333 algo auto
 * COMMANDS     hashrate, pause, resume, results, connection
 * OPENCL       disabled
 * CUDA         disabled


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