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  • Monero Remote Node & Restore Wallet Guide

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    Monero Remote Node address: nodes.hashvault.pro:18081

    Getting started with a new monero wallet is easier and quicker when you use a remote node to provide access to the blockchain. You can find lists of public nodes in google or use this guide to get a fully functional Monero wallet in minutes.

    1) download the GUI:  WindowsMacOS or Linux

    2) move it to a folder you will like the application to stay. Using a USB stick can be a good idea

    3) run the Monero Wallet GUI executable 

    4) Select the language, I will select English but pick your native language.


    5) Select "Restore wallet from keys or mnemonic seed" (unless you are creating a new wallet)

    Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 21.50.25.png

    6) Enter a wallet name and Fill in your recovery details 


    7) Give your wallet a password


    8) Set your daemon for hashvault's public node (nodes.hashvault.pro 18081)


    9) Give the wallet a few minutes to sync up and you are done


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