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  • How to Log in to a HashVault Pool

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    Our login system is being revamped, if you require a login please email us

    Logging in allows you to adjust your payment threshold and set up email notifications of offline workers. If you don't need this functionality, there is no need to log in. 

    First, you will need to configure your miner to send us a password. You need to edit the password field in your miner configuration by adding your email address to your worker name. Put the worker name, then email separated by a colon (:). For example, the below would make your password "my@email.com".

     "password": "MyRig:my@email.com"

    The first share your miner sends (with the password in this format) sets the password for the wallet. If you make a mistake and don't know what you have set your password to, you will need to make a support ticket on the pool support page or email us at help@support.hashvault.pro. 

    Once a password has been set for your account, you can now log in by clicking settings button top right.


    This will open a new dialog. Put in your Payment Address and then just the email that you set above as the password (e.g my@email.com).


    Once logged in, click Settings again. Here you can adjust your payment threshold, email notifications or change your password.


    *Please note that when you adjust your payment threshold it won't perform an instant payment, but you will get paid in the next hourly payment run as normal.

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