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  1. The only real difference between solo and pool mining is the number of people involved and the rate of return.

    Whether you solo or pool mine, you will continuously fail to solve the job at the rate of your hash rate. With pool mining, the nonce range is split up into smaller units of work so that you complete all possible variations in about 30 seconds.

    The pool knows everyone's hashing speed so distributes appropriate job lot sizes and validates the submissions to make sure the submitted jobs are correct. 

    With solo there is no coordination with other miners, while you will get the full reward for finding a block, you will find far fewer blocks. 

    Given enough time, you should get around the same rewards with solo or pool mining.

    You mentioned "low diff job" since that is an error we give out. Anyone coming from Google, this means you have the wrong algorithm set in the miner config.

  2. SUMO will fork (upgrade) on the 21th of April, the PoW algorithm will change, so you will need to update your miner software and won't be able to use ASIC miners.

    As information is released we will update this page with the complete upgrade guide. Click follow above to get notified.


    CPU: xmrig -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k
    Proxy: xmrig-proxy -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k  -b
    AMD: xmrig-amd -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k
    NVIDIA: xmrig-nvidia -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k


    • Algorithm: cryptonight
    • Configuration help: GitHub
    • Download Link: CPU / AMD
    CPU: xmrigDaemon -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k --cc-url = IP_OF_CC_SERVER: PORT --cc-access-token = SECRET_TOKEN_TO_ACCEC
    AMD: xmrigDaemon -a cryptonight -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig -k --cc-url = IP_OF_CC_SERVER: PORT --cc-access-token = SECRET_TOKEN_TO_ACCEC


    xmr-stak --currency cryptonight_v8 -o pool.sumo.hashvault.pro:80 -u myWalletAddress -p MySuperRig


    JCEMiner - Miner development discontinued

    URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3281187.msg49990398#msg49990398

  3. Our Mining URL Changed to: pool.hashvault.pro 

    XMR will fork (upgrade) on the 9th of March, the PoW algorithm will change, so you will need to update your miner software.

    As information is released we will update this page with the complete upgrade guide. Click follow above to get notified.






    XMRig (any version) config generator: https://config.xmrig.com/



    Cast XMR - Miner development discontinued

    URL: https://twitter.com/gandalph3000/status/1101211642803695616


    JCEMiner - Miner development discontinued

    URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3281187.msg49990398#msg49990398

  4. If you found this page you probably searched google to find which Masari pool is "redacted due to network %" ... its a common miss conception that the pool with the most, gets the most. in fact, when a pool gets too high a percentage of the network share, in reality, you find the pool luck will get crazy high.

    Any pool with above 1% network share will get you blocks often enough to be getting paid regularly so take a look for a different pool, like https://masari.hashvault.pro :)

  5. Vega 56: thanks @user20180110

      // gpu: gfx901 memory:3920
      // compute units: 56
      { "index" : 0,
        "intensity" : 1792, "worksize" : 16,
        "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : 2, "mem_chunk" : 2,
        "unroll" : 8, "comp_mode" : true
      // gpu: gfx901 memory:3920
      // compute units: 56
      { "index" : 0,
        "intensity" : 1792, "worksize" : 16,
        "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : 2, "mem_chunk" : 2,
        "unroll" : 8, "comp_mode" : true


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  6. Hi,

    Best thing to do is open a ticket on the support page including your wallet address, there's not enough information in your post to help like which pool.

    If you were mining ETN, SUMO or KRB then you would not see any hashrate as they are ASIC only coins, any pool that lets you mine with cpu/gpu are ripping you off, if you were mining on the other pools then your either using the wrong address or sending invalid shares.

    If you open a ticket we can help you by knowing your non-public information.

  7. ETN Pool

    Due to the Electroneum team deciding CPU/GPU miners are not allowed to mine ETN we have had to set the min diff on our Electroneum pool to 900,000. Our diff change is because we had around 200 wallets still being mined to with CPU/GPU hardware. If you want to mine Electroneum you need to buy a CryptoNight dedicated ASIC Miner or switch to another coin supporting CPU/ GPU. 

    Pool Node Moves

    Over the next few weeks, we will be moving servers around to different data centers. Please make sure you do not mine to our IP's as we cant migrate people to new servers and use our geo DNS endpoint as your primary endpoint. Regional endpoints should be used to select preferred fallbacks.

    Forum Login Methods

    We are adding different methods to signup if we don't have your favourite method pleaselet us know. For now, we have:

    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Discord
    • VKontakte

    Block Page Stats


  8. This post is a bit late but over September we pushed some fairly major changes to the pool websites. the majority of the changes are under the hood code improvements that enable us to manage everything better.  We have improved our deployment processes so that we can get a change made and put live within minutes automatically, but we have also made a fair few visible changes and have a lot of changes coming over the next few weeks based from user feedback.

    UI Improvements/Bugfixes

    • mining endpoint displays with port
    • Threshold update will always work now
    • reduced amount of client-side processing and HTTP requests
    • payment address validation when adding to the dashboard

    Share links

    image.png on the dashboard, you can now easily share your stats or just save the link to use in incognito mode, under the hashrate graph you will find the new share button.

    Multiple Languages!

    image.png We have been busy adding support for native language interface for Russian, Ukraine, Slovak,  German with more languages to be added soon, while its commonplace for software and services to be English in this industry we want to make sure people understand everything that's going on in an already complex hobby.

    You can find the language selection at the top right of the page, we hope you find this helpful and if you have any suggestions on making it better let us know! 

    Maturing Block indicator

    image.pngQuick and easy way to see how many blocks are waiting to get paid


    Asic / GPU Other Pools Menu

    image.png We have made it easier to find asic or cpu/gpu pools in the more coins menu, hopefully, this will help reduce the number of people coming to asic pools with normal hardware.

  9. On 9/18/2018 at 5:13 AM, newmz said:

    The same thing happened to me. When I first updated I thought my local node blockchain was corrupted, because it initially took a long time to sync locally to I was switching to remote node, but then I just connected locally and waited for quite a long time and eventually it did sync properly.

    I read on the Gihub forums that there were some pools which were mining on a different chain for a while when the wallet update happened, if those pools didn't update quickly, and so those coins are now worthless. It'd really suck if you had a huge farm of vega rigs and lost all your coins!

    this is why it is important to use professionally run pools... like HashVault 

  10. once it's been paid the transaction has been pushed to the blockchain and should be visible to you. Make sure you have the correct wallet open, you are running the latest version of the software and that the height on your wallet matches the chains current height.

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