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  1. Managed to make my own build on a linux VM (luckily a lot of preparing wasn't necessary) and it works: ... Restore from specific blockchain height (optional, default 0), or alternatively from specific date (YYYY-MM-DD): Starting refresh... Height 163934, transaction <e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039>, received 2000.00 Height 163934, transaction <e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039>, received 500.00 Height 163934, transaction <e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039>, receiv
  2. I really appreciate this. Thanks! This prints out nothing. I don't suspect any attack. I suspect the official OS X client is broken in some form. I'll try to make my own build on a Linux VM (but probably not before Jun 1st; dunno if I'll find time for that before... ) and test it again. I just hope it at least has generated the mnemonic words properly. I'll report back. Thanks for help so far! Just for completion: $ ./stellite-wallet-cli --daemon-host=nodes.hashvault.pro Stellite 'Carbon v2' (v1.2.3.2-release) Logging to
  3. Verifying the public transaction details via the wallet (dunno, if I do it 100% correctly ) ... check_tx_key e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039 a8384118ef3bb58619efd58f157496b5cdf14eac75ed3109a0dce295e581f2cf Se3sZ3KBE7F9Hj2XEBdgEYe3BrAaYRdN54ozVk13hEBS5mQjkEoAz8FHGK1P2oyTxCR8iiW2fjEuQZy7E3PNXBuq2KGx4sExZ Error: Se3sZ3KBE7F9Hj2XEBdgEYe3BrAaYRdN54ozVk13hEBS5mQjkEoAz8FHGK1P2oyTxCR8iiW2fjEuQZy7E3PNXBuq2KGx4sExZ received nothing in txid <e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039> This transaction has 9340 confirmations [wallet S
  4. Well... I downloaded/ installed their Mac OS X build after that date. $ ./stellite-wallet-cli --version Stellite 'Carbon v2' (v1.2.3.2-release) Now after 6 days... still nothing has arrived: $ ./stellite-wallet-cli Stellite 'Carbon v2' (v1.2.3.2-release) Logging to ./stellite-wallet-cli.log Wallet password: *************************** Opened wallet: Se3sZ3KBE7F9Hj2XEBdgEYe3BrAaYRdN54ozVk13hEBS5mQjkEoAz8FHGK1P2oyTxCR8iiW2fjEuQZy7E3PNXBuq2KGx4sExZ ********************************************************************** Use "help" command to see the list of available comma
  5. When I check the blockchain explorer link for the listed transaction and provide my stellite address and public viewkey then I get information that none of the 22 outputs have a positive match and "Sum XTL from matched outputs (i.e., incoming XTL): 0.000000000000".
  6. It's two days now (according to the dashboard): 1 - 2 days ago - 2509.81 XTL - e4fd09cc7412fd69d18258966db1730da625b83cba4494a374b3d21158986039 - 1 Nothing has arrived yet, balance still at 0. And I resynced the whole blockchain from scratch, just to be sure. Triple checked again and the used wallet address (Se3sZ3KBE7F9Hj2XEBdgEYe3BrAaYRdN54ozVk13hEBS5mQjkEoAz8FHGK1P2oyTxCR8iiW2fjEuQZy7E3PNXBuq2KGx4sExZ) is 100% correct and in sync. It's not a mistake on my side. Never encountered anything like that with any of the many other coins I successfully mined with (hashvault) po
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