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  1. I tested HIVEOS few weeks ago on ETH and h/s for my configuration is much lower than in windows. I try OC but no results. I see you also have RX 560 and I am interested what options you using to achieve good h/s? My cards are Asus ROG RX 560 EVO 4GB with 2 fans and no power connector. Also, bios that I use is unlocked 8 gpu of 12, but 4 gpu are still 896 shaders. All cards are brought in same package and have serial numbers in a row... In win I achieve about 166 MH/s for all 12 gpu. It is result of fine tuning OC per card, from 1050/1900 mhz to 1075/2000 - probably depends of silicon lot
  2. Correct! After changing trashold to 0.11 sign out again, and sign in again end now is 0.11 ... anyway payment is not done yet so must wait If this is known bug, and will be no fixed soon than one short topic need to be done about this on this forum...
  3. Hah, yes, this helped. Log out, log in and change again
  4. I am reached 0.110693266233 XMR and stop workers, now there is no payment for a 3 days. My threshold is set 0.11 XMR. 474DdzLsV5HTPs4kPT5P7HZHp2TNpY45uWcHXeLq6Mz3PXc6rQZMCqW6YzpUAFNhaJi9JK9QY9nzmdgpXLjcvfCUJ7exXMc So, is this my fault or pool have some problems? When this payment going to happen?
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