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  1. Hi Krassus, I am not usig my config file, I just use this line command: sudo ./xmrig -a cryptonight -o pool.stellite.hashvault.pro:3333 -u Se4H6nfsiqXUurhP6jC1YHWgiy7EqJdrbUJsj9aSVrhqQ3m8SiUJK7pAhMwkviPHZbSXtPgsHWVgZ1QQmtMhPqDJ1He8wzVk9 -p virtual:marm496@gmail.com Thanks
  2. I have bee using Xmrig to mine stellite but suddenly all my workers were stoped hashing and begin to show [pool.stellite.hashvault.pro:3333] login error code: 6, I don't know what is happening and how to fix it, I have to mention that i can't login on https://stellite.hashvault.pro/en/dashboard either, Can anybody help me,please?
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