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  1. Are the payout (Aka transaction fees) taken from my payout when sent to my wallet or are they paid by Hashvault from the pool fee?
  2. Awesome thanks this helps out greatly on my automated profit calculator!
  3. Wasn't sure where to put this so I stuck it here. I'm trying to figure out formulas for rewards based on hashrate. I came across this one for monero: Daily mining estimate = ( (your hashrate) * (current block reward) * 720 ) / (network hashrate) Although this seems like "solo mining" reward What calculations do the pool estimators use? Is there a place I can find those? Thanks!
  4. Yeah I was surprised to see even on ETN they still manage a $25-30 a day profit! Thought for sure with Monero out of the picture they be in the single digits. Of course they aren't making the insane amounts they were on monero anymore, but that's not too bad.. until it stops end of May haha
  5. https://electroneum.com/2018/04/25/blockchain-update/ So my question is... where will all the ASIC's go next? they are running out of coins to flock to? Also I wonder how mining ETN will look without those ASIC's running? I'ts hitting 1500 Mh/s now... I'm expecting it to drop below 150 Mh/s after the fork. It will be an interesting end of May for sure. Mark your calendars and get ready to watch the fire lol
  6. So back story a bit: I started mining with old Dell optiplex 790's leftover from work. We ran out of office space and my storage office was needed. So rather than throw them out I took all 22 of them home installed windows 10 during the "free upgrade" phase and they kinda just hung out in my office under a spare desk. The down side... they are dells.. and small form factor/ Low profile making GPU choices limited. Anyway I found out that the dell BIO's only allows a single GPU as the PSU is only 250W (80+ Gold rated though!) and even though they have 2 PCIe slots dell deemed 2 GPU
  7. At work our firewall flags forum.hashvault.pro as having "inbound spyware". I assume it's Ivan's vacation paying spyware, but it may cause some to avoid the site. Do you know why and how to prevent this false alarm?
  8. When mining my miner displays a difficulty set by the pool. How does that relate to the network difficulty and when I check my miner stats for shares is that difficulty relate to network or pool difficulty?
  9. Does the pool combine our shares to solve a block, or does one of our miners actually solve it directly?
  10. What does this graph show? Cryptonight and Cryptonight V7 combined? what about Light and Heavy? If it's just Cryptonight and not the new anti-asic flavours then I'd say the ASIC's all shipped the day after the fork... and have slowly come back online to all mine Electroneum LOL Curious where they go after ETN actually forks end of May. I've also seen many many posts by former ETH miners switching over because of profits on CN7... So many confused 800h/s I used to get 30 MH/S! EDIT: I pulled this showing poor poor ETN's fate
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