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  1. Yeah but u get 1890 per gpu with how many watt? Cause i have 1964 with 177
  2. Hi man ... i will test them too with those drivers to see the difference ... thank you .. i will post some new edit if everything will be GOOD for VEga 64.
  3. Ok. So if u can wait until i get home for me is better. And we can rwsolv it togheter
  4. Have u got discord? Come on hashvault discord server chat. And write me a pm i think i can help u now too. But u must give me the order of ur gpu like 64 64 64 56 56 56
  5. U must get 177 or 180 watt each vega 64 oc. On moded one I don’t know cause i never had them
  6. Give me the time to get home. And i will help you by remote. Ok? I’m sure that u wrong something with configs
  7. If u want i can give u remote support. But only when i finish the work. After 15:00 pm italy time
  8. I’m at work now. Try to open start.bat to see if the sets are only for your 64 gpu. Cause this config is only for those. For other 56 with mode i don’t know if they work cause I don’t have them to test. This guide is only for oc 64. I hope u know to set ppt only for yours vega 64 in start.bat
  9. Are u sure u did all steps ? Install those drivers etc etc? Cause is impossible having crashes!
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