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  1. *passes the Brahma to the brasilian guy and pours two vodka shots* ... well in the end we will have to reduce the ~1600 coins there currently are (probably way more) ... right now it feels that everybody who heard of crypto starts his own currency. I should start FEC (Floppy Ears Coin) ... the heck this will probably even work ... 8-)
  2. I think the reason for the "drop and restore" hashrates we see up there is a combination of: ASICs being kicked out and switching to other, not-yet ASIC resistant coins, miners that don't change their infrastructure and submit invalid shares for a period of time, miners that use e.g. nicehash etc. and don't update their miners on time, so that they will stop getting proper work until they're updated to support new algorithms, web mining scripts that are not updated in time and last but not least, botnets that are not able to "update" the mining code on their victims instantly. All these r
  3. Polar pilsen for the murloc who read the Necronomicon, Dortmunder Dunkel for the crazy German with greetings from your beloved neighbor :-* *solves a block while he serves the beer*
  4. sorry, too many flammables in here - if you want to set yourself on fire, do it at your own risk I'm not sure what Ivan would do to us if we burned to place down to the ground like 5 minutes after he opened the doors .. *passes on a sambuca and a box of matches*
  5. Have a day everyone, this is threads purpose is to keep the tavern alive and take the chance to create the longest thread on the board, starting from the very beginning. Feel free to take a seat, order a beer and talk about everything you would, sitting at the bar in a tavern that is filled with miners from all over the world. And don't forget to pay your drinks when you leave, otherwise we will deduct them from your total due *takes a wet rag an wipes the bar* -- /)/)
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