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  1. for sure, i have days off anyway, think it must be bed for you. Ill be up tonight anyway if u can help. Will send u some crypto as thanks
  2. Im in australia, and on days off, so what ever tim you can spare when u finish work would be sick
  3. u mentioned that the same can be done with PPT's....i had some sick ones for bc driver, i have one for cnv8 but its not dropping the power, just heat. Used it after I failed this one
  4. i can take em back to 56's but need to use wattman to config them for underolt unless u know something else. Keen as thanks man, will reward u when I get this mined
  5. weird as im pulling close to 2khs per unit as in on cnv8, low temps nbut soooo much power
  6. nice that wpud; rock. or just the overdrive settings? But im keen for sure
  7. will send el donation if we can get this working ddecent, ive dropped 300w, neeed to try get them working around 170-190w ea
  8. thanks man, I could use em as 64s with ppt on BC driver. So if i only use the tool for OC dual fan 64's, as I have 3, and one bloer 64. will it work on that?
  9. not ccrashing but not getting the temps. Will it work with refference cards also? have 3 oc vega 64's, one blowe, and 3 modded 56's to 64. I follow it al, but adding the cards stuff in then running the start.bat, it says cant have something after the word (ill screen cap, and shows an error
  10. Hey man, do you have the settinfs? I seem to have an issue with xmrrig with the run that was there. Any help would be appreciated. Im getting the hashrate using PPT i found, and low temps, dropped to 1550 for 7 vegas, but need to try to get them down to 180ish w oer card
  11. also, im coming over from learning the go with cast xmr, in the config, do we add the cards after what's there? And is there a way to split the threads, so instead of showing 7 cards, it shows 14? heard it hashes a bit better?
  12. thanks, i was running ppt with BC drivers, and just as my newest vega 64 came, bam half the hash. Loved getting 40 - 50 degree usuage tho. Im running two 8 inch exhaust from a grow room , with an 8 inch intake (cheese cloth fliter, works awesome. I have a super negative bow on the tent, thus the heat is getting pulled out, with 7 cards, it should be enough to pull out the heat yeah? Im running 3k rpm fans then throw a heap of air. thinking if i ran some in reverse at the back of the rig, or made someting to house a row of fans for the back of each level on the rig, if it would suck the h
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