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  1. I get 1756 H/S with 172 Watts But remember that I have VEGA56 cards and not 64 + they are not heavily overclocked Setting all the other parameters (card reboot, crossfire off, hbcc off etc ...) doesn't change anything with the 18.6.1 drivers
  2. I looked further with Adrenalin 18.6.1 and here's the result : - you don't need to reset the cards anymore with DEVCON - you don't need to disable crossfire - you don't need to disable HBBC - i don't think that the setx settings are useful anymore (setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100 etc ...) Just boot, apply OVERDRIVENTOOL settings and mine And don't forget to apply the powertable (-40% power consumption here) I also got around 4-5% higher hashrates I tried Adrenalin 18.11.1 (latest) but it gives me a lot of GPU ERRORS with the same settings. I stick to 18.6.1
  3. I'm using the same optimizations with my 24x VEGA 56 I'm running drivers 18.6.1 and XMRIG 2.8.4 The card reboot with DEVCON is not needed anymore with these drivers I get 1750 H/S par card with 172W power consumption with very low overclocking and low temperatures (< 50°C) I can achieve 1800 H/S with heavy overclocking but I prefer not to overpower the cards
  4. I think there is with every payment made to you. You can tweak the minimum payout value to reduce the number of payments and lower the fees.
  5. I didn't publish the source on GITHUB or something and I'm not a professionnal developper but here's the code that collects the required data and stores it in a MYSQL DATABASE For example MONERO data extracted from the hashvault pool <?php $network_stats = file_get_contents('https://monero.hashvault.pro/api/network/stats'); $network_stats = json_decode($network_stats); if ($network_stats->value) $mysql_query = "UPDATE mining.cryptos SET block_reward='" . $network_stats->value/1000000000000 . "', difficulty='" . $network_stats->difficulty . "' WHERE token = 'XMR'
  6. Here's another formula based on difficulty daily_reward = your_hashrate *block_reward / difficulty * 86400 This formula also works for ETHEREUM or BITCOIN cryptos (not only CRYPTONIGHT) Network hashrate is usually calculated based on difficulty, so not very accurate Difficulty is always available through the pool API (so it's easier to automate the process) Therefore I prefer this formula (86400 is the number of seconds in a day)
  7. Interesting idea but I did it for free. Took me 10 hours to program it in PHP. You just need to read the API from the pools to get the difficulty, for example http://monero.hashvault.pro/api/pool/blocks, or the blockchains. After that read the API from the exchanges (tradeogre, stocks.exchange) or some general site (coinmarketcap, cryptocompare) to get the crypto price Here's a snapshot from my system
  8. What about VEGA56 cards ? Is the driver efficient ?
  9. The graft is from www.cryptunit.com : https://www.cryptunit.com/global It includes many cryptos. Some have forked. Some don't (like ETN) So it's possible that the ASICS were shipped only after the fork
  10. Why do they create a new crypto for that ? Why can't they just fork ETN like MONERO did with V7 ?
  11. See this graph from https://www.cryptunit.com/global You can see the anti ASIC forks very clearly around april 7th But after that, the global hashrate increased again and reached new top value. How do you explain it ? Do you think that new ASICS are in ? Do you think that ETHASH miners switched to CRYPTONIGHT ?
  12. Stellite ? IPBC ? Dinastycoin ? Turtlecoin ?
  13. I was always wondering why there is sometimes an invalid block with no reward attached. What is the technical explanation behind it ? What happens to the share submitted on that block. Are they forwarded to the next block or just lost ?
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