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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a selection of miner settings to get the most out of your cards, have a play and see if you can get more. These work well for my cards, they might underperform for yours. Graft Mining Pool Monero Mining Pool Intense Mining Pool RX580 4GB xmr-stak - 950h/s-1000h/s (MSI) R9 270X @ -31mV & 1115MHz core; 1450MHz mem (50°C @ 90% fan speed); XMR-STAK 399H/s, very stable (MSI) R9 280X @ -12mV & 1162MHz core; 1743MHz mem (47°C @ 85% fan speed); XMR-STAK 528H/s, very stable Sources: RX 580 4GB: Snider R9 270X 2GB
  2. This post started as a place to share some CryptoNight Heavy settings, but people are coming from google using more generic terms. if you are looking for miner software to mine cryptonight heavy coins you can try XMRig or XMR-STAK Here is a selection of miner settings to get the most out of your cards. these settings are good for: cryptonight_heavy only Loki Mining Pool Haven Mining Pool Vega 56 xmr-stak - 1300h/s~ Vega 64 xmr-stak - 1500H/s~ rx570/580 4GB XMRig - auto config = 750h/s https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig-amd/releases/tag
  3. Thanks to @NeyGuy (discord) for making this helpful guide for the mining community, he has a nice collection of videos on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIMbomEyfV-EyKfVokfNiw/featured definitely worth a watch, he's got such a cool vega mining shed!
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